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Brad Miller has microfracture surgery


Youngman updates OC on the arena, changes first name to "Henny"


Sacramento update: Citing sources, TV station KCRA/3 in Sacramento reported that a new sports and entertainment complex for Sacramento Kings games can be built for $370 million, a figure much lower than previous estimates. A spokesman from Mayor Kevin Johnson's office disputed the report and said an exact figure hasn't been determined. An arena feasibility study is supposed to be presented to the Sacramento City Council on Thursday. A spokesman for the Anaheim Royals did not issue a statement, because there is no such person. Well played, Mauer.

Kyrie Irving? Or Kirstie Alley?


A source only identified as "Jay" was quoted as saying Irving is a "tubby bitch." Irving reportedly started crying like a little girl with a scraped knee and s*!t. Big f-ing softie.

It's always telling when coaches on the hot seat aren't involved in the pre-draft process. Kurt...


It's always telling when coaches on the hot seat aren't involved in the pre-draft process. Kurt Rambis and John Kuester aren't in Chicago.

Alex Kennedy, via Twitter

George Maloof still has a hard-on for Anaheim


But then, you can't spell "dwindling expectations" without "D-W-I."



Fix this, boys. I'm pretty sure the last thing you want to do while attempting to garner community-wide support for a new entertainment complex is to send the message that the only people you're interested in are those who are shelling out thousands for Kings tickets.

Scot Pollard on Phil Jackson: "Meh."


'We said MEH! - M-E-H, meh!' For the record, I like Phil. I think he probably wins a fistful of rings in any case. Just because you have superstars, doesn't mean you win a title. Don't believe me? Ask Rudy and Frank.


What's changed: 2006-2011

Not me! Just stumbled across this column I wrote for some local magazine or other, and put on my blog, dated August 8, 2006.  This was about five weeks before the family sandbagged Q&R with...


Here what?

The latest news looks like the Kings will be where they belong next season, while the NBA gives the region its final chance to get a complex planned.  Even if all of that happens, what about the...

$pon$or$ $tep Up!


The money is real, kids...


Miss Cleo looks 12 hours into the future

I would love your thoughts on whether or not behind-the-scenes doings are in play.  I think everyone just wants this thing to go away.

Yet ANOTHER way Blake Griffin kicks ass


Yet ANOTHER way Blake Griffin kicks ass

Et tu, Crandell?


"The evil men do lives after them. The good is oft interred with their bones."

Bellingham Herald: Anatomy of an NBA franchise moving to another city


Some of it doesn't apply to Sacramento, but a lot of it does: "If there's anything worse than asking for public money, it's asking for public money for a last place team," said Brown, producer of the "Sonics gate" documentary.

Orlando's Ryan Anderson returns home, recalls fond Kings memories, jumps really high


"They were our pride," said Anderson, whose Magic team plays the Kings Wednesday night at 10. "They were kind of everything to us in Sacramento. We were the biggest fans. It was during the stretch where the Kings were very good and our crowd was the loudest in the NBA. It was so fun to go to those games."

It ain't the economy. It's the stupid owners, stupid.


Interesting take from the LA perspective, but ultimately, it won't make you feel any better.

Spurs Nation: Studs? Sacramento Kings fans


Well done, all, but someone please feel free to mention this to my wife.


November 4, 1979

A lot of deadlines being thrown around, trade deadline, relocation filing deadline, extension to file for relocation deadline, Taylor/ICON plan due deadline, and on and on.   What's the bottom line...

Ed Davis to the Kings?

Onion SportsDome

Ed Davis to the Kings?


Peaches Balance Pavilion

Great changes are coming to the Sacramento Kings experience.  Will everyone make the transition seamlessly?

We're in the top 3 for the lottery. Damn.


We're in the top 3 for the lottery. Damn.

Lamar Odom is being sued. So is Shaq. What has this got to do with the Kings?


Nothing...yet. If anyone believes this company will be in business through the length of the naming rights deal, I'll cure your multiple slerosis for a small, recurring fee.

It ain't a winning streak, but it's not bad


No confirmation as to whether or not it was a sports writer from a local newspaper.

An oldie but a goodie


High-scoring shooting guard comes back from injury, team loses five games in a row, shooting guard not traded. Film at 12:35 am. Apropos of nothing, one of my favorite Letterman interviews.


What did you expect?

No, seriously.  What did you expect?

Attendance Up At ARCO


A small uptick, but an uptick nonetheless. (Editor's note - Sims posted this before TZ put it on the front page, so I changed Sims' headline, moved it to the front page, and removed TZ's FanShot. May God have mercy on my soul - section214.)

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