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User Blog

LeBron James talks contraction? Well, why not?

He is qualified in that he may already be a licensed obstetrician.  Please, let me explain.   LeBron James spends his entire life in Ohio.  Born, raised, educated, employed.  By all accounts he is...

It's Monday, there's a losing streak, we need this.


Dominant Kevin Garnett: 'This Is My House! This Is Where I Eat And Sleep Every Night!'

CBS Sports loves the UK kids


And Aykis gets some uncredited love, which isn't the same thing as anonymous sex. Not at all.

Two words: Ball-friendly


Well, maybe that's one hyphenated word. At any rate, we finally have a succinct answer to the question, "How will Spencer Hawes be remembered?"

Story out of Memphis, but is good news here in Sacramento

The Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings and Charlotte Bobcats are among 21 NBA teams that have increased season ticket numbers by more than 1,000, according to a report in Street and Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal, a Memphis Business Journal sister publication.

UK players are rookies in the NBA? Technically, no.


Man, that John Calipari is a scumbag. You have to go back almost 10 days to find another story about Cal's cheatin' heart.

That Dwight Howard is just fine by me


I know it has nothing to do with Kings basketball, but it's a great story about an NBA player, and in a world where the Sprewells and Delontes get ink for what they do, I'm glad Dwight is getting a bit for this. Full story here.



Fore-and-a-half, tops.

Republished: Snapshot of C-Webb from 2002


An interesting article written 8 years ago, looking at Webber before he turned 30. Reading this is not unlike digging up a time capsule.

And that's why you always leave a note.


No, wait. That's why I always say having your team's players competing in these tournaments ain't worth it. Get well soon, Dres!

NBA Power Rankings


Huh, interesting. Feel free to gargle my ***NO CARRIER***

Gerald Wallace faces his phalacrophobia head-on


Very nice article about our former high-flying garbage-time fave, who's gone on to big things back East.

We're done talking about Seattle now


Steve Kelley sums it up neatly. I don't trust the Maloofs, but Seattle is not a destination.

David Lee injures hand while signing with Clippers. No, the Warriors.


This headline is technically accurate. I really feel bad for a team with luck like this.

"So, I'm going to be the last person you tell?" "Not necessarily, I might not tell you."


"So, I'm going to be the last person you tell?" "Not necessarily, I might not tell you."

A quick follow-up on the LBJ saga


Cleveland has a new star for its giant downtown poster.

Matt Taibbi breaks down The Decision


This is what you or I would write, if you or I could write. There are far too many hilarious quotes from this piece to drop them all here, but one should suffice: "Poor Stuart Scott, he's been podded completely, if you chopped that dude's head off, nothing but little plastic balls containing digitized "Boo-yah" chips would fall out of his skull."

President Kennedy has been shot?


I just found out. Also, LeBron signed with Miami. "That ain't even fair," said Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans, the reigning NBA Rookie of the Year. "They've got three All-Stars. The Lakers are the world champions. ... But with that lineup, the Heat are going to win a lot of championships."

Did LeBron James Just Cost Himself $150 Million?


Nate Silver is a statistics freak, so you smarter guys will like him. He generally focuses on baseball and politics, but he's cast his eye on the numbers where LBJ is concerned, and as with all of his stuff, it's a good read, rooted in reality.

It's Miami


Link to follow. In the mean time, read this, because you are starved for entertainment. But at least we have a new phrase for when something is played out: "Jumped the LeBron." Other reflections: As Kings fans, we will have to sit through Jim Gray being interviewed by Napear about this fiasco. It will never end.

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