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What Prince Amukamara should have done

What Prince Amukamara should have done

What I'm expecting from Saturdays game vs the Penguins

What I'm expecting from Saturdays game vs the Penguins

Report: Sidney Crosby dead of intracranial bleeding, Will start against Flyers

In light of all the recent concussions, The Onion decided to poke fun at Crosby and his head problems. I thought saying he died went a little too far but it was a slightly funny article.

Vote Desean for 100 speed in Madden 12

It's no secret that Desean is arguably the fastest player in the league. Let's make it official by voting for Desean to have 100 speed in Madden 12.

Best Baseball Fans in the USA

No surprise who came out on top :)

The real madden 12 cover. Im going to make an official one when I get the images of the back so you...


The real madden 12 cover. Im going to make an official one when I get the images of the back so you can slip it under the case.

Just another reason to hate the Mets


Just another reason to hate the Mets

Kevin Curtis tries out for Lions after battle with cancer

I dont remember hearing he had cancer. Glad he is ok. Long live white lightning.

Eagles Currently have massive amounts of cap space

Assuming there will be a 2011 season and a new cap in place, the eagles will have tons of cap room to work with. They are currently at 41,000,000. Assuming they sign rookies and a few other players, i dont see them going below 20,000,000 available. Take in mind that this is McNabbs last year. He is going to make around 10,000,000 this year. If we trade him or let him go at the end of the season, its still 10,000,000 off the books next year. Were probably looking at 30,000,000 to 40,000,000 in cap space next year which will be a great place to be in when FA rolls around.


Taylor Mays runs unofficial 4.24 40 yard dash. Eric Berry has record vertical jump.

Story from INDIANAPOLIS — The competition just went up a notch here at the NFL Scouting Combine, as two of the top safeties just posted a couple of eye-popping numbers. USC safety T...

This a remake of Shawn Andrews song "Get your michael phelps on." Short but funny.

This a remake of Shawn Andrews song "Get your michael phelps on." Short but funny.


All quiet on the Yankee front

Im not a troll. I just like to read the opponents blogs now and then just to see what they're saying.  I never will comment. Anyway i went to the Yankees blog today and i swear i could hear...


Benjamin Watson finds himself in a tight spot

As per PFT, it is likely that Watson will not make the teams final roster.  Philadelphia is reported to be looking new englands way and it is said there could be a deal in the next 24-48 hours but...


Anyone play Madden online??

I was hoping some of my fellow BGN members would like to play some one on one. I have PS3 and my account name is andyboettner. Add me and play me sometime. Id also be willing to start an online...


Not to beat the subject to death..

  Im willing to give the man a second chance. Im over the dog fighting thing.  I just wanted to make a point on 2 things that havent been looked at yet. 1) I just wanted to point out how...


Lets give Ben Francisco some credit

  Francisco had 4 at bats and only hit 1 out of the 4. He did have an RBI though. Even though he flied out a few times he did show me he can hit the long ball. I also noticed his mechanics and...


Women stabs husband while hes watching the cowboys game

As bad as the Cowboys were playing in December you really can't blame her. What kind of fan was the guy anyway? Said he was going to leave the country. Cowboys may be the reason many people stay in...


Stories from around the NFC East blogs

The time between the draft and preseason gets pretty boring besides a few minicamp highlights here and there. Just thought id share some stories that caught my eye.  Over at,...


Dillusion over at Big Blue View

I decided to check out their site to see what they were saying about their players and the ones we got. I couldnt help to notice some of the fanposts about their 2 new WRs. One fanpost is comparing...


What will happen with Jason Avant?

Im pumped to see Maclin play but I cant help but wonder what andy will do with Avant? I loved Avant last year. He has the best hands on the team in my opinion. He caught almost every pass thrown at...


Can someone post some Moreno highlights in this post?

Ive tried looking some up on youtube and everyone of them is basically the same clips and I wasnt impressed. Dont get me wrong. I think the guy has talent. I just havent seen it and I want to see...


Philly Mock Draft 2009

Over at bleeding green nation we are doing a mock draft with 32 of our members each representing one pick. I got the opportunity to make my pick for the broncos. Im doing my research now but would...


Dawkins signing refuted

The Dawkins signing which was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle has been refuted. From what I hear it could still happen but hasn't been concluded at this moment. Dawkins was reported to...


Haynesworth to Redskins for $100 million

This is reported on on their main page.  Looks like the redskins are trying to solve their problems in free agency again because we all know they suck at drafting. I hope he is a bust. (i...


Stacy Andrews

Stacy Andrews is considered the best RT available in free agency this year. He has played well for the bengels and is only 27. The best thing about him though is that he is Shawn Andrews big...


Kellen Winslow JR

Listening to 610WIP, Anthony Gargano made some calls to the Cleveland Browns to find out the price tag on Winslow. It is reported that the Browns have said that the price tag is a 2nd round pick...

FanPost Mock Draft 1.0

The first mock by this year has us taking Chris Wells at 21 and Britton at 28. Not bad at all. I could see this happening. Im a little dissapointed though because i would like to see...

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