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DB #1041 - Stats, Draft Workout, Game Ops Changes

Looking at how Myck Kabongo and others did in Saturday's workout with the Jazz, some cool new stat tools, and saying goodbye to a long-time Jazz employee.

Report: Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor Stepping Down?


According to a report by KUTV news and David James, Kevin O'Connor is stepping down as the VP of Basketball Ops of the Utah Jazz.

NBA Free Agent Buy or Sell - Clark and Andy Show


Clark and Andy look around the league to determine which free agents the Jazz should sign... and for how much.

Clark and Andy Show Postseason Recap Episode


We look back at the season that was. How is it going to be looked at historically, and which of these guys live on in the next iteration of the Jazz?

Comparing the Jazz and Nuggets - Clark & Andy Show


Clark and Andy invite Yucca to talk: how did the Nuggets get so good, and the Jazz get so average?

Utah Jazz WIN 97-90 over Golden State Warriors


The Jazz pulled off an incredible performance against Golden State in an incredibly important game, taking advantage of the Lakers' loss earlier in the day.

Heartbreaking Jazzman Shan Foster sings again.


Is life fair? No. Don't believe it? Shan Foster is doing more things so that he can remind you of the saddest NBA non-story there is.

The Downbeat #1005: Scheduling, Playoff Odds, etc.


Andy fills in for Clark on the Monday Downbeat, as we start the week by looking at Saturday's win, tonight's game, and the schedule coming up. Will the Jazz make the playoffs?

How Long Should We Expect Enes Kanter Out?


Sure, we could wait for an announcement beyond "indefinitely". But what fun would that be? A quick look at how long other NBA players have been out with dislocated shoulders, and the impact of the...

Playing GM - How Much Would We Pay the FAs?


10 games from the end of the regular season, what have we learned so far this season, and given that new knowledge, how much money would we be willing to give to the Jazz's FAs?

Al or Ty: Who Should Stay? - Clark and Andy Show


Clark and Andy look back to Zach Lowe's article on the Jazz and discuss: who's responsible for the Jazz' woes: is it Ty Corbin, Al Jefferson, or others on the team? Plus, what are the chances this...

Utah Jazz vs. Houston Rockets Post-Game Video

In this postgame video, the Clark and Andy duo are drafted together to talk about the game, the big issues for the team ahead (Al Jefferson, Ty Corbin, and Mo Williams), and... Clark tries to drink...

In defense of Ty: What if it's all Al's fault?


While Zach Lowe's recent Grantland article blames both Ty's scheming and Jefferson's lack of ability for the Jazz' defensive woes, what if it's just Al Jefferson at fault?

TIL: The Jazz are significantly worse than OKC.

The Jazz put up a pretty terrible performance against Oklahoma City in an important game. Luckily, the Lakers lost as well.

2013 SSAC Review - Clark and Andy Show


This week's podcast is all of the following: entertaining, secretive, informative, and relatively short.

Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Day 2 Bullets


This year's sports geekery conference is over, and there's plenty to report from Day 2.

Jazz Defense Punishes Bobcats, Jazz Win 98-68


A special recap of a phenomenal Jazz game.

Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Day 1 Bullets


Andy's 1st day at the 2013 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference was a success. What went on at the biggest sports nerd gathering of the year?

Q before A: A note on the use of stats before SSAC


At this year's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, we'll be bombarded with stats. I'm looking forward to it. Still, how meaningful those stats are depends on one prior step: a question.

Clark and Andy Show Trade Deadline Extravaganza


Listen as the team breaks and reacts to each incoming trade story, involving all of the biggest players in the NBA - like Hamed Haddadi. Then, as you probably know, the Jazz didn't make any...

The Offbeat: A Look at the Bledsoe / Millsap Deal


Does the Paul Millsap/Eric Bledsoe deal make sense for the Utah Jazz? A detailed look at the questions involved.

What do the Jazz do Differently in Wins?


An in depth look: What do the Jazz do in wins that they don't do in losses? What, surprisingly, doesn't make a difference?

Where does an efficient Utah Jazz shot come from?


Looking at the team's most effective players in the paint, in midrange, and from three. Which players, from which ranges, give the Jazz offense the most points?

Midseason Review & Predictions - Clark & Andy Show


Looking back, looking forward... Where do the Jazz finish in the West? And... how good is Gordon Hayward anyway?

The Offbeat: Fun Technical and Flagrant Foul Facts


Okay, so technical and flagrant fouls are actually given out to the league's worst behaviors... but that doesn't mean there can't be some fun facts!

The Offbeat ♫: A Quick Note on Individual DRTGs


You've seen the statistics depicting players' individual Defensive Ratings before. You may have even used them in an argument. Make sure you understand what they mean.

The Offbeat ♫: 5 Sanity Checks for Every Jazz Fan


Jazz fans everywhere are going crazy after the 45 point loss to Houston. Here's 5 easy ways to tell that you've gone overboard.

The All-Star Podcast - The Clark and Andy Show


On this week's podcast, Clark and Andy look at the candidates for the All-Star Game in both the Eastern and Western Conference. Do any Jazzmen make the cut? (Hint: for one of us, yes.)

The Offbeat ♫: ESA's NBA-Best Home Court Advantage


The stats confirm: Energy Solutions Arena is home to the best home court advantage in the NBA. How does this happen, what causes it, and how much of an impact does it have on Utah's performance?

Looking at Jazz and NBA Trades - Clark & Andy Show


Clark, Andy, and special guest star Peter discuss some possible trades for the Utah Jazz and around the NBA. Do the Jazz make a move this trade deadline? If so, which one?

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