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The Last 6 Years Of Amazing Jazz vs. LeBron Games


Remarkably, for the last 6 years, one of the Jazz games against NBA MVP LeBron James' team have been phenomenal to watch. A recap of those 6 games, and the performances that made them.

The Offbeat ♫: The Top 5 Bill Kennedy Moments


The top 5 moments of NBA referee Bill Kennedy's illustrious career.

The Offbeat ♫: Who's Drawing Fouls on the Jazz?


Andy takes a look at how the Jazz rank in drawing free throws. Fun flowcharts included.

The Offbeat ♫: The Jazz & The Shot Clock


What's the best way for the Jazz to use possessions as the shot clock winds down? Andy takes a look at how each of the Jazzmen do while the clock ticks.

The Core 4 Podcast - Clark and Andy Show


This week on the Clark and Andy show, we discuss the Jazz' Core 4 - Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks, Derrick Favors, and Enes Kanter. How have their seasons been so far, and what are some reasonable...

The Offbeat ♫: Top 5 Underrated Jazz Seasons


As Andrei Kirilenko comes into town, it's time to look at the most underrated seasons by a Jazzman since the departures of 12 and 32.

The Offbeat ♫: Does Utah Play Their Best Players?


82games features some fairly telling statistics about the Jazz' rotations. How can they be improved?

The Offbeat ♫: Pre-Christmas Road Trip Performance


The Jazz have gone on a pre-Christmas road trip of at least 4 games every year since 1984, now going on an amazing 29 years. Is it a good idea, and how have the Jazz performed on these trips?

The Offbeat ♫: Kanter's Boxing Out Badly?


Kanter's rebounding numbers have dropped considerably compared to last year. Might it be that he's boxing out incorrectly?

The Offbeat ♫: The Historically Tough West


The Western Conference is closer than ever, with only 2 teams with fewer than 10 wins. What does this mean for the Jazz' playoff hopes?

The Offbeat ♫: Clutch Doesn't Exist


Wednesday's Jazz victory against the Spurs is yet another example how clutchness doesn't really exist.

Podcast - Jazz beat Spurs and Advanced Statistics


Clark and Andy talk about the game, and what went well for the Jazz in their biggest win of the season. Then, advanced statistics becomes the topic of discussion. What do we use in order to...

The Offbeat ♫: The Impact of Threes


The Jazz have started to shoot threes like a real NBA team. Take a look at how that's impacted the Jazz offense in the first 22 games.

The Offbeat ♫: DeMarre Carroll's Impact


DeMarre Carroll has found his way into the good graces of Coach Ty Corbin as the result of his excellent play. What is he doing so well in his best season yet?


The Performance of Ersan Ilyasova and Sweet Disposition: A Study

Perhaps you've heard the famous song "Sweet Disposition", by The Temper Trap. It's been featured in many popular movies, perhaps most famously (500) Days of Summer, starring Joseph Gordon-Leavitt...

ESA Music Suggestions - Clark and Andy Show


On this podcast, Clark and Andy have a little bit of fun after a terrific win against the Denver Nuggets at home - we play arena music supervisor. What are the top 5 songs we each want to see...

Why the Jazz Big Lineup Sucked


Ty Corbin finally started the big lineup on Saturday night against the Wizards... and it was a dud. What happened in the first 6:15 to get the Jazz out to a 15-2 deficit, and is it correctable?

What Have We Learned in 8 Games - Podcast


Clark and Andy are at it again, discussing the Jazz win vs. Toronto, what we've learned so far this season, the Lakers chaos, and we inevitably slip into some offseason talk.

Burks' Playing Time and More - Clark and Andy Show

Clark and I recorded the 9th episode of our podcast on Monday, this time talking about the Alec Burks lack of playing time, and what the Jazz need to do to improve. We also compiled our list of the...

Anatomy of a Loss - The Downbeat


The Jazz played Alec Burks and Jeremy Evans last night. Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward played big minutes and played pretty well. How could they have possibly lost? This Downbeat explains in...

The NBA Disaster Draft - An Analysis


The NBA Catastrophe Rule allows a team to replace its old players in times of disaster. How does this work, and what is the best team possible under such a scenario?

Derrick Favors - Best Player on the Jazz?


In this post, SLCDunk writers Yucca and Andy argue whether Derrick Favors is the best player on the team right now.

Clark and Andy Podcast - Harden and Predictions

In this week's episode, Clark and Andy break down the surprising James Harden trade from the perspective of the Thunder, the Jazz, the Western Conference, and the whole NBA.

Brace Yourselves: The Season is Coming - Downbeat


The season's about to begin. We take a quick look at Jazz stories from around the league on the season's eve.

The Downbeat - #870


A Jazz loss in Portland on Monday night means that it's the perfect time to assert that the preseason doesn't matter, and to look at some great Jazz writing from SLCDunk and beyond.

Preseason Analysis - Clark and Andy Podcast #7


In this week's episode of the podcast, we look at how the team's performed this preseason. Do we think the changes in the team play (tempo, etc.) will carry over to the regular season?

Be Nice To Ty - The Downbeat #864

The Jazz roster is unbalanced, to be sure. But what can be done to solve it? Also, a Raul Lopez and Karl Malone appearance (Disappointingly, not in the same place).

Financial Planning the Jazz - Clark & Andy Podcast


What will the Jazz do in the upcoming summer of 2013 with so much cap space? Will they be able to keep everyone on the team, or must someone suffer the consequences of financial realities? Listen...

Analyzing GSW vs. UTA - The Downbeat #858


5 points of analysis of the Utah Jazz' first game of the 2012 preseason.

Clark and Andy Show #5

On this week's podcast, Clark and I talk about this absurdly full Jazz roster. What does each player need to do to improve, and help this team win... something? On the other hand, what does each...

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