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Media Day Recap - The Downbeat #852


What did we learn from Utah Jazz Media Day? Quite a bit, actually. Mostly about Enes Kanter.

The Downbeat #846


The New SLC Dunk Edition

Clark & Andy Podcast #3

Andy is back, and he got the Podcast uploaded to ITunes and Stitcher Radio!

The Downbeat #841

Kevin Murphy signs a new deal, is it a guaranteed one? Paul Millsap ranks #53 in ESPN's NBA Rank, is the ranking sound? The answers will probably not surprise you! The Downbeat!!!

SLCDunk Utah Jazz Podcast #2 - Upcoming Season Roundtable

SLCDunk Utah Jazz Podcast Episode #2 features 5 of the SLCDunk crew answering 8 burning questions about the Jazz' upcoming season.

The Downbeat #836

This edition of the Daily Downbeat discusses Enes Kanter's offseason training, Earl Watson's injury, the new SLCDunk.com podcast, the Jazz dancers in Italy, and "One More Thing..."

SLCDunk Utah Jazz Podcast #1

Welcome to the first SLCDunk Utah Jazz podcast of the year! In this episode, Clark and Andy discuss the minute distribution for Ty Corbin's team, the last possession playcall, and play Jazz Trivia.

Looking at P3's Influence on NBA Players - The Downbeat - #831

Looking at Santa Barbara-based P3's workout facility and its impact on the NBA players who attend, especially those with Utah Jazz ties. Does it really help a player's game as much as they claim?

NBA and Utah Jazz Infographics - The Downbeat - #826

It's the offseason, and SLCDunk is getting better and smarter. We show off some of what we've learned in this collection of Utah Jazz and NBA infographics from the web.

Ex-Jazzmen, Top 10 Plays of 2012, and Quick Questions - The Downbeat - #821

This is what we call in SLCDunk.com land "A Downbeat". We post one every day. It contains links to the latest news about the Jazz, or other random Jazz links and discussion if we can't find anything.

On Dreams, the Future, and Shan Foster

Shan Foster dreamed of making the NBA. He didn't. What can we learn? Come learn about the Utah guard's life, dreams, and hope for the future at SLCDunk.com

Ryan Anderson, Our System, and Finding Minutes for Everyone - The Downbeat - #816

This Downbeat focuses on what an acquisition of Ryan Anderson would have meant for the Utah Jazz, distributing minutes in the Jazz' lineup, and a new website for Jazz writers to write about...

Analyzing the Dwight Howard Trade For Each Team + Utah

This article on SLCDunk.com explores how the Dwight Howard trade affects the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets statistically, as well as some thoughts on how the 76ers and Magic fared.

KOC steps down, Dennis Lindsey steps up - The Downbeat - #811

Kevin O'Connor steps down from his role as GM, Spurs assistant GM Dennis Lindsey takes his place. Dreams of sports jobs, Amar as an old man, and Kobe Bryant are all involved.

5 Jazz People Who Are Awesome - The Downbeat - #806


This is a list of the 5 awesomest people in Jazz world on July 31st, 2012. This was determined entirely scientifically, through analytics, logic, and reason.

Signing Randy Foye; Covering Evans and Favors' Travels - The Downbeat - #801


Looking at Randy Foye's Signing for the Utah Jazz (is he a PG or SG?). Also, Jeremy Evans and Derrick Favors travel around rural Utah at a hilariously frantic pace. The Downbeat!

Next Year's Rotation As It Stands - The Downbeat - #796


The Jazz now have a full roster of 13 players, but how will they distribute playing time? This article investigates the best way to divvy up the minutes.

Jazz Summer League Game: Kanter, Michael Stockton, and More - The Downbeat - #791


A look at how Kanter's played during Utah's first Summer League Game, as well as Michael Stockton.

Why the Jazz Should Sign Paul Millsap to a $10 Million per Year Extension


Paul Millsap recently asked for an extension starting at $10 million per year. Here's why he deserves it.

5 Ways to Look at the Harris/Williams Trade - The Downbeat - #786


5 Ways to look at the Devin Harris/ Mo Williams trade from the Jazz perspective.

KOC's Drafting Skills, Ty's Fathering Skills, etc. - The Downbeat - #781


Basketball Reference has this great 2012 NBA Draft Preview, which tells us the best players to go at each draft slot, as well as the expected value of that pick in terms of career win shares....

The Best Game from Each of the Jazz Players in 2011-2012


The best game from each of the 15 Jazz players in the 2011-2012 season. Who played best and when?

Draft Party, G-Time, John and Karl, and... Books? - The Downbeat - #776


As we found out last week, the Jazz are having a draft party to celebrate the drafting of the #47 pick. However, interestingly, the Jazz tweeted this today: @pinkfacemark @davidjsmith1232 @a...

Looking at Some Proposed Utah Jazz Trades from the Internet - The Downbeat - #771


Looking at 4 Internet-proposed Utah Jazz trades, and figuring out which ones are plausible in this world.

Kendall Marshall, Team Slogans, and Adorable NBA Items - The Downbeat - #766


David Locke put up this video last night of Kendall Marshall from North Carolina. The 6'4'' point guard is a fantastic passer and floor general, but does he have the rest of the game to work in...

All About The Lottery - The Downbeat - #761


The NBA Draft Lottery will take place tomorrow, May 30th at 6 PM Mountain time on ESPN. You've probably heard the chances relevant to the Jazz: the Jazz will have a 27 percent chance of getting...

Looking Forward and Back with KOC, J-Slo, and Burks - The Downbeat - #754


Kevin O' Connor was on 1320 KFAN yesterday in the afternoon, and actually only gave 2 no comment type of answers in his 22 minutes of being on the radio! Among some of the more interesting...

Exciting Times for Hayward & Favors, KOC, and Me - The Downbeat - #749


The big news released yesterday was that Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward made the USA Select team. This is the team that practices and scrimmages against the real Team USA, the one that's going...


Don't Trade Paul Millsap, Please. He's Really Good.

It is rare that you see the thesis of a post so clearly laid out in it's title. However, in this case, I decided to eschew any subtleties to instead see the most important part of this post in...


20/20 Hindsight: How Utah Could Have Stopped the Spurs' 20-0 Run

So... that was an interesting experience. While, yes, if you take out the Spurs 20-0 run, the Jazz still lose by 11, it was without a doubt the turning point of the game. Let's look at the run,...

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