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Longread: My life as a (Irish) college baller


Once upon a time, in a country somewhat far away...

How will the Mavs handle a tough week ahead?


The Mavs have a tough week coming up but could come out of it okay.

Predicting the Mavs' three-game week


The Mavs take on Denver, Portland and Indiana in a tough week.

Predictions: Mavs vs. World


There's three games this week -- how will the Mavs do?

Jae and the Infinite Sadness


Does Crowder's DNP-CD against Detroit...and four total seconds against the Knicks...mean anything? What does his future look like?

Where were all the trades?


Why this trade deadline was the quietest in a little while, and why we should get used to it.

Going to the Garden with Dirk


I went to the Garden to watch Mavs-Celtics. This is what I saw.

The secret cause of the Mavs' late game struggles


The Mavs have one easy to fix flaw hurting them in late game situations

Predictions! How will the Mavs fare this week?


A short week for the Mavs, and a very tough matchup.

Mavs come up big in Memphis


In a statement game against a team they could be fighting for playoff positioning, the Mavericks came up with a big win in Memphis.

How will the Mavs fare this coming week?


Mavs have a long week, but against a lot of bad teams, so...

Breaking down the coming week: Predictions


The Mavs play two games this week. How will they do?

Devin Harris to save Justin Bieber


The hottest sports takes, the broadest pair of shoulders

Breaking down the week: Predictions


The Mavs play three games this week. How will they do?

Mark Cuban on Ref Transparency: "I Love It"


Cuban is very positive about the league's policy of correcting officiating mistakes the day after.

Dirk Nowitzki is back


At 35, the Big German keeps humming along.

What do the Mavericks have to do?


How can they go from borderline playoff participant to contender?

Previewing the Chicago Bulls

A Q & A with Ricky O'Donnell of Blog A Bull.

Conference Inequality: the real parity problem


The NBA doesn't understand parity, and all their efforts to address it will fail without this one, simple change.

Mavs vs. Bucks: an alternate fantasy scenario


The Mavs did things a little bit differently, in their win over the Bucks.

Fan Fiction Friday: A Trip to the Zoo


The gang takes a field trip.

Shane Larkin: The Mavs' best draft pick since....


Shane Larkin is going to be a good player.

Do the Mavs have a bench?


Conventional wisdom and history say yes. Do the stats concur?

Video quoteboard


Dirk, Shane, Gal

Dirk Nowitzki this season: a statistical breakdown


Dirk's game has changed. How, and what does it mean for the Mavericks?

Typhoon Haiyan: How you can help


Donate to the Red Cross!

What Monta brings


Overrated, some said. Fine, but still great.

Four-Pointer: Miami Heat preview

Dallas Mavericks-Miami Heat Preview

Will the Mavericks keep spending money?


The Mavericks seem to have a good but not great team. What will they do?

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