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Angels fan since 1978. The image is of my pet potbelly pig.

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MLB Plans To Ban Collisions At Home Plate


A necessary preventative measure or the sissification of baseball?

Cardinals May Be Interested in Erick Aybar


Can the Angels work a trade with St. Louis to improve the pitching staff? Do the Angels have a solid replacement for Aybar if he departs?


Fake Me Out at the Ball Game

Well, I couldn't think of a topic on which to write a post for Rev's contest, so I thought I'd take a swing at a short ode to Angels baseball, 2013 style. Hence, my take on the old classic, "Take...

Angels Find the Bottom as Houston Completes 4-Game Sweep


The LA Times quotes Mike Scioscia: "It seems like we've got nine guys in our lineup not comfortable in the batter's box." No shit Sherlock.

Angels Sign Pitcher Kip Wells


Wells was signed to a minor league deal. After missing the 2010 and 2011 seasons, he pitched last year for the Padres. Yeah, nothing to get excited about.

Phillies Continue to Seek Outfield Help


HHers take heart. None other than Vernon Wells is still on the Phillies shopping list. There is ample time for one more blockbuster trade. C'mon Jerry, you can do this!

Bourjos Gets A Double in Rehab Start


Bourjos went 1-4 in his first rehab start with the Triple-A Salt Lake Bees on Monday night.


Caption This Photo of Albert Boo-jols

via l.yimg.com If you are like me, you're frustrated right now with the Angels in general and with Pujols in particular. Albert's line of .194/.237/.269 is approaching Mathis territory (no...

Dodgers Sign Bobby Abreu


Chupa will be used as a bat off the bench.

Scioscia's Stranglehold


This is an LA Times article that relates one player's description of Scioscia's controlling behavior as being a "stranglehold" on the team. Even Terry Smith chimes in. Ouch.

Jeff Mathis - Pitcher Whisperer


The Tao of Stieb, a Toronto Blue Jays blogger, discusses "Mike" Mathis, describing him as "the things of which nightmares are made."

Logjam at First Could Test Dipoto's Creativity


An early article by new Angels MLB writer Alden Gonzalez. It provides an accurate assessment of how Trumbo might be utilized by the team now that he has been displaced by Pujols. And the information is presented without the syrupy goo that always infected Lyle's diatribes.

Angels Ramping Up Efforts to Sign CJ Wilson


Per MLB.com writer Joe Frisaro, the team is trying to finalize the deal today.

Angels To Interview Jerry Dipoto for GM


The Angels have received permission from the Arizona Diamondbacks to interview Jerry Dipoto for their general manager's job opening.


Time to Revisit the "Angels Began to Erode the Day Reagins Became GM" Fanshot

On July 16, wumbug posted an epic Fanshot (Fanshot here) of an article written by Hall of Fame baseball writer Tracy Ringolsby (Ringolsby Article here).  Among many comments about other MLB teams,...


Want Some Positive Mojo, Play the Rookies

At the beginning of tonight's game thread, I expressed frustration that rookies Mike Trout and Hank Conger were not in the line-up.  I also suggested that it appeared they would see little playing...


Mathis or Conger - What the Second-Half Stats Tell Us

Hank Conger was sent packing to the Bees at Salt Lake on July 19, not long after the All Star game.  The rationale included getting him more playing time to hone his defensive skills and to work on...

The Angels: 50 Years in 50 Sentences (from the OCR)


For a quick walk down memory lane, check out this collage of Angels photos with descriptions written by Sam Miller (from an article published in the Orange County Register).


Mark Trumbo - Bottom (of the line-up) Dweller (updated 8/7/11)

"Mark Trumbo isn't your typical 7th hitter."  Those aren't my words, I lifted them from an Associated Press story on the ESPN website.  Truth be told, it's not often you see a team's home-run and...

Mike Napoli - 4 Home Runs and 9 RBIs in Last Three Games


That's Mathis' production for at least the next two months. More interersting, though, is why Nap thinks he's doing so well right now: "I've thrown all the mechanics out and just trying to see the ball and hit it," said Napoli. "I think I've been going up there thinking way too much about, you know, I've got to get my foot down, I've got to get my hands moving, rather than just playing the game," he added. "I've been working hard. Trying to get my mind right and keep it clear." I can't help but think that what Napoli really meant to say was "I've been working hard to clear all of Hatcher's batting instruction clutter out of my brain."


The Angels Offense - a Fools Game

  There is an old adage which comes to mind when I think about the offensive output of the Angels this season: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  Nearly one-third of the...

Wells' (Groin) Tear Not Too Bad/Trout Not Considered for Promotion


The Good News: Wells is still going to be out for a while. The Bad News: Sam Miller quotes Scioscia as saying that Mike Trout is a "premium talent." Let's hope the Soth didn't plant a proverbial 'kiss of death' on Trout by using the pejorative "premium" to describe him.

Former Angels Strike Force Member Dies of Cancer


Kind of a sad story, but I thought maybe some HH members might remember the young lady, Heather Beyer. She died of breast cancer at the age of 27 on Saturday.

Pirates, Other Teams Pursuing Brandon Wood


USA Today: There is "zero chance of Brandon Wood clearing waivers."


Mike Scioscia - "The Intransigent"

After only four games of the 2011 season, the Angels are already trying to dig themselves out of a hole.  The hole isn’t very deep yet, but if some changes aren’t made soon, the team could find...

Morales to Start Season on 15-Day Disabled List


I don't think anyone here will be surprised by this. Disappointed? Yes.

"Walden on Fast Track to Angels Closer Role?


Mike Scioscia on Walden: "You're looking for that bottom line of what a player can bring. Just because a player is inexperienced doesn't mean he's not ready." Sosh's optimism indicates Walden just might make the leap into the closer role soon.

NAPOLI VS MATHIS - SPRING TRAINING 2011 Napoli's line with 10 at-bats is...


NAPOLI VS MATHIS - SPRING TRAINING 2011 Napoli's line with 10 at-bats is .500/.900/.500 with 5 hits, a double, a home run, and 3 RBIs. Mathis's line with 9 at-bats is .333/.333/.333 with 3 hits and 1 RBI (updated). It's early, but is the proverbial writing already on the wall?

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