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Law student from Fort Worth, TX. Honors Grad from the University of Arkansas with a BA in History. Mavs, Cowboys, Arkansas Razorbacks, Stars, and Mets fan.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Mets
  • NBA Dallas Mavericks
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF Arkansas Razorbacks
  • NCAAB Arkansas Razorbacks
  • NHL Dallas Stars
  • Golf Tiger Woods
  • Cycling Lance Armstrong
  • General Texas Rangers
User Blog

Race and the NBA

  Disclaimer:  This post deals with the topic of race within the NBA.  So before reading, please put your race card, whatever color it may be, back in your pocket, and attempt to objectively...


Typical Mavs...

It does not seem so long ago that the Mavericks had won 13 games in a row and the Dallas bandwagon became overcrowded. I think it is fair to assume that a high number of bandwagon riders have...


Questions Concerning The Injury Plague

I'm having a hard time understanding how so many injuries can occur in such a short period of time.  First Delgado is out, than Reyes, than Beltran has to DH in the first game in Boston, and than...


2009 Draft

So the Mavericks season ended.  I'm sad, but not depressed.  The last two years have been terrible.  From getting killed by New Orleans to the most miserable series ever, Golden State.  This year,...


Angry and Disgusted

I have never been so angry.  Thanks to the blown call at the end of the game the Mavericks season is most likely over.  When will Dallas get respect from the NBA officials?  In 2006, Dwayne Wade...


Chaos in Transition

 Chaos is uncontrolled energy and aggression with no rules or boundaries to contain it.  The elements that help create chaos are usually complex and diverse, and what results is overwhelming....


Sixth Man Battle: Jet vs. J.R.

Kidd vs. Billups.  Nowitzki vs. Martin.  Howard vs. Anthony. The upcoming western conference semifinals between the Mavs and Nuggets will feature incredible matchups.  Two savvy veteran point...


Series in Review: Player by Player

I don't care if the series ended two days ago, I'm still celebrating.  And you should be too if you're a Mavs fan.  Haven't the playoffs been disastrous since the 2006 Finals?  I still remember...


Cowboys Draft: New Philosophy or Bad Economy?

For the past few years, Jerry Jones has had a "win now" attitude when it came to making personnel decisions for the Dallas Cowboys.  Jones's obsession with winning a Super Bowl led him to sign "bad...


No Dirk, No Problem...For Now

After their Saturday afternoon victory, the Mavericks took a commanding 3-1 series lead over the Spurs.  Two straight home wins have put the Mavs in the driver's seat to reaching the western...

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