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2005 - 2007: Proud member of BBB.net until they started to screw up the site design and began loading up Spyware
2007 - 2012: Proud member of RealGM until certain users began taking my angry-at-management comments in 2009, and corresponding hopes that the Bulls lose, to give the ownership a wakeup call and make change, as trolling. (Finally banned in 2013! For "Trolling and Personal Attacks" - didn't think that suspecting Bulls management of paying board moderators was "Trolling" or "Personal Attack," but it seems to validate my thoughts about this place.)
2009 - present: BaB - the best Bulls site on the web bar none. Quality of posts extremely high and everyone has a good sense of humor about things and we all think alike for the most part. Not kissing his ass but YfBB is a great admin and I want to know how Alex Sonty got the job of second writer. WTF I wanted that job. Also proud to have presented BaB's unofficial 2010 NBA All-Star game coverage/Rose-stalking direct from Dallas.

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Daily Rose Porn, footage from Thursday's practice

[yanked from the comments -yfbb] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCue1v1RIAM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwhXBQ6G3FU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8EijJt3VCg h...


The life-cycle of a Chicago Bulls Draft Pick (my eerie prediction about Rose from 2009)

Here is the original link: http://www.blogabull.com/2009/7/16/951079/the-life-cycle-of-a-chicago-bulls I will also repost for posterity. Maybe I'm tooting my own horn here, but oh well. I wanted...

White Mamba Q&A


Topics discussed: Thibs, what Bulls practice is like, how he is preparing to become a coach after retirement, and how Rose is better than what most people think, compared to last year, already.

Time to vote for your all stars


Rec this so it stays up for a while. Let's try to get Deng in his first ever ASG. Dude really deserves it.

Meanwhile, as the lockout begins, our hero works on his game... ...his ping pong game. :(


Meanwhile, as the lockout begins, our hero works on his game... ...his ping pong game. :(


Wade and Rose - a contrast in attitudes

For all the talk about how "Rose is exactly like Wade was 3 years ago," I noticed a huge huge difference in the way these two guys conduct themselves and how starkly different the dynamic and level...

GAR WINS EOY...wait..."co-wins"....:(


Freaking Riley. Well, still. CONGRATS TO MY GUY!!!!

Gar is in the running for EOY


With 20 of the NBA's 30 general managers responding to the survey, Riley has eight first-place votes compared to seven for Forman. (via RealGM)


Pax can't stop talking about Vinny.

So it's been almost a year now since VDN has moved onto greener and westerner pastures. The Bulls have gotten much much better. We're on the verge of possibly winning 60 games. Things are looking...


The Bulls and their inability to make non-lateral, non-salary-dump deals.

Posted this at RealGM, but thought it was worthy of some interesting discussion here as well. As we saw yesterday, the Bulls stood pat. But if you've noticed, yesterday was our first chance in a...

Caption time. Yes, that's VDN's wife.


Caption time. Yes, that's VDN's wife.


The Nerdosphere war against Rose intensifies

Good God almighty, make it stop. Please God, make it stop.

Raptors fan goes nuts panicking when Rudy Gay gets the ball in the last 5 seconds of the game. His...


Raptors fan goes nuts panicking when Rudy Gay gets the ball in the last 5 seconds of the game. His fear turns out to be right as Gay hits the game winner. "F***ING RUDY GAY, MAN!" Hilarious.

Rose named ECF player of the week (Jan 10-16)!!!


Westbrook got the WCF nod. Great timing for the ASG voting purposes. KEEP VOTING.

Party with D-Rose on New Years' Eve! Link to buy tickets.


Party with D-Rose on New Years' Eve! Link to buy tickets.

KC "Debbie Downer" Johnson: Bulls a 5/6 seed


Jeez, ESPN is calling us the 5th best team in the league, all the national media and fans outside of Miami are complimenting our moves, and KC of course does what he does best, which is swoop in and piss in our cheerios. Every time we get hope or good news about anything, this clown comes through like it's his job to shoot it down. Go away, mouthpiece! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Does he not understand the Central Division is the Bulls' for the taking???

Caron Butler: As the heir to Michael Jordan, LeBron James must consider Chicago


I found this funny yet cool. Caron Butler's boss is trying to get LeBron to come to the Mavs, yet Caron pointedly excludes Dallas from a list of possible destinations and also has no problem ignoring the stupid "Jodan's shadow" argument that so many people love to throw out about why LeBron wouldn't want to come here. In fact, he turns it on its proverbial head. Nice to see the mood of some other players in the league regarding this.

Chad Ford: Amare return to the Suns "unlikely"


As I posted in the Bosh thread, this could be huge news, or it could be spiraling toward bad news. At worst, this could be the ending: amare/joe johnson/wade in miami lebron/bosh in NY boozer to NJN Lee in TOR or at best, this could be the ending: noah/rose/bosh/lebron/kurt (still team captain).

Bulls interview Rockets assistant Elston Turner

[From the FanShots. Elsewhere on the coaching front, Mike McGraw reports that they will interview Tom Thibodeau, but may not be able to until the Finals are over. Also, Doug Collins has been hired by Philly, so that's a potential bullet dodged -ed.] And with the first interview, the Bulls talk to... ELSTON TURNER! YEAH BABY! Experience FTW. (someone hold me).

By Drew Litton: "LeBron James listens to suitors"


By Drew Litton: "LeBron James listens to suitors"

Bulls' front office believes it has the "right players in place" to surround LeBron/Calipari out of play


Take that, KC/Sam: A source with direct knowledge of the Chicago Bulls front office's plans says the team believes it has the right players in place -- namely, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng -- to surround LeBron James when it makes its case with the free agent to-be on July 1. But the source said there has been no discussion of bringing Kentucky coach John Calipari in with James as part of a package deal.

Broussard: If LeBron leaves, Chicago is his #1 option


Uh......WOW. *thumbs up* As soon as Mike and Mike wrap up, I'll try to get a link up to the podcast. EDIT: He also reiterated this point to Hannah Storm this morning. I am now linking to the video.

Get mad: Mike Brown and Danny Ferry meet privately with Stu Jackson postgame


So the best team in the league needs to get some "private time" with the guy who is in charge of all the refs??? Hmm. Must be nothing major, me thinks. Nah, not at all. They were probably just kicking back and enjoying the Lakers-Thunder game. Right?

Rusillo: Bulls will fire VDN this summer, let FA pick coach


Cross posted this to RGM... Amidst all the bad news we've been hearing, a glimmer of hope. The headline is based on yesterday's NBA Today podcast where Ryen Rusillo mentioned with a lot of certainty that the Bulls were going to get rid of Vinny this summer, and pretty much give our prized FA acquisition the choice of which coach they want to have. I would have put "he predicts" except that 1, he talks to a lot of insiders and 2, he sounded like this was pretty much guaranteed. He also said the Clippers are in position to do the same thing. He starts to talk about this at the 5:00 mark approximately:


Performance Based Contracts?

I was thinking about how things are going to change dramatically under the new CBA, in all likelihood. Then I thought of something else, what if the NBA goes to a performance based metric, to...


Rose wooing 2010 free agents at the All Star Game! (Picture Proof included!)

First off, thanks to everyone for loving my "request" to Gar yesterday. Like I said I've been on cloud 9 since, but man today's all star game was just off the chains. LOVED it. And of course,...


I am at the All-Star Game and just made a statement to Bulls management.

Yes, as you probably know, I anorexorcist, followed in yfbb's footsteps to the ASG this weekend. While I didn't have the access and creds and perks that our fearless leader did, I did get to grab a...

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