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2005 - 2007: Proud member of BBB.net until they started to screw up the site design and began loading up Spyware
2007 - 2012: Proud member of RealGM until certain users began taking my angry-at-management comments in 2009, and corresponding hopes that the Bulls lose, to give the ownership a wakeup call and make change, as trolling. (Finally banned in 2013! For "Trolling and Personal Attacks" - didn't think that suspecting Bulls management of paying board moderators was "Trolling" or "Personal Attack," but it seems to validate my thoughts about this place.)
2009 - present: BaB - the best Bulls site on the web bar none. Quality of posts extremely high and everyone has a good sense of humor about things and we all think alike for the most part. Not kissing his ass but YfBB is a great admin and I want to know how Alex Sonty got the job of second writer. WTF I wanted that job. Also proud to have presented BaB's unofficial 2010 NBA All-Star game coverage/Rose-stalking direct from Dallas.

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  • NCAAB Loyola of Chicago Rambers
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  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • MMA Brock Lesnar
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User Blog

Rose makes the All-Star Team

[From the FanShots. Yahoo! is confirming this. Rose is the first Bulls All-Star since '98. -ed]

In light of the rumors heating up yet again, I thought I'd post this. Caption this pic.


In light of the rumors heating up yet again, I thought I'd post this. Caption this pic.

Mavs (and Bulls) no longer among NBA elite in sales, retention


Last year, 11 teams were recognized for hitting the 10,000 full season sales mark, a benchmark sales goal set by the NBA. This year, the Bulls dropped off that list of 11. ----- Reinsdorf must be sweating bullets. Any pressure is good pressure, I say. Real change to this team will happen under pressure.

Boers and Bernstein: Bosh for Tyrus/Kirk/etc?


Forward to about 31:55 minutes in. The other piece almost certainly would have to be Noah. Worth it? I would do this in a heartbeat provided we can extend him right away if possible.


Game #32: OKC Thunder @ Bulls - 7PM CST (CSN)

After hitting as close to rock bottom as I've ever seen the franchise hit in every aspect, the Bulls have turned it around and are currently enjoying a long (for them, anyways) winning streak, with...

Rose laughs and jokes after Toronto loss


Don't have a video, unfortunately, but here's the quote: "When asked if he was embarrassed tonight, Rose smiled and said "um, yeah it's like a Monday, like when I was back at school after a weekend". Then he laughed."


One year from now which starter will be getting benched?

Consider this post a sequel to my previous post from the summer, "the life cycle of a Bulls draft pick." Something just occurred to me with Tyrus benched for Taj fiasco, which eerily resembles the...


The life cycle of a Chicago Bulls draft pick (under the Paxson regime)

Since the arrival of John Paxson in 2003, I've noticed there's been somewhat of a life cycle when it comes to the players the Bulls draft and try to "home-grow." Until last year, it seemed that...


The impact of a potential lockout on the Bulls' 2010 plan

I posted this on the RealGM Bulls forum, but I thought I'd post it here too. http://twitter.com/sportsguy33 Link: http://tinyurl.com/nclxhw ... as I wrote in Feb, a 2010-11 lockout is looming....

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