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The Inevitable...

Dan Uggla's effort and professionalism should be revered. Unfortunately, he not only sees his batting average begin to dwindle, but a young prospect in Tommy La Stella has been tearing up the Minor...


Two Shortstops Will Decide The NL East Race

Maybe Medlen will be the starter he was last year. Maybe Dan Haren bounces back. Maybe Dan Uggla hits for a higher average. Maybe LaRoche will match his career high in homers again. Maybe Teheran...


Thanks, Frank!

In 2005, both Frank Wren and Dayton Moore were Assistant GMs for the Atlanta Braves under John Schuerholz. Moore was the head player development and scouting and Wren was someone with long reaching...


When 'Playing It Smart' Isn't Smart

The Texas Rangers are a savvy and successful organization that don't want to overpay for a 30 year old outfielder with great speed because of his diminishing contact rate. Right now, however, They...

Uh Oh


Ben Sheets' game score has gone down about every start. FanGraphs says his velocity has down every start as well. Hopefully, he's not going to hit a wall coming back from injury.


I Wouldn't Worry So Much About Washington.

The Nationals lead all of baseball with a very impressive 3.03 ERA. Even with the new additions to their starting pitching staff, they weren't expecting to do this well. With the Braves chasing...


Sincerely, Some Guy On The Internet

Mr. González, Don't take this personally, but I find many of your moves baffling. As an MLB manager with a long 162 games season, you are bound to face criticism throughout the course of a season...

FanGraphs ranks the Shortstops


"Over the last 10 seasons, rookie shortstops have average 0.8 WAR per 550 PAs. Pastornicky should be good, but, y’know, still a 22-year-old rookie." Ugh.


Is the 2nd Wildcard A Good Idea?

It is likely there will be two Wildcard playoff spots by 2013. To lambast the idea or to praise it as perfect is unwise. There are advantages and disadvantages to adding a play-in Wildcard game....


Two Big Moves

Trade for Alexei Ramirez.Alex Gonzalez helped the Braves make the playoffs in 2010. He was an all-glove stopgap in 2011.Considering his waning hitting abilities and durability issues, he shouldn't...


Who's to Blame?

Going into the season I thought the Braves improved their lineup and starting rotation with the addition of Uggla over Melky, and Heyward's further maturation and Freeman over Glaus. Couple that...


Wren > Amaro

First of all, I don't want to disparage Rubén Amaro. He's the GM of an excellent team that will likely win its 5th straight division title. I'm just saying that Frank Wren is better. Both GMs came...


Why isn't Cory Gearrin on the Roster?

The Bullpen structure of the Braves has been pretty rigid. Kimbrel in the 9th. Venters in the 8th. O'Flahrety in the 7th. Unless there is an injury or an otherwise unseemly amount of use from those...

Containing José Bautista


José Bautista is good. Really good. He has a 20.8%(!) walk rate and an 1.115 OPS. Before this series he had only three games out of 64 where he didn't reach base, less than 5% of the time. Facing Atlanta's pitching staff, he hasn't reached base in consecutive games...It's just another testament of Atlanta's pitching. Let's do it one more time!

David Ross at First?


If Freeman will miss some time with an injury, the best in-house replacement would be David Ross. If you scroll down to his Minor League Fielding numbers, you'll see he played at 1B for a couple games 12 years ago. As of now Ross is 12th in Plate Appearances on the team and he has earned more than that.

Odd Year Uggla!


If you look at his WAR, it alternates great/mediocre in even/odd years. Rest assured, Uggla won't improve until 2012.



Frediball: The Art of Fairly Winning a Fair Game In 2003, Michael Lewis wrote an acclaimed book called Moneyball. It was praised for its witty, satisfying description of how a broke ballclub found...


Scott Linebrink can still provide value to this team.

The early season experiment of having Scott Linebrink pitch the 7th is thankfully over. But, he can still provide value by pitching in lower leverage situations. It's easy to complain over...


Defense Doesn't Go Into Slumps

The Braves are a better team than they were last year. Their record should improve and they should be in playoff contention for the entire season. Jurrjens is bound to have a better impact on the...


The Pitching Logjam

The Atlanta Braves have a problem that is not actually a problem at all -- too much pitching. 2010 was a great year for the pitching staff, but 2011 may be even better. Like last year, the bullpen...


How's Fredi going to do this year?

Joe Torre was the manager of the New York Yankees for 12 seasons, spanning 1996-2007. Torre was best known for handling the ferocious New York Media and handling the large egos of his talented...


The better offense in 2011 -- Braves vs. Phillies

If this question was asked 2 years ago, or hell, even last year, I would have scoffed and said it was no contest. Much to my delight, the Braves offense has gotten younger and better while, the P...


Who's the most vital member of the 2011 Braves?

Chipper gets a lot of attention because he may regain his 2008 form or he may not even play an inning this year. Dan Uggla is being counted on hitting his 30 homers to revitalize the power threat...


Derek Lowe has shown to be the right move

It's Better to Be Lucky Than Smart: Circa 2008 Offseason In the wake of the disaster what was a promising Atlanta Braves 2008 season, the front office had to make some big splashes.  Loud moves...

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