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Just a dude who enjoys riding and following the pros.

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some funniness on the NYC bike share "controversy"


john stewart is funny. bike share programs are good. idiots are idiots. good times.

wanna look more PRO?


tired of your friends making fun of your rides on strava? does looking at Will's elevation profiles make you feel like less of a (wo)man? do you wish you could put up mukian multi-state ride reports up here? no need to worry any more, the people that brought you an unprecedented 7 tour wins, as well as this year's giro stage 14 victory have a solution for you.

another bad apple caught: santombrogio may be a moron



i'll be out there with some friends. words words words. we plan on attending both the time trial and the road race. words words words. we will be up on lookout mountain on monday. words words...


a little DFLing in appalachia

this is how i do it.

put your ass into it


muscle usage throughout the pedal stroke.

drivetrain ferris wheel


the single speed is cool and all, but i'd like to see them take the concept to 11 gears.


a little more riding through pisgah

as we like to do two or three times a year, tom ryan and i went up to pisgah last weekend. nothing much has changed since last time (well, except for tom and ryan's bikes, more on that later). ...


tech question regarding HID headlamp

I've got an old niterider firestorm (? i think that's what it's called) HID light. it's worked great for years, good light output, good burn time... a couple years ago, the burn time started...

Loren Rowney pulls a sagan


i am outrage.

PFP injured at RVV


link is to her FB post. she fell 40 kms in, hit a couple spectators and hurt her arm and back. nothing broken and she plans on racing flèche wallonne later on this month.

Ina-Yoko to miss races


bad news for the german super-sprinter. hope she gets better soon.

amgen tour of cali women's TT

as some of you might remember from last year, the amgen tour of california puts on a cute little time trial for the ladies. it's not much, but hopefully enough to keep them quiet during the men's...

yale doping talk live thread


want to talk doping in a live thread? here's your chance. doping doping doping.

DOJ joins Landis' whistleblower lawsuit


well well well, looks like US department of justice has Floyd's back. things are not looking good for lance. we'll see how much he likes his credibility now.


New US National Champs Course Unveiled

alright, let's write some words so this can be a fanpost instead of a measly little fanshot. US national champs have been held in Greenville, SC for the last 5, 7, 8? years. the course featured a...

2014 giro to start in...


you guessed it, not italy.

2013 american ultracross championship series


now expanded to 7 races. come and play with us. you won't regret it.

acqua & sapone washes it's hands of cycling


is this news? first i've seen of it so i figured i'd post.


mr. brightside

in case you haven't yet noticed, certain things have come to light in our cycling world lately that don't exactly make us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. sure, there's hope the current dark...

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