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for will


for will

andy pulls out of race with ridiculous name

surprising really. can't wait to find out why.

to attack is human, to win the olympic road race is divino


rumor mill: one more year of Jens!?

According to Jens Voigt he's had a concrete offer from @teamsky for 2013. Oh Yes. Oh Yes. Oh Yes.— Dave (Dim) (@dimspace) July 27, 2012

cool bike ride mapping program (strava based)

plug in your strava id (you can try mine if you don't have one - 136505) and it'll map all your rides on one map.


USPRO 2012 in bad pictures pt. 1: the TT

welcome to the prequel. the time trial isn't quite as exciting as the road race, but it does have it's advantages. you can get way closer to the riders. for example, as they finished their runs,...


USPRO 2012 in bad pictures pt. 2: the road race

for the last time, greenville sc hosted the us national championships. i was there. i took some bad pictures. where's part 1 you might ask. haven't gotten to that one yet. i figured the road...

Dave Zabriskie wins his 53rd consecutive US TT championship. full post to follow.


Dave Zabriskie wins his 53rd consecutive US TT championship. full post to follow.

cyclists - it's your fault if you get hit by a car

some moron in north georgia (no, not me, another guy) wrote a ridiculous (trying to not use my french here) editorial on why cyclists shouldn't be on the road. that's fine if that's your position, everyone's entitled to be wrong, but this guys goes a step beyond. well, like 10 or 20 steps. anyway, he's a total douche and it would be nice if he got a few hundred emails that clearly and respectfully explained to him why exactly that is. if you have a little time, please send him an email (email found in article) by the way, the riding around blue ridge is awesome. my favorite georgia mtb trail is minutes away. if i'm lucky, one day this guy might run me off the road.

pdc national champs ride sunday in greenville sc

here is the (very loose) plan so far. meet at the location linked above (base of paris mountain) at 10 am sunday morning. there's a grassy spot between poinsett hwy and buncombe rd we've parked on many times in the past. from there the "plan" is to head west toward caesar's head, climb to the top if people feel like it. don't climb to the top if people don't feel like it. this will be a social ride. a way to experience the area while chit chatting with fellow pdcers about the giro, the previous day's nat champ TT, or the following day's road race. to give you an idea of the terrain, this is the ride we did last year. if you take out the climb in the middle of the profile, you can see it's fairly flat around there. when we get back to the cars, if you have watts left in your legs you'd like to get rid of, we'll be at the base of paris mountain. if you have a better idea, i'm all ears. the only requirements are quiet roads and easy terrain close to downtown greenville. so far it seems like sminer and spokejunky are in. my buddy robert and i makes it four. there's a few other people that have expressed interest. pace will be slow, unless everyone wants to make it faster. i plan on having beers waiting for me at the end. we can always head back into town post ride for some more liquid fun and lunch. if you need more info, ask here or hit me up on the email showed on my pdc profile page.

life in an atoc team car

Lyne (from posted a nice video of what life is like sitting in a team car following a stage in california.

Jens! and Chris Horner talk cycling

new roubaix velodrome coming along.

new roubaix velodrome coming along.

finding flow

just came across this. no idea where it's from or what it's for, but it's a great movie of what riding around in pisgah forest is like.

WTFRU - PFP edition

note to self, don't show up at her door with flowers.


the future of cycling

ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the dick lane velodrome. as you can probably tell, it's not quite as new and fancy as london's new olympic track, but it has its...

terrapin twilight results

it was good night in athens, ga. the crowds were out as usual. it was a hot day, and i'm sure the racers felt it. we found a spot serving ranger and pbr right before the finish line. i got to do a little bit of screaming at cyclists, which is always fun. unfortunately, my pick for the women's race came in second to last. she was up near the front all race, but i guess couldn't hold it as the pace went up in the last couple of laps. on the men's side, things were a little less interesting. the field is much bigger (120 vs 30 something) and they go faster so it's much more of a big blur going by. makes it tough to identify anyone. spent all race trying to find my buddy Ben racing. it took several pairs of eyes a few laps to get a sighting. i guess things were exciting on the back stretch, when the night's big wreck happened. i managed a couple beer handouts, hung out with friends, saw my sister... can't complain. title link takes you to the women's report. this link takes you to the men's report. and this link takes you straight to the women's podium, atop which stands the lovely Erica Allar. and if you get the chance to try a terrapin hopsecutioner, don't pass it up.


a little riding through pisgah

hadn't done one of these in a while. it's not always easy bringing the camera along. i've done a few fun rides that went undocumented. i wish i'd done a post on rouge...


tech mech - sea otter mtb news

i was following the sea otter action on twitter (thanks to the return of Lyne of Podium Insight's live updates). i also checked out Gerard Vroomen's new mtb company's first offering, the O-1.0. ...

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