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Zgoda: Flip wants Butler, McBucketts, Taj, Mirotic for Love

I don't know if it's clumsily worded speculation or an actual report, but Larry Zgoda -- who covers the Timberwolves -- included this nugget in his latest piece about the possibility of a...


McDermott Comparisons: Chandler Parsons, Danny Green, Michael Redd, Chase Budinger

I think I've made it through the seven stages to acceptance. My initial reactions to the selection of Doug McDermott were very similar to many on BaB -- why trade two top 20 picks for a...


Heat Targeting Carmelo

[This was a fanshot and also part of the Love/Melo thread, but still kind of a big deal enough to make a fanpost. I don't know I am making these rules up -yfbb] Brian Windhorst and Marc Stein ...


some other FA plans

After Ricky's thoroughly depressing run-down of past Bulls misses in star acquisition, I asked myself: what happens when we don't get Melo or Love? Immediately I think of Mirotic, but I realized...

Bill Simmons on Omer Asik's trade value

Omer Asik: Such a shame that Chicago couldn't afford to keep him. We need to figure out revenue sharing once and for all — the Bulls shouldn't be penalized by playing in a tiny city like Chicago.

to Milwaukee, start road trip with rivalry game


Both teams are playing well, even though Jim Boylan is coaching one of them. The Bulls look to even the series with the Bucks.

David Stern on the BS Report


Talking lock-out, of course, but also talking lots of interesting NBA business stuff.

Spain (Mirotic) v. Greece - stream

[Happy Friday -ed.] Jonathan Givony at DX has been tweeting about these Euro games, and he's been dropping some nice tidbits about our boy Mirotic: "Mirotic just has far too much class to play at this level. Doing pretty much whatever he wants right now. 16 points in 14 minutes" "One part of Mirotic's game that we didn't see much of in Real Madrid this season is his passing. Shown here that he can do that quite well." "At least. Good enough to play 20-25. RT @SebastianPruiti: What do you think Mirotic's minutes will look like this year, 15-20 per game?" "Very good first half. Spain up 46-37 on Greece. Mirotic dominating with 19 points, 4 rebounds." "He's ready to get minutes in the NBA right now. RT @IIIWoodD: how many years until Mirotic is NBA ready for the Bulls in your opinion?" "One NBA assistant GM told me he thinks Nikola Mirotic "would have been a top-10 pick had he been able to come to the NBA next year.""

Kobe trashes DRose's shoes


Unh uh, you dint Kobe! Hell naw.

LeBron's sick (i.e., let the excuses begin)


LeBron has come down with something. He's conjested and taking meds from 7-Eleven (everyone's choice for apothecary). Apparently, he was sick on Sunday, too. So, either (a) this is a handy excuse if the Heat lose, or (b) LeBron is trying to set himself up for some "flu game" heroics. Too bad you got used to Miami weather, dogg.

Hearing Chicago's already putting feelers out for the #28 and #30 picks. Trying to package both to...


Hearing Chicago's already putting feelers out for the #28 and #30 picks. Trying to package both to move up. Not a lot of interest early on.

Jonathan Givony (Draft Express) tweet

Hollinger would start his team with Rose @ PG


From Hollinger's chat today: Nick (Dayton) John - if you're starting a team today, who do you want as a PG? John Hollinger (2:15 PM) That's a joke, right? There's a 22-year-old kid who is going to win the MVP, and while I may not agree with the vote, I mean ... to start a team with? It's a no-brainer. The only other guy you'd even consider is Westbrook.

Hollinger's All-Defense Teams (Insider)


John delves into defense. Ronnie Brewer and Taj Gibson make his second team, and Luol, Omer, and Noah get honorable mentions.

In the heart of the Bulls (TrueHoop)


Henry Abbott gives us some love.


Game Preview #8: Chicago Bulls vs. Washington Wizards

Ed- Thanks to arjosheph for tonight's preview! I wanted to come up with a fresh angle for this game, and here's what I settled on:  this game will suck. When I say that it will suck, I don't mean...

The Definitive (Psychic) Read on LeBron's Destination


Two bloggers ask an astrologist, a body language expert, a handwriting expert, a tea-leaf reader, a tarot-card reader, and a dart board where LeBron will sign this summer. Both the tarot cards and tea leaves like Chicago at least partially, while every method agrees "not Cleveland." I found this more satisfying to read than any other rumor over the past 24 hours. Seemed more credible.

Some Background on the Seriphan Pick


Apparently he couldn't work out because of a knee injury, which is why we'd never seen him before. Wiz wanted him all along and maybe swung the Hinrich deal just to get him. Michael Lee, the author, tweeted that the Cavs might have helped too -- their efforts to buy/trade into the 20th pick were aimed at Seriphan, apparently, prompting the Wiz to trade for the 17th. Thanks Cavs!

Bucher: Kirk Hinrich and #17 to the Wizards

ed. note: From the Fanshots. Oh my, THIS is what I wanted, not the proposed Deng deal. Deal can't be official until July...and part of me won't believe it until Hinrich is actually holding up a different jersey.

Adande: LeBron Not Giving the Cavs Input

According to J.A. Adande (who reported this on's NBA Today podcast; go to around 17:50), Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has been trying to consult with LeBron on the various firings and...

Stan Van Gundy available?


From ESPN's Rumor Central: "With the Magic on the verge of being swept before a Game 4 win in Boston on Monday night, there's been some questions about where to lay the blame so far with this team. Do you put it on Dwight Howard because he's the superstar? Rashard Lewis because he's had a poor series due to illness? Or does blame need to rest on the shoulders of their coach, Stan Van Gundy? Well, for Van Gundy, it's possible that he could take more than the blame. One pundit is suggesting he could be fired if they don't win the series. Here's what ESPN TV analyst and "PTI" co-host Michael Wilbon had to say on his radio show Wednesday, as transcribed by Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel: "I'm not one of those guys who likes to pound on Stan Van Gundy. I thought he got completely hosed in Miami. ... I think there are things that Stan does very well. I think he was sabotaged in this case by the trading -- not the trading but the letting go to free agency -- of his best offensive player (Hedo Turkoglu)... I think that Stan probably will be fired (if Magic lose to Celtics). I don't know how you fire him. I really don't ... I've already heard the rumblings that he will be fired if they don't win this series." At shootaround Wednesday, Van Gundy told Bianchi that he's "not worried about [his] job security." Bottom line: This Magic team has underwhelmed so far in the Eastern Conference Finals, especially when you consider they lost the first two games of the series at home. But is it enough to get Van Gundy canned after the season, when he's turned the team into a championship contender and they're still built to contend again next year even with a loss? Seems unlikely. But job security is rarely promised to anyone in the NBA coaching ranks." If we can't get JVG, how about SVG?

Ryan (Los Angeles) John, what do you see the Bulls doing this summer? Do you agree they should...


Ryan (Los Angeles) John, what do you see the Bulls doing this summer? Do you agree they should focus on adding Joe Johnson in a sign and trade for Kirk Hinrich, then focusing on adding a guy like David Lee? Let the other teams jockey for the stars! John Hollinger (1:26 PM) I think they'll hold a lot of meetings, dither, nearly sign a guy, dither some more, watch everybody else make their moves, and then in September explain how this was the plan all along.

Updates from ESPN's Draft-Buzz Feed (Updated ~3:30 PM)

For the past few days all ESPN reporters have been hopping on the Interwebs to break rumors and stories.  Since I've been obsessively checking it, I thought I could bring it over here and...


Chad Ford's Mock Draft 7.1 (Updated 1:42 PM)

Now it gets crazy.  [Update: crazier.]


Chad Ford's Mock Draft 6.0

This one's interesting.  Chad has once again updated his mock draft (in two parts, 1-5 here and 6-30 here for Insiders).  A review on the movers and shakers and how it impacts the Bulls:


Hollinger's Draft Rater

Every year, Hollinger performs a regression analysis to compare this year's prospects to last year's prospects.  As he explains, the error rate on the analysis is pretty high, but the information...


A Case for Byron James Mullens

In the face of reports that the Bulls want to draft B.J. Mullens with the 16th pick and realizing I don't know much about the kid (other than the fact that he's big, athletic, and a statistical...

Chad Ford's Mock Draft 5.0

[From the FanShots -ed.] Since the pool of draftable players is now solid and Chad has gained more information from "NBA team sources," he has updated his mock draft. For most teams his prognostications haven't changed. For the Bulls, however, things are a-movin'. Ford buys into the Mullens-to-Chicago talk: "Analysis: There's been talk that the Bulls might take a look at Tyler Hansbrough and DeJuan Blair, if available. Both are definitely the kind of player John Paxson likes. But the word around the league this weekend was that the Bulls might have made a promise to Mullens, who has the most long-term upside of any remaining center, a position at which Chicago needs help. He's raw, but it's rare to get a talent like this after the lottery." Ford still has Hansbrough going 11th to New Jersey, saying that the Nets have narrowed their choice to Hansbrough or Terrence Williams. He has Blair dropping all the way to the Hornets at 21. Personally, with the dearth of big men in this draft, I find that very hard to believe. No doubt teams are leery of committing to him now, but somebody's going to jump on the Blair train before 21 come draft night.

Chad Ford's Mock Draft 4.0


I think the link might be Insider only. He has Blair dropping to the Bulls at 16. He has the Bulls selecting Toney Douglas at 26. Other notables are Hansbrough to the Nets at 11 (formerly he had them taking Blair); Gerald Henderson to the Bobcats at 12; Earl Clark to Detroit at 15; BJ Mullens to the Wolves at 18; James Johnson at 21 to the Hornets; Terrence Williams to Dallas at 22; and Chase Budinger to the Hijacked Sonics at 25.

Simmons on Celtics vs. Bulls, again


This about sums it up: "I am prepared for anything: KG pulling a Willis Reed, Jordan and Bird showing up, Rondo hitting John Salmons with a chair, Doc running the series-deciding play for Tony Allen, Kevin Harlan's head flying off his body, Tim Thomas experiencing a human emotion, you name it. That's the best thing about this series: Anything is possible. The ceiling hasn't just been removed, it's been obliterated."

Amateur "Hot Hand" Study on Ben Gordon (via TrueHoop)


Aparently Ben has his best games when he starts off cold. Here's to hoping he goes 2 for 6 in the opening quarter of game 4!

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