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A's fan since 1989 when moved to the bay area. Saw Rickey Henderson breaking the stolen base record the 1st time I went to an A's game. The bash brothers... Those were good times.

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Why is A's consistently the lowest GB/FB ratio in MLB?

I just saw this, for the last 10 years, below are A's GB/FB ratio, vs the MLB avg, and ranking (lowest), from ESPN 2013: 0.67, 0.87, 1st 2012: 0.68, 0.88, 1st 2011: 0.74, 0.86, 1st 2010: 0.76,...


Can we survive another slump?

I love how this team is playing right now. But given the nature of the young team, I have to think, what if we hit another slump, like another 9 game skid, can we still recover? Right now we are...

Celebrity Auction: Lunch with Lew Wolff


I hope it's OK to post this here My friend told me about this celebrity lunch auction, including Lew Wolff, for JFS (Jewish Family Services). It ends this Sun Oct 2nd. Direct link to Lew Wolff's lunch auction is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260855270895


Why are A's offense worse on the road than home?

With the reputation of The Coliseum being an offensive grave yard, the A's are OPS'ing 690 at home, and 630 on the road. Opponents are OPS'ing 644 at the Coliseum, which may be due to our awesome...



Half of the team on DL, WTF!? Losing more games after signing 4 FA, WTF!? Moving all their games to digital cable 89 on Comcast that requires a $80 package, WTF!? I'm only watching games delayed...


Red Sox good for baseball

As much as I hate the Red Sox nation as the next green and gold fan, it just occured to me that Red Sox is actually good for baseball. Put it simply, they make money for baseball. Whether it being...


Concern for catcher depth

It's amazing Suzuki has been able to play so many games and remain productive. but he's not a big guy, I wonder how much of this will wear on him. I'm concerned that our catch depth drops off too...


Where are all the fans?

ESPN Baseball tonight just showed the A's game hightlight, Brown's walk off. The main comment here is how sparse the crowd is for Oaklan day game, they joked something like "only 19 people were...


What to do with an over-abundance of AAAA players

So we have a team full of AAAA players, they are good for a short stint, once the league figure out who they are, and adjust to them, our guy fizzles out. Is there a better way to get production...


Only 10 left from 2006

Ellis, Chavez, Crosby, Thomas, Harden, Duke, Blanton, Street, Gaudin, Garcia. Thomas left for a while, and Garcia only pitched 2 innings in 2006. So really only 8 left. One of those days wish we...


What will CarGo do next?

I have to admit the kid is good, better than his avg and OBP so far indicates. He's exciting to watch. I do notice, as I'm sure many here have already, that the kid does nothing but hit doubles or...


Polarized offense in May

Just looked up A's offense stats for May, and one really strange thing is that everyone is either hitting above 300 (Crosby at 301) or below 230 (Hannahan at 227). Sweeneys, Thomas, Cust, Crosby...


Home game only for Harden?

This quote on SF Gate: "Harden is starting at Stockton to avoid a trip to Oklahoma with the River Cats." If Harden can't even risk going on a roadtrip at this time, I don't see how they can say...


Sick of A's TV schedule

Last Fri, 13-2 spanking of KC, not on TV! Today 11-2 spanking of Twins, not on TV! Out of the remaining 139 games, 28 will not be on TV. Compared to the Giants, who will only miss 4 games on TV....


sophomore slump?

Which 2nd year player on A's roster will have a sophomore slump, given there are so many of them. I remember in Swish and DJ's sophomore year, I heard some comment abou thow Swish is more likely...

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