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Autism Awareness Month & the MLB

Pretty cool -- as the father of an autistic child, I appreciate stuff like this. The Reds are hosting their day on April 13.


Eyewitness Report: Opening Day in Sydney

I was fortunate enough to get to attend the opening game of the MLB season here in Sydney and figured I could share a few thoughts. I snapped a few photos on a phone, but Google will result in...


An Ode to Willie Harris

Set to the tune of "Getting Rid of Britta" (italics in your best Pierce voice) Verse 1: Saying goodbye to Williewas not a hard thing to do'cause when someone's 3 for 34we'd rather have Jason...

NY Times on the Reds' Approach

I might have missed this in the last Reporter, but worth a read. Basically a smarter version of "extend the Votto/Bruce/Phillips window!"

Madson: Honorable Mention, Best Changeup 2011

Over at Fangraphs, they're doing a neat recap of the best pitches of 2011. Madson makes the honorable mention cut for his changeup. Ryan Madson: I didn’t include a reliever on this list until now, but RHP Ryan Madson got some serious results with his changeup with a 55.8% whiff rate and 14.9 wCH, both leading all relief pitchers. It’s a changeup that dives down and runs at about 84 mph. As a mostly fastball/changeup combo reliever, he used his changeup as much as anybody in baseball (34.4%).


SIS: The 29 Trades of Joey Votto

So with all the early Votto trade talk focused on teams that actually match up well with the Reds for a trade, I got to thinking about how trades with the other teams might look. So here's your...


Eye witness report: Pittsburgh Pirates at Washington Nationals, 05.16.2011

I had grand plans of taking nice photographs at the game and posting them for all to enjoy, but the threat of rain had me leaving my camera gear at home, and so instead I offer seven insights...


2011 Reds Quiz #4 -- Opening Day Edition

So I wanted to put something together in honor of Opening Day, so here it is.  I've borrowed another popular Sporcle format and created a Reds Opening Day Safecracker quiz.  Instructions are...


2011 Reds Quiz #3 -- Scrambled Edition

It's been awhile, so here's another quiz.  I don't know if this is hard or easy, to be honest, as I am terrible at word scrambles generally.  So here's 4 minutes to figure out ten scrambles,...


2011 Reds Quiz #2 -- Slightly Harder Edition

Here's the latest quiz, much sooner than I anticipated.  How well do you know the Reds players?  Well enough to name them by place of birth?  That's what this quiz is out to prove, as you'll...


2011 Reds Quiz #1 -- Red Reporter Edition

Here's the first quiz for the new season!  To kick off the 2011 seasons of Reds quizzes, let's pay homage to the site that kept us fed during the hungry off-season (although I missed the...

O-Cab stays in Ohio!

But not in Cincinnati. Heyman has him in Cleveland, no contract details.


SIS: Day after milkshakes

So imagine you bought a large milkshake, any flavor, to go.  After enjoying about half of it, you realize you aren't going to finish it.  But, this is a great milkshake.  What to do?  Luckily,...

EE Makes a "Top 5" list...of sorts

Fangraphs broke down the "errors" portion of UZR, listing some of the players who have cost their teams wins through errors. Our beloved EE makes the list.

Reds to sign Jeremy Hermida

From MLBTR: The Reds agreed to sign Jeremy Hermida to a minor league deal, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports. Hermida bats from the left side and has a career .267/.342/.432 line against righties.

Don't let it be said that Walt hasn't picked up a LF this off-season...

I saw this last night, and figured someone would post it, but it hasn't been added yet. The Reds signed Brian Barton, who mashed in the Atlantic League this year.

Lee might not have come to the NL Central, but another ace just (Greinke) did.

Realistically speaking, though, how many times can we expect to face him over the season? Obviously, more times that if he had stayed in the AL, but over the course of a 162-game season, how much does this change our record?

Harang Signs on with Padres

Our boy Aaron has landed with his hometown team. I say good for him. I can't help but cheer for someone who always seemed like a great guy and was there through the tough times.

Bro-yo Garners One (1) Cy Young Vote

It was a 5th place vote, but still. Huzzah!

Reds Re-sign Raymoan

MLBTR reports that he's back for one year at $3 million. Good news?

Reds Playoff Rotation Set

Baker announces Volquez, Arroyo, and Cueto to go in Games 1-3, regardless of opponent. Wood lost the nod to being a rookie, but will be available out of the pen, along with Bailey. Harang was not mentioned.

Reds Playoff Rotation Set

Baker announces Volquez, Arroyo, and Cueto to go in Games 1-3, regardless of opponent. Wood lost the nod to being a rookie, but will be available out of the pen, along with Bailey. Harang was not mentioned.


Reds Quiz #14

I've copied the format of many a Sporcle quiz on this one: the grab bag.  Name the Reds-related items under each category listed.  There are a few statistical categories and a few trivial...

I can appreciate their pain in Seattle.

Seattle's always been my favorite AL team, I guess, because of the Kid's time there. Here's hoping for a better 2011.

Harang Not a Fit for Rox's Playoff Push

MLBTraderumors mentions the Rockies's willingness to pick up starting pitching to make the final push to the playoffs. They don't think Harang fits--but just imagine if it happened.


Reds Quiz #13

The Reds's defense of late inspired this quiz.  Name the top three in errors committed on the Reds for the seasons 1990 to 2009.  A lot of duplicates on this, and so you only get five minutes to...


Reds Quiz #12

Here's a fun quiz that shouldn't be too hard.  Trying to mix it up for you, I've got 20 baseball players listed who have the same initials as current Reds.  Name the Reds that match up.  You...

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