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A's TV ratings on Sunday 5/10...

http://www.mercurynews.com/columns/ci_12348262 According to the Mercury News the A's only managed to draw a 0.3 rating for their game on Sunday or 7,500 households. Seems pretty bad, but then you...


Mayor Reed asks MLB to drop Giants territorial rights to SJ

Things just keep coming up with the A's stadium hunt. http://sanjose.bizjournals.com/sanjose/stories/2009/03/30/daily89.html Chuck Reed, mayor of San Jose, has put on the agenda for the city...


Lew gives first public indications on MLB in SJ

http://www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/stories/2009/03/23/daily101.html Seems to me this is as close to an admission that San Jose is now the goal as you'll hear until the Giants are out of the...


When is CSN-CA being added to DirecTv's basic package?

Or is it happening at all? Because CSN-California is still not part of the basic package like CSN-Bay Area and KICU are. It'll be a shame if DirecTv customers have to stop watching A's games...


Fresh opposition arises to the Fremont stadium site

http://www.mercurynews.com/breakingnews/ci_11181633   Looks like the neighbors want no part of the original stadium site at Pacific Commons and have come out openly against it. And NIMBY's...


Cisco Field moving to Warm Springs?

http://newballpark.blogspot.com/ While it's by no means plan A or a certainty it appears the A's are exploring as a backup plan moving Cisco Field from it's current planned location at Pacific...


Cisco Field still on track despite economy

Lew Wolff, the A's managing partner, spoke today to the AP about the status of Cisco Field. It appears the Fremont election going the A's way did put a little vigor back in the stadium plans. Also...


Does anyone else have a sinking feeling about 2009 attendance?

I hadn't perused the schedule for 2009 too carefully until now, but looking at it, we're playing the Yankees, Red Sox, Giants, and half our Angels games during the middle of the week this season...


Wasserman wins in Fremont - Cisco Field not dead

It appears the people of Fremont has spoken in as close to a vote on Cisco Field as they're going to get. Current Mayor, and stadium backer, Bob Wasserman appears to have won pretty handily against...


Why are people shocked when teams move?

People seem genuinely shocked that the A's and now 49ers are pulling up stakes and moving south. I'm shocked as to why they're shocked. It's not like this was sprung on us. Both teams have been...


Fremont City Council confirms move! A's to play at Cisco Field

[EDITOR'S NOTE: It looks like it's becoming official very quickly. Probably still a lot of technical hurdles to jump but the groundwork is definitely there. Ladies and gents, your Silicon Valley...


Does Oakland want to loose the A's?

I spit tea all over my keyboard when I read this... http://www.insidebayarea.com/ci_3329843?source=rss I cannot believe that Oakland denied the A's an extension on their lease!?!?!? The team is...


Why the A's will never move to San Jose... (thank God)

Here is why they will never move to San Jose. And no it has nothing to do with SF's supposed territorial rights. The simple fact is that San Jose, despite being the Bay's biggest city and making...


Interesting New Ballpark trivia...

Did you know that if this new park is built on Lew's timetable (completed by 2009 at the latest) that it would be the first time in exactly 100 years that the Athletics have played in a totally new...


My thoughts on the new Ballpark

I must say after examining the new ballpark designs further with the larger more detailed drawings, several things have come to mind. First it appears that some of our beloved foul territory is...


New Ballpark Plans UNVEILED!!!!

http://www.kron4.com/Global/story.asp?S=3715950&nav=5D7ldHBo Kron 4 just broke the news with the first pictures! The thing is freaking gorgeous. Located right off 66th Ave across from the Coliseum!...

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