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Mocking the Draft: Live Draft Results


Tonight we had a live draft over at Mocking the Draft, I was the Bills rep. With my first pick I took Quinten Coples, DE, UNc With pick #41 I took Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M Then I traded our 3rd, and 4th rounders to get pick #47. Normally I would never do this, but I know I cannot make it to rounds 3-5 tommorow so I decided I'd rather make my own pick rather than BPA. I took Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford. Some of you might think this is a lousy draft, because I failed to address CB or OLB, but after Zach Brown and Upshaw 43 LB in this draft is incredibly weak. Also I was going to take either Minnifield(my top choice), Gilmore, or Denard at #41 but they were taken in 3 of the 5 picks ahead of #41 and after those guys no CB was worth that pick. After taking Coples my main idea of this draft was the build a stocked defense, but those plans fell through when the CBs and my other 2nd round option, Vinny Curry, were all selected right before I pick. Once that was the scenario I decided to go high-potential for my next to picks. I'm tired of being mediocre so I decided take the player with the highest potential on the board. Tannehill, I would go into explain but you've all heard the arguments for him. After that Fleener seemed to be the best choice. TE is becoming more and more a must have weapon for a team and Fleener resembles Rob Gronkowski coming out of college. The idea of Coples is simple: Coples-Williams-Dareus-Player X. That's just scary awesome. I also kept in mind there are some decent OLB and CB free agents this offseason.


First Bills Mock

This is the first of 3 or 4 of my Bills mocks this offseason, obviously lots will change so this is very preliminary. Mock after the jump

According to Meril Hodge he Bills should cut Stevie Johnson. A person that should be cut is Meril...


According to Meril Hodge he Bills should cut Stevie Johnson. A person that should be cut is Meril Hodge from ESPN! The guy is an absolute clown! Let's just go and cut our young WR who just dominated the best CB in the league. "Stevie Johnson has hurt the Bills organization more than he has helped"- Meril Hodge. Without Johnson the game wouldn't have even been close! I take this with a grain of salt because Hodge is also the guy who said Denver could not win with Tim Tebow as their QB

Meril Hodge, horrible sports analyst

Raiders take Pryor


Gave up a 3rd, typical Raiders

Prospects Attending Draft


A total of 25 prospects will attend the NFL Draft. I don't like this, only the top 5-10 prospects should be invited. Now there are prospects like Mark Herzlich and Ryan Williams going that project to be 3-5 round draft picks


Why Blaine Gabbert Should be the Pick

I'm gonna attempt to persuade some here to jump on the Blaine Gabbert wagon. Not a lot here are fans of Gabbert and I think more should have him at the top of the list of players they'd like the B...

1st and Last Mock of the Year

Last year I did many, many mocks. This year I decided to just read mocks and do my only mock 1 week before the Draft. If you don't like the pick I gave you I'm all for other opinions! Lets...

Mocking the Draft Live Draft Results


For this live draft it was who we think our team will draft, not who we want to draft 1st Round- Cam Newton, QB, Auburn TRADE: 2nd and 3rd rounders for #22 overall and select- Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin TRADE: Trade both 4th rounders for #81 overall and select- Chris Carter, OLB/DE, Fresno St 5th Round- Tim Barnes, OG/C, Missouri 6th Round- Cedric Thornton, DE/DT, Southern Arkansas 7th Round A- Andre Smith, TE, Virginia Tech 7th Round B- Darvin Adams, WR, Auburn UDFA's: Nick Bellore, ILB, Central Michigan Justin Rogers, CB, Richmond John Clay, RB/RB, Wisconsin Duke Ihenacho, SS, San Jose State I really like this draft, other than Newton, I like all the selections and if we take Newton I can see the draft falling something like this

Draft Stock over the Season


So I did a mock of 2011 back right after the conclusion of the 2010 draft. I just though it was neat of how much players stock soar. I had 10 players in this mock that will likely be 1st rounds, only 10. And Dareus, Green, and Quinn are the only players that I correctly picked their stock and 1 player might go 5-UDFA(JaQuizz Rodgers) I just thought it'd be intresting to show how much the draft stock's quite wild!

MTD Live Draft Results


So I did the MTD live draft as was the representative for the Bills here are my results: 1st Round- Marcel Dareus, DT, Alabama 2nd Round- Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame 3rd Round- Davon House, CB, New Mexico St. 4th Round A- Steven Friday, OLB, Virginia Tech 4th Round B- Colin McCarthy, ILB, Miami, Florida 5th Round- Jah Reid, OG, Central Florida 6th Round- Bruce Miller, OLB, Central Florida 7th Round A- Joshua Portis, QB, California-PA 7th Round B- DeQuin Evans, DE, Kentucky I feel like I could've done a bit better but I had a fun time doing it. -I know most are gonna say "Who the hell is Joshua Portis?", But I saw him at the combine and was more than impressed by him


Examining Top Bills Contenders Combine's

After watching the NFL Combine, I know exactly who I want and who I think would be the best pick for the Bills at #3. Lets look at the 5 players that are most frequently mocked to the Bills and...

Torrey Smith Dunk


Cool video thought I'd share it. Guy is crazy athletic, and is rated as the #3 WR in this class. If only this was the year the Bills needed a WR, it's one of the best classes in years


Things to watch for Tommorow

Obviously tommorow is the QB, RB, and WR workouts at the combine. This is in my opinion the best day of the combine as it is exciting because I think these are the positions that win and lose the...


Visiting Cleveland Next Week - Advice?

Hey guy I'm going to Cleveland for a Cavs vs. Hornets game next week. I was just wondering what are some good places to eat, a good place to stay and most important what is your guys best mall?...

Peterson to Buffalo just become a bit more likely


Champ re-signs with Denver so they may very well pass on Patrick Peterson now. This pick is a bit more likely now that it looks like Peterson should be available at #3

MTD live draft Results


Pablo Escobar and myself made the picks for our Bills in the Mocking the Draft live draft Pablo made the 1st 3 picks and I made out last 3 picks here are the results: 1st Round- Marcel Dareus, DE/DE, Alabama 2nd Round- Martez Wilson, ILB, Illinois 3rd Round- Tyler Sash, S, Iowa THOSE WERE MADE BY PABLO 4th Round- Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware(Good value and we need a QB prospect in this draft) 4th Round- Marcus Gilbert, OL, Florida 5th Round- Tandon Doss, WR, Indiana **Draft open threads are on the side

Peterson meets with teams


Peterson has meetings with numerous teams, none of which are the Bills, just wondering if this means we aren't very intresting or something? Also I read that Dallas is very intrested in moving up for PP from the #9 pick hmmmm....

Just had a change of heart...


I used to hate Fairley...then I saw this, not like this is the only one though, I've seen 2-3 just as brutal as this

And now it all Begins..

Should he stay or should he Go! “Harbaugh you got to let me knowshould I stay or should I go? If I say that Stanford's mine I’ll be here ’til next year’s time”- Andrew Luck So you got to let me...

Bills sing 12 days of Christmas


Stumbled upon this, it's from 2008 I think Leodis and Marshawn are both pretty hilarious!


If you were Head of Draft...

So I was pondering earlier today what the Bills would look like if I were the Head of the Draft. Came up with some ideas and it was quite fun thinking about it. Here is a thread for you to show...

Locker or Newton?

Recently I got into an argument about who is a better NFL QB prospect Jake Locker or Cam Newton. I argued that Locker is better because of his terrible supporting cast and his incredible speed. I...


Andrew Luck

I'm a Buffalo Bills fan and I desperatly want Andrew Luck, IF the Panthers get the #1 pick(i douvt they will personally), do you think they'll take Luck. Please don't think I'm trolling I would...

UN-Lucky Bills?


This is older, but just stumbled apon it... BTW it is Mr. Lucks birthday today!

Fantasy Football advice

I know this probably isn't the best place to ask this question, but I don't know where is the best place to put this so here sounded good. I was offered a trade of LeSean McCoy, Saints Defense,...


Can someone please explain to me...

What is with the sign and trade? What is the point of it and what is it? I have absolutly no idea what it is(is it what it sounds like) but i am absolutly clueless. With Bosh saying he may want a...


Micheal Brantley

Hello I am an Atlanta Braves fan and thought i'd come and see your opinions of Micheal Brantley. I don't know how your moderators feel about trade ideas but please don't delete this moderators. T...


My Conversation with Eric Wood

No I am not a reporter or sports writer, I just happened to stumble upon my favorite player on Saturday night. So I was in visiting from Georgia (I have friends and family in Buffalo) and my...

Extremely Early 2011 Mock

Yes this is almost as early as can be but i'm doing it to get a feel for the players. Extrmely soon and it'll be my only mock for 10 months. Just doing it for some fun and to get a feel for the...

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