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Thinking of the 'Screamin'' cap and thought of something...

The Braves should change the logo on the front of the jersey at select home games... Rather than use the 'Braves' name, they use a word which denotes a similar figure from the various tribes which...


The 'Kimbrel'

Hey everyone!So what I am advocating in this FanPost is that we begin calling any time a pitcher strikes out the side in an inning a 'Kimbrel'. We already call GIDP a 'Vidro' and I think Kimbrel...


That was getting messy... let's rosterbate here!

This is my first rosterbation post, I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to do it, but it's been 6 days and the last one was getting pretty messy with personal problems. Ego masturbation if you will.In...

Melky's antics


So this just goes a little more into detail about what exactly raised the ire of some Braves. I'm hoping someone with a heater takes it out on Milky. This reminds me of what he did during the All-Star game. Makes you wonder if he does this regularly or only against former teams/teammates...

Prospect Pitch: Braves' Moore, no less


This is an article I found where Navery Moore discusses his five pitch repertoire, grading his own pitches and telling you a little about his history as a pitcher and how he came to the point we currently find him at. Pretty interesting, what do yall see in his future with the team?

Starlin Castro daydream


Haha, I know some of yall were probably confused by the title, but check out Castro in this clip. I know the link goes to awful announcing, but I kind of agree with what Valentine had to say here. Yeah, he didn't have to talk about it for 7 minutes, but he didn't really say anything that was too terribly off base (although I didn't listen to the whole thing because, let's be real, I just don't really care that much about either Bobby V or the Cubs). Plays like that make the worst of Yunel not even seem so horrible, huh? Oh crap, I probably shouldn't have brought him up again! Oh well, enjoy!

Chipper Jones: "I'm playing next year."


"I’m playing next year," he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday. "I still feel like I can go out there and play a good third base and be a threat, at least, at the plate. I’m having a good defensive year, and the [batting] average is on the rise." So much for the grand off-season plans some of us had. What is the best course of action to upgrade the team in the off-season, now that we know what Chip is doing?


Chipper: To play his contract out?

Think it's just talk? Or think he is for real? I hope it's just talk, unless he can hit 360 again over the last two years... I just think that this team can better spend 15 million dollars a year...

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