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From KC. Went to Center High School. Follow the Chiefs from Austin, Texas.

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How Many UDFAs Make It Into the NFL & Their Impact


With UDFAs getting signed and camp starting, KC's resident stats man, Martin Manley recently made a post about UDFAs, how important they are in the NFL, how many are in the NFL, and what % of team rosters they make up (as well as on the Chiefs). Here are some meta-calculations from it: 1. On average UDFAs make up 37% of league rosters 2. UDFAs made up 60% of the Rams team in 2011 3. 30% of the Chiefs roster last year were UDFAs It's a good read that I recommend checking out.

Trade Value Chart vs. Player Performance


Pretty good write up on the difference between the trade value chart for players that GMs use vs. the actual success rate from KC's resident statistician, Martin Manley

Chiefs' Reversion To the Mean


An outline of the areas that the Chiefs "over-performed" on in relatively unpredictable areas in 2010 and how they came down in 2011. Hopefully this means a reversion back to the mean and a stronger 2012

Draft Picks by Round vs. All Pros, Pro Bowls & Starters


Martin Manley put up a great analysis of the comparative value of a player by round for the 3 success outcomes (all pro, pro bowl, primary starter). Given the after draft thinking, it's a great read: I also did some derivative analysis on it. Looking at pro bowls a player drafted in the 1st round is X times more likely to go to a pro bowl in a given year than the other rounds as follows: Round 2: 2.7 Round 3: 4.7 Round 4: 10.8 Round 5: 8.3 Round 6: 10.4 Round 7: 20.8 If I’m a good team, I use those ratios as my bible to draft and trade picks. If I’m not a good team and I need a bunch of starters across the board, then I try to find many (hopefully rational) trade partners with good teams to take advantage of the different ratios for round 1 vs. other rounds for primary starters, which are: Round 2: 1.4 Round 3: 2.2 Round 4: 2.7 Round 5: 3.9 Round 6: 4.8 Round 7: 5.2 The grid (based off Martin’s data) can be found at:


Does it Not Matter Which Draft Prospects the Chiefs Meet With?

I've seen lots of stories and posts about who the Chiefs are meeting with or what  Pro Days they are going to.  However, it's been difficult for me to place any value on any of these posts.  Thus...

Judge Rules in Favor of NFLPA Regarding Contracts with Television Networks


"David Doty has ruled that the NFL violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement by striking deals with television networks that require ongoing payments to the league during a work stoppage. Judge Doty has ordered another hearing to determine whether the players’ remedy will be financial damages or an injunction preventing the league from pocketing the money during a lockout."


Tamba Hali currently leading NFL in sacks

It's bittersweet with the loss today, but Tamba Hali just leapfrogged into 1st place in the NFL in sacks. Three players tied for 4th place are playing in the late game. Minus a 2 sack game from...

swampjacket wrote on 5/1/2010 1:30:09 AM: "Chiefs fans, Just wanted to tell you that you are...


swampjacket wrote on 5/1/2010 1:30:09 AM: "Chiefs fans, Just wanted to tell you that you are getting a pro-bowl football player who is an even better young man off the field. He will be loyal to the team, appreciative of the fans, and be very involved in your community as he is here in Fairburn where he grew up. I know the Berry's well and coached Eric in high school and just can't say enough good things about him and his family. Good Luck and I only wish he could have been a Falcon!"

Chiefs Check Out Their New Players At Rookie Camp
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