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Blazers Sign Dee Bost


Dee Bost signed as 17th player on roster. He played in Montenegro last year. Presumably a training camp pickup.

Meyers Leonard Stars in BDL's Create-a-Caption


Dan Devine is only saying what most of us have thought at one time or another.

Do Three Point Shooters Get Tired?


An interesting initial exploration of whether high minutes played leads to worse 3pt shooting. Anyone think this might be affecting our guys? Nic, Damian and Wes are all pretty high-volume, high-minutes shooters.

According to a source familiar with the negotiations, the Minnesota Timberwolves backed out of a...


According to a source familiar with the negotiations, the Minnesota Timberwolves backed out of a three-team deal also involving L.A. and the Portland Trail Blazers at 11:53 a.m. PT, just seven minutes before the noon PT deadline. The trade that was in place would have sent Fisher to Minnesota and the Lakers’ first-round pick acquired in the Lamar Odom trade with the Dallas Mavericks back in December to Portland. Portland, already engaged in a full-fledged fire sale, would have sent Jamal Crawford to Minnesota and the Timberwolves would have sent Anthony Tolliver to Portland. Minnesota would have also been receiving cash considerations from both L.A. and Portland as well. This is the mythical third deal that almost happened. KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!!!

Abbott: LaMarcus Aldridge, All-Star?

Henry Abbott of talks about Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge's All-Star candidacy... ------------------------------ "The result is a top ten PER -- at the moment just behind Dwight Howard and ahead of Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin -- and a new round of calls that this man deserves to head to Orlando with those certain All-Stars." "Of course it's a big honor to make the game. But if I get that whole week off, I'm not going to be mad, because my body has been going through the fire. I always play a lot of minutes, and this season even more. If I got that time off I wouldn't even be mad." ------------------------------ As ThisizKiki noted in the FanShots, the Blazers have launched their Aldridge All-Star campaign by sending out custom-made Beats by Dre headphones to Western Conference coaches and select national media members. Interestingly, Fran Blinebury of suggests that Blazers center Marcus Camby deserves some All-Star consideration too. ------------------------------ At 37 years old in his 16th NBA season, Marcus Camby has never gotten the All-Star recognition he deserves because he simply doesn’t score enough points. For all that LaMarcus Aldridge has done for the Trail Blazers this season, Camby is the old man at his back getting rebounds and blocking shots. ------------------------------ ed: text updated, bumped to front page

Arturo Galleti's Stats Rate the Blazers as 2nd in the League


And this is with Oden and Pryzbilla projected at under 1700 minutes combined. Go take a look!

A Real Interview With Fake Rudy Fernandez


Fake Rudy Fernandez of El Blog Ilusorio de Rudy is interviewed by Bust a Bucket. Money quote: "...I’ve experimented with two things this summer: Frosted tips and notoriety!"

Can He Bounce Back? Devin Harris


NBA Playbook's Sebastian Pruiti looks at Devin Harris of the Nets. In effect it's a scouting report on Harris, with some weight behind it as Pruiti also operates a Nets blog for Truehoop. I found his criticisms of Harris somewhat telling in regards to his potential fit here in Portland: "On these plays Harris is really just launching his body into the paint, hoping for contact, and when he doesn’t get it he just flings the ball at the rim." "He’s quick, long, and has good foot speed, but he is just lazy in his technique. Instead of using his feet to beat offensive players, he reaches and goes in for steals way too much, this gets him caught flat-footed and is what gets him beat by slower points:" "In addition, the way the Nets’ seem to be building their roster focusing on an athletic team who can run. That would be great news for Devin, because he thrives in transition:" Anyway, go check out the video evidence and full article, if you're at all interested in one of the most mentioned PG trade targets.

Five Players, Eight Positions


Interesting article, college-focused, on how players who don't slot into traditional 1-5 positions are often undervalued. I feel it's relevant for Blazers fans because at least to some extent, Bayless is a D1-Scorer while Roy is a D2-Creator/Handler. This article also really demonstrates how on defense you have to fit roles because most other teams will fit those roles, but on offense you can switch things up because you have the initiative and are attacking.


Geeking out over stats, from KP2

So this is just something that was exciting for me, as a stat geek...

A bunch of 2008 Olympians aren't playing in the World Championships


This makes me think maybe LMA has a chance to make the team...he was one of the 31 that they looked at last summer, correct?


Idea: Non-player Personnel Scout

So I had this crazy idea for a new role in the Blazers organization that appears very relevant given the GM and assistant GM openings...

Wolves plan to meet with Rudy Gay


I just had to link this so we can all laugh at David Kahn some more. Seriously, the guy can't work on more than one position a year, apparently. This year it's SFs: Martell, Wes Johnson, and now Rudy Gay?! This would suck for Martell if it happened, in my opinion. I hope it doesn't. UPDATE: Grizz are overpaying Rudy Gay to the tune of $80 mil over 5 years. Grosssss. Yay for Martell though.

Take a look at Martell's home/away splits


I was looking through Martell's stats for this year. Obviously the starter/bench roles show a big disparity in playing time and FG%. Well, I noticed something even more drastic: Martell shoots around 45% at home and 34% on the road. Games played and started, minutes, FGA, and rebounds are all fairly consistent, but his FG% drops like an anvil on a certain coyote away from the Rose Garden. Thoughts? Somebody tell Nate?


An idea for the new CBA (Percentage-based compensation)

In thinking about the LMA contract extension negotiations, an idea for the new CBA solidified in my mind. I know this could probably go in Dave's post of a week or so ago, but I'm afraid no one...

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