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UCLA 1996-2003 chem kicked my ç§. repeatedly.

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  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
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"Cheat" Carroll added to $¢'s Hall of Fame...


Apparently instead of distancing themselves from the leader of the $anctioned ¢heaters they fully embrace him back into the family...

Hello Kiffy opens his mouth... again...


And this time he says his 'Bama tailbacks are more talented than those on every NFL roster... It might just be me, but I'd probably take Beast Mode and Derrick Coleman over TJ Yeldon and those other 2 guys...



The Brother in Law of the United States has been relieved of his duties. Unfortunately, we will all now be deprived of keeping track of Presidential references during our basketball games. Well, all of us except Fox who never listens anyway. PS I highly recommend Steve Alford as a possible replacement. (Sorry Scotty...)

More tinkering with our uniforms courtesy of adidas....


Certainly not as bad as the "Zubaz" uniforms, but looks like we'll have sleeves come tournament play. (If any of you are brave/stupid/bored enough to watch...)


Interesting development for 'Bama and $¢...

Scout just broke this story: 2015 QB Ricky Town flips from 'Bama to $¢. Apparently this kid grew up a fan of theirs, even though he seemed pretty solid to 'Bama. At the time, the signal caller...

Hello Kiffin back to work...


Saban preparing for life after Nussmeier? Or did he lose some sort of bet? Like a bad penny, Lane apparently always turns up...


SBNation Mothership not a fan…

Updated Bowl Projections Courtesy of Jason Kirk… Boise State vs UCLA in Las Vegas Bowl. Yes, the Las Vegas Bowl… As the 5th place Pac-12 team. First, UCLA's slotting. I'm not happy with it,...

ND losing their QB?


Breaking news on BSPN following the Spurs game... Everett Golson no longer enrolled at Notre Dame. No details given, this link cites 2 sources claiming residential life violation...

$¢'s Barkley regrets not being a leader...


Not exactly a ringing endorsement of his head coach...


A real Athletic Department taking care of students...

I stopped watching football around 5:00 tonight, thinking the Orange Bowl was going to get out of hand, and from the look of things in the open thread, a lot of us may have had the same idea. The...


Michigan AD taking care of business...

A 5 year old in Oklahoma wore a U of M t-shirt to school one day, which violated the school's dress code policy. He was required to wear the shirt inside-out for the remainder of the day. Somehow...


let's not get carried away... asu feelings

N asked me to fanpost this comment so here goes:  a lot of us here are feeling good that we beat asu today. some of us are even saying asu was a good team and today's win was a good win for us. at...

Chris Kluwe's whiteboard back at it...


this time regarding faked injury... http://lockerz.com/s/140947305

UCLA pitcher to be drafted #1...?


interesting to read the pirates are considering cole as #1... i was thinking bauer. but what do i know?

Congrats to RW - interesting NBA company


"Westbrook added 13 points and 11 assists, becoming the fifth player in NBA history to reach 4,000 points, 1,500 assists and 1,000 rebounds during his first three years in the league. The others are Chris Paul, LeBron James, Anfernee Hardaway and Oscar Robertson." --CBS

more trogans in jail...


tWWL is reporting that mitch mustain arrested on drug charges... and can't pay his $30,000 bail to get out...

Wilbon debating with LeBatard - LeBron James most disliked person in sports? LeBatard says yes,...


Wilbon debating with LeBatard - LeBron James most disliked person in sports? LeBatard says yes, Wilbon says no... 1) Nick Saban 2) Floyd Mayweather 3) Terrell Owens Then Wilbon says something to the effect of, "Wait I forgot one - Lane Kiffin at the very top of the list." (It was actually on Sportscenter, which I do not have tivo'd... and tWWL hasn't uploaded today's pti stuff to their website yet. if anyone has the video, or the actual quote - feel free to replace this)

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