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Omaha born and raised, die-hard Husker and Bluejay fan. Unfortunate KC sports fan. Grad student. Sports blogger. All-around strange fellow.

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Chris Brooks could be Colts' 3rd WR today


Did anyone expect this? I mean ever, let alone in his rookie season. I hope Chris can make the most of this opportunity

Nebraska's Recent Top 5 Picks

  1. Trev Alberts, No. 5, Indianapolis Colts, 1994
  2. Bruce Pickens, No. 3, Atlanta Falcons, 1991
  3. Mike Croel, No. 4, Denver Broncos, 1991
  4. Neil Smith, No. 2, Kansas City Chiefs, 1988
  5. Irving Fryar, No. 1, New England Patriots, 1984

Hornets at Suns Musings - Fire Byron Scott


Hi y'all. Lapsed Hornets admirer here (bring back the 90s uniforms and we'll talk). I wrote a post this morning about how disappointed I was with the Hornets last night, and I suggested that canning Scott would be a great way to start turning things around. Well, what do you know! Thought you guys might enjoy reading it.

Packers bring back Ahman Green


Green is expected to practice with the Packers and, possibly be available to back up Ryan Grant in Sunday’s game against Cleveland.

The Case Against Awards - Or, Don't Worry If Suh Doesn't Win


This is a short, fun article that I found apropos to our Heisman situation here. There's a decent chance we're going to end up feeling like Suh got jobbed - the odds are against him simply because no lineman has ever won. And we all know the best player often doesn't win, either. Yeah, this can also apply to Tommie- er, Eddie George's Heisman. Bottom line, we should thank our lucky stars that we get to watch Ndamukong Suh play every week.

Curtis Carter, WR, Stonewall, LA


Curtis will be in Lincoln for the game this weekend. It should be a great atmosphere for him. I heard an interview with Carter on the Huskers Illustrated radio show, and I was very impressed with his attitude. He sounded intelligent and he seems to be taking it nice and easy with the recruiting process. He's described as wide open, but he was impressed with Nebraska, and he was willing to go out of state. Offers from LSU, Alabama, TCU, Mississippi St., many others. He's a burner, and he's a small guy (5'10" 160), but can he learn to run routes at an elite level and catch what comes his way? Nebraska is in need of a complete receiver. What do you guys know about Carter?


Husker Heroes: Missouri Monsoon Edition

Ndamukong Suh - Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuhperman! It's time to talk about this guy as one of the best defensive lineman in Nebraska history, and he's approaching Rich Glover territory at the nose (yeah, he's...


Pick your AL horse for the playoffs

It's come time to choose a temporary rooting interest for this year's playoffs. As Royals fans, we've had longer to think about this than most. The following are my personal slants, but in some...


Husker Opponent Review: Hokie Hoedown

Recaps The big news this week was Virginia Tech (3-1) handling Miami (FL) easily on a wet day in Blacksburg, 31-7. The Canes came in with the reputation as the hottest team in the country, and...

Ptichers with ERA+ over 200 and 15 or fewer wins


Guess what? There are three in the modern era, and none of them won the Cy Young (or an equivalent "best pitcher" award), including Pedro and Clemens. Cause for concern, or just a fluke? Greg Maddux won in 1994 with only 16 wins, but his ERA+ was 271 that year.

World-Herald has Dayton quotes


The move was criticized by some as the Royals’ way of delaying Gordon’s timetable to become a free agent, but Kansas City General Manager Dayton Moore dismissed that notion. "That’s so much bunk," he said in a telephone interview. "I don’t even think like that." Moore said the Royals needed to add a pitcher to the roster, which meant sending either Gordon or center fielder Mitch Maier to Omaha. Maier is batting .247 in 85 games while Gordon was batting .198 in 29 games. "It wouldn’t have been fair to Mitch to send him down," Moore said. "He’s outplaying Alex right now, so my only thought was to try and get Alex back on track."

Dayton Moore?


The thought of a true international draft has been bandied about for years, but there have been too many hurdles to overcome. One of the main issues involves legality, but both the NBA and NHL have overcome those issues, so baseball certainly could as well. In the past, there were concerns with the imbalance in scouting resources leading to an unfair advantage for teams with more resources, but one small-market club's general manager said even he doesn't believe that's the case anymore, adding, "Look, the days of finding Andruw Jones in Curaçao for $40,000... that just doesn't happen anymore."

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