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Trade Mo Williams for Beno Udrih (seriously)

Beno is cheaper, and yes, slower. He doesn't create off the dribble to make space for his own shot as well as Mo. But he passes the ball well, will hit the open three, and has the ability to create...


More trades to come (depth chart)?

Serious questions abound when it comes to the Blazers roster.


No Closers?

This year Portland is 2-10 in games decided by 5 points or less. In fact, I was amazed when they won the Warriors game, I was so used to them losing close ones this year. What's the cause of this...

Adam Morrison out of the NBA


Just like many of us said he would be by this time. Actually, I didn't think he'd make it this long and said so back in 2006. So let's raise a glass to the dearly departed Kevin Pritchard, who ignored the "Draft the 'Stache" fanboys and got us both Aldridge and three-time All-Star Brandon Roy instead,


A Few Quick Thoughts on the Playoffs

It occurred to me today that there's an excellent chance that regardless of how far they get, the Blazers will never have to face a team against whom they had a losing regular season record.  The...


Grading the draft from the draftee's perspective

There are going to be a lot of draft grades given out by professional sports writers in the next 48 hours.  I don't expect that KP and the Blazers are going to be on the honor roll this year, but...

BlazersEdge mocking the draft today 6/23 Hey Wolves fans, the SBNation Blazers site is mocking the...


BlazersEdge mocking the draft today 6/23 Hey Wolves fans, the SBNation Blazers site is mocking the draft today and your humble servant got to channel Kahn and represent your interests. You can see what I did in your name over at


Upgrading at the point guard position

I don't think our small forward issues are serious, since we're still not sure what we have with Martell coming back from injury, Batum clearly being a promising prospect, and with Outlaw capable...


Things to consider heading into game 3 tomorrow

Advantages for Portland Outlaw hasn't played well yet. Outlaw has struggled with consistency his whole career, and is a streaky offensive player who gets most of his points via jumpers. He's...


Why I like the Trailblazers to beat the Rockets

Admittedly, I'm a Blazers fan, but I'm going to try and fight through my bias here without pulling a Jason Quick. So, let's look at the two teams...


Perspective on the season to date

I made (what I thought was) an interesting observation today based on the information at 82games - the Blazers are the only team in the NBA with positive "by position" production from all five...


Sportswriters, GMs, and Fans

Clearly, not every team's general manager is a good judge of talent.  Some are good at spotting talent, but terrible at putting together a cohesive team.  At the same time, in some ways, being an...


Seriously, who got better?

There's another prediction thread over on O-Live today, in which people are making their cases, as we have here countless times, about whether the Blazers will have 42 wins or 56 wins or 82 wins. ...


Salary Cap Holds (with poll)

This comes up occasionally in salary cap discussions, but in order for the Blazers to have the flexibility to do much of anything next summer, they need to resolve the cap hold issue for their...


Reviewed: Gunning for That #1 Spot

It was hot today in Portland, so it was a good day to spend some time in an air conditioned theater.  So I saw the newly released film, Gunning for That #1 Spot, a movie about eight high school...


Random Thoughts

As we know, Pritchard likes to talk about "his guys."  He says the team does its homework, makes its decisions, and based on that they have one, maybe two players up at the top of the board the...


Rating the Draft

The trick to the NBA Draft is that it's very difficult to say how strong they really are until years later.  We all think the 1984 draft was one of the strongest of all time.  Many people think the...


Trade Machine Insanity

This is the time of year there are a lot of trade scenarios floated on the net, many of which involve teams trading their 10th or 11th player and a middling pick for another team's second or third...


What about Darius?

Not with the team, right. He's been relieved of all duties to the team. He's not expected to practice, etc.But, what were the results from the tests in NY? Are the Blazers going to be able to take...


Is it the off-season yet?

I'm kidding of course, there's a lot of good basketball left to be played this season. It's not clear how much of it going to be by the Blazers, of course, but hopefully they'll be able to use this...


Seems a shame

I was hoping that the Blazers would play some meaningful games in March and April this year, but it's not to be. Well, they won't be meaningful for the Blazers, anyway - there are a lot of western...


No Playoffs This Year

We had a good run, but though Hollinger's playoff odds has the Blazers at 35% to make the playoffs this year, that may be a bit optimistic.No one can predict the future, of course, and past...


Grading the Season Thus Far

It's nearly a quarter of the way through the season.What are your grades for the Blazers?Greg Oden: INCThe season's biggest disappointment.Darius Miles: FLike Oden, he's injured.  So why the "F"?...


Greg Oden's Rookie Year

If there's one thing to be said about Greg Oden, it's that his reputation precedes him into the NBA.  Much of the reason he may not have Shaq-like numbers in his rookie season is that he's going to...


Marty Burns, and Smart Money

You might have read the recent Marty Burns article at that picked the Blazers to finish 13th in the western conference.  As (ostensibly, since you're here) a Blazers fan, this might have...


Travis Outlaw

It's my understanding in order to match any offers Travis gets in the coming weeks, the Blazers have to make a qualifying offer to him before July 1.I haven't read anywhere that they've done so,...

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