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Whoa - Cuban bid 1.3B for the Cubs!?!?!


Maybe this'll make Cub Tracks tomorrow but lost in all of today's TGwynn memories and the usual meltdowns, is this article by Wittenmyer about MLB's anti-trust exemption. Most of it is same old, same old, but there was this nugget about Cuban having submitted a bid of 1.3B for the Cubs. I don't recall hearing that before. I figured he dropped out of bidding because he wasn't going to get sucked up into Zell's terms. But if he really went that high, and MLB still told him to take a hike...


The Cubs are so bad... (How bad are they?)

With the regular season about to start, and the Cubs looking at (most likely) another not-so-good W-L record (at best, .500; at worst 100+ L), I thought we could all use a laugh. No, I'm not...


OT: All-Purpose NCAA Tourney Thread

Had enough of the March Madness that passes for a Cubs starting lineup these days in Spring Training games? Well, have another (make mine a double), pull up a keyboard and let's talk about the...


Wrigley Field Restoration Update from the Cubs

Just got an e-mail from the Cubs with an update on their restoration efforts. In short, not much (if anything) new here that hasn't already been discussed elsewhere. But it does include an...

Mariners Dysfunctional Front Office?


Whoaaaaa... this is one helluva read. Probably not fair to say it's the "rest of the story", but it's definitely more of the story. More of the story as to why Eric Wedge left. More of the story as to why Mariners were so desperate to sign Cano. And I'm sure there will be more to come...


Scott Boras: "Waah! Waaaah! Waaaaah!"

Headline from article: (linky) Scott Boras rips Mets, Cubs, Astros "Waah! Waaaah! Waaaaaah!" "The Mets are like NASA," Boras said. "They have big rockets, a lot of platforms...

A Browns Fan's Last Request


Different city, different sport, but I'm guessing most Cub fans can identify with Scott Entsminger's last request.

Tribune to Buy 19 TV Stations Amid Groundswell of Consolidation


From NY Times... The Tribune Company agreed on Monday to buy 19 local television stations for about $2.7 billion, becoming one of the nation's biggest commercial TV station owners.

Dodgers, D-Backs suspensions announced


At first glance, the penalties issued seem almost appropriate. It's like someone sat down and actually put some thought into this. Bud must be on vacation...

UC Berkeley scientists pinpoint how brain tracks fast-moving baseball pitches and tennis serves


For those of you wondering how a batter's brain could possibly track and react to a 100mph fastball, the answer is... it can't. But it does do a great job of projecting - at least for that first 60 feet... :-)

OT: Rahm to announce $300M DePaul stadium plan for McCormick Place


Normally, probably not worth mentioning it here except for this little nugget: "...a proposal that will call on $100 million in taxpayer dollars". Not sure if this helps or hurts Ricketts and Cubs efforts at moving forward with Wrigley rehab plans as quickly as possible. Just think it's interesting that Rahm's able to find $100M in taxpayer money...

Cubs, City Hall make a deal on Wrigley Rehab


"The Cubs will renovate Wrigley Field and develop the land around it, under a "framework" unveiled Sunday that includes a 5,000-square-foot video scoreboard in left field; an 800-square-foot see-through sign in right field; 40 night games; street fairs on weekend game days, and signage all over a new hotel and open-air plaza."


Wrigley Field Community Meeting - Tuesday night 3/26, 6:30pm

Below is the official announcement for this annual 'event'. I've been to the last few of these (as has BCB photog extraordinaire David Sameshima) and have found them to alternate between boring,...

Marketing Makeover at Wrigley? Hayward resigns.


Tweet from ESPN's Bruce Levine Cub Vice president or Sales and Marketing Wally Hayward resigns to form new firm with the Ricketts family.

Cubs hold tryout today at Wrigley Field for bullpen hopefuls. I'm grabbing my glove and heading...


Cubs hold tryout today at Wrigley Field for bullpen hopefuls. I'm grabbing my glove and heading over...

The mind just races with the possibilities the next time a certain Cubs pitcher takes the mound at...


The mind just races with the possibilities the next time a certain Cubs pitcher takes the mound at Wrigley. The trick, it would seem, is to stay within 40 ft yet remain innocuous...

Wrigley Field to undergo "Fenway" makeover?


Saw a bunch of camera crews at Wrigley this morning, then heard on news that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is officially proposing a 'Fenway Plan' to help grease the skids towards the long-discussed changes to Wrigley Field. Link is to Sun-Times article.


OT - March Madness (and I'm not talking about Marmol's ERA...)

Well, the NCAA tournament is upon us. It starts with the play-in games tonight, and then the Big Dance kicks off on Thursday. Given the expected dominance by the Big 10's Wisconsin, Michigan...


2012 Wrigley Field Community Mtg - Feb 27, 6:30pm

If you're not doing anything tomorrow night (Monday, Feb 27th), come on over to the 2012 Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field Annual Advisory Community Meeting Agenda at the 23rd District Police Station, 850...

The Rickettsification of Wrigleyville has begun!

The Rickettsification of Wrigleyville has begun!

OT: Ryan Theriot - the gift that keeps on giving...


I try not to be that "pile on" guy. Really. But this was too good to pass up. This could be off the charts on the unintentional comedy scale. From John Fay, Reds beat writer: –The Reds have had conversations with Ryan Theriot’s representatives. But nothing is close. "We’re trying to get a hitter first," Jocketty said.

Oh my god - they stole Ernie! Bastards...


Oh my god - they stole Ernie!  Bastards...

Hockey, football, concerts... now snowmobiles???


Yep. Apparently there will be snowmobiling at Wrigley Field. Extreme snowmobiling. Flips, grabs and big-air tricks. Oh my... Red Bull Fuel + Fury. This Saturday, Nov 5. 6pm. Parking lot at Clark & Waveland (where the ice skating rink usually is).


Last Out to First Pitch – The 2011-12 Offseason IT'S HAPPENING!!!??? Contest

What a sports night, eh?  Looks to be another exciting World Series game, the Blackhawks are on WGN, Ohio State did not lose today, I'm getting a good look at next year’s #1 NFL pick on ABC, and...


And The Winner Is... (The 2010-11 Offseason IT'S HAPPENING!!!??? Contest)

File this under "Better Late Than Never".  Yep, I'm finally getting around to posting the results to the Last Out to First Pitch – The 2010-11 Offseason IT'S HAPPENING!!!??? Contest. What took me...


2011 Annual Cubs Meeting - March 3

No, the Cubs did not IPO while you weren't looking and this is not a stockholder's meeting.  Got the following from the Alderman's office - apparently as part of the original night games deal, the...


Wrigley Field Walkaround - 2/16/11 (Updated: now with photos)

(Update 2/19/11:  Sun came out today so I went back and took some pictures and inserted them in appropriate spots below, adding explanatory text where needed.) Took advantage of the warmer...

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