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Roster-Gate Redux - Rays do Cubs one better


According to their team website (link in title above), the Tampa Rays currently have 42 players on their "40" man roster. 42! The Cubs only had 41 for all those weeks. How in the world are the Rays getting away with 42? Oh the horror! The pain! The tragedy! Given the locale, I can only imagine that somehow Sweet Lou is behind this. From the comfort of his fishing boat, again he reaches out and taunts our very own Doggie...

AGonz trade aftermath - Padres Top 10 Prospects (BA)


For those still silently gnashing their teeth about not being able to pull off the AGonz trade... here's more food for fodder. ;-) Could we have given the Padres a package that would end up being their #1, #2 and #4 prospects? Because that's how it ended up with what they got from the Red Sox, at least according to Baseball America. Thanks to MLBTradeRumors for the initial heads up: "Three of the top four Padres prospects on Baseball America's top ten list arrived in the San Diego organization in the Adrian Gonzalez trade. Casey Kelly (1), Anthony Rizzo (2) and Reymond Fuentes (4) figure prominently into the list of promising young Padres."

How to build a bullpen NY Yankees-style


After signing a $15M/yr closer, sign a $11.5M/yr set-up guy.


Last Out to First Pitch – The 2010-11 Offseason IT'S HAPPENING!!!??? Contest

It's back!  The most AMAZING!!??!!?!! contest ever... posted on BCB... on a Thursday afternoon... before a World Series Game 2... by a left-handed Bulgarian...

Texas Rangers to receive $3 billion in new 20-year TV deal (USAToday)


Here's the money (no pun intended) paragraph (my bold): "It is the highest TV package for a team that doesn't own its own channel. And yes, that's $150 million a year before even playing a game, plenty enough to re-sign ace Cliff Lee, bring in free-agent outfielder Carl Crawford, or whoever else they wish." Given the current state of the economy, the magnitude of this deal surprises me, but maybe the length (20 yrs) makes it an attractive gamble for Fox Sports Southwest. Regardless, this just reinforces in my mind the need for Ricketts to have the Cubs network in place as soon as current local tv contracts expire - or even sooner if there's a way to get out of those deals.


OT: Dave Matthews Band at Wrigley Field - Concert Thread(s)

♬ ♪ So much to say, so much to say, so much to say....  ♫ ♬ I figured it be easier to say it all in one fanpost rather than spread it through previews, game threads, and recaps the next...


And The Winner Is... (The 2009-10 Offseason IT'S HAPPENING!!!??? Contest)

Remember this FanPost?  UPDATE: The 2009-10 Offseason IT'S HAPPENING!!!??? Contest, the first line of which was... "Remember this FanPost?  Last Out to First Pitch – The 2009-10 Offseason IT'S...

OT: "Ballhawks" movie encore showing Thursday, 9/16


Title link above takes you to official trailer for documentary. Saw this for the first time over the weekend (missed the Chicago premiere earlier this summer) and have to say two things: 1) Camera does not add 10 pounds - it's more like 20, and... 2) Hate the sound of my own voice... chalkboard city! ugh... Aside from that, I thought it was pretty good. So did enough other folks that it's getting an encore showing on "Awards Night" of the United Film Festival this Thursday, 9/16, at the Music Box theatre, just a few blocks west of Wrigley Field. Showtime is at 9:30pm. I know that's kinda late for a school night, but it's only 74m long. Plus there will be a little Q&A session afterwards if you want to find out if ballhawks really would knock over their grandmothers to get a ball... If nothing else, at least you get a chance to see what Wrigley Field looked like before the bleacher expansion - lots of action footage from both inside and outside the park. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online here or at the Music Box theatre box office. And finally, here's something that will probably be in the "outtakes" section of the DVD when it comes out.


Operation "Carry Harry" is underway...

About a week ago, the Cubs announced the Harry Caray statue, currently located outside of Gate D (Addison & Sheffield), would be relocated to outside the bleacher entrance (Waveland & Sheffield),...


Kids Say The Darndest Things (Alternative 7/2/10 Game Recap)

After further review...  Ok, even though I still think Macbeth's words fit today's game perfectly (especially the "dusty death" part),  I realize that relying on Shakespeare was kinda lame,...

Cubs object to rooftop bars' game-day sales


Things are starting to get interesting... From the article: Cubs President Crane Kenney sent a letter last week to rooftop operators last week reminding them that game day sales violate a City of Chicago ordinance governing the rooftop businesses. The letter was obtained by the Chicago Tribune. Kenney also said in the letter that it has come to the team's attention that rooftop seats are being sold by ticket brokers and other third parties, another code violation. Only businesses with special club licenses granted by the City of Chicago are allowed to sell admission to their rooftops. That third party reference - I'm wondering if that's Groupon?


One Helluva Sports Weekend for Chicago Fans (Warning: Shameless Movie Plug Included)

Man, what a weekend we’ve got coming up for Chicago sports fans.  First and perhaps foremost, Cubs obviously have a big series with the ahem, 2nd place Cardinals coming to town. Too early to call...


OT: NCAA Conference Tourney Game(s) Thread

Okay, in the Big Ten, we got Ohio State - Michigan tipping off in just a few minutes - as soon as I'm done with this, I'll get over to and fire up that game.  Yes, I have a rooting...


Wrigley Walkabout - 03/05/10

Took advantage of the nice weather in Chicago yesterday to do another Wrigley Walkabout - any excuse to get a Big Gulp...  Had the camera with me this time so I was able to take some pictures. C...


UPDATE: The 2009-10 Offseason IT'S HAPPENING!!!??? Contest

Remember this FanPost?  Last Out to First Pitch – The 2009-10 Offseason IT'S HAPPENING!!!??? Contest Well, 8 out of the original 15 possible events listed have been resolved one way or the other,...

Ever wonder what Ballhawks do in the winter?


76 days till the home opener but the Ballhawks are ready! I've been fortunate to be involved in a documentary about the Wrigley Field ballhawks, titled appropriately enough, Ballhawks. Filming took place a few years ago, before the bleacher expansion. Editing, promoting and getting MLB approval has taken up most of the time since then. The film's in the can now and it's being shopped around but no guarantee it will ever see the silver screen. Still, it's made it as far as getting an entry in IMDB and has been submitted to several film festivals, among them SXSW, Sundance and Tribeca. And with Bill Murray doing the narration, it's got some star power, so who knows... Anyway, the title link above (and here) should take you to a somewhat humorous trailer for the movie. Thankfully, we got it done in one take...

This is why we hate dislike don't care about are amused by the media. Same player, same news...


This is why we hate dislike don't care about are amused by the media. Same player, same news conference, same quotes... two completely different headlines. Pujols is open to idea of entering free agency (STL Post-Dispatch) Pujols ready to talk contract, hopes to finish career in St. Louis (StL Globe-Democrat)


Something to do while waiting for the next chapter of the Milton Bradley saga...

As we sit around waiting for Milton Bradley to be dealt (or not), it's obvious some of us are anguishing, some of us are seething, some of us are laughing, some of us are drinking... well, you get...

This ought to end any MB for Wells talk...


...but I know it won't. ;-) ESPN's Jerry Crasnick polled 20 ML GM types, asking them eight questions about current hot-topics in baseball. The whole article is a pretty good read, but Question #8 ought to get your attention. 8. Which player is more difficult to trade -- Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley, because of his reputation and other baggage, or Blue Jays outfielder Vernon Wells, because of his contract? And the responses REALLY ought to get your attention...


OT: Big-Ten, Vista-Demolition, Bad-News-Bears, Anything-Goes-on-a-Weekend Game Thread

  "Take this thread to Cuba!" Greetings all!  I figure rather than hijack the latest main thread (especially since it's already at 400+ comments) for some Big Ten smackdown on this fine Saturday,...


Last Out to First Pitch – The 2009-10 Offseason IT'S HAPPENING!!!??? Contest

Listed at the bottom of this fanpost are 15 events that may (or may not) occur this offseason.  Your challenge is to arrange them in order of likelihood of happening, most to least.  Similar to...

Manny Acta named new Indians' skipper.


Don't know much about the guy so I'm kinda in a wait-and-see mode. Given the current makeup of the Indians roster and its immediate future, Acta's probably a better choice than recycling the likes of Valentine or Hargrove. But I was really hoping that Mattingly would get a chance. Never liked him as a player but certainly respected him. Everything I've heard and read about him as a coach makes me respect him more and I'm starting to like the guy. Be interesting to see where he ends up someday.

Arizona tribe pitches Cubs for spring training


Nothing that we haven't already heard - Cubs want new facility, Mesa wants to keep Cubs, local Indian tribe is interested - except this time, I finally see a $ figure on what the Cubs mean to Arizona. "A study commissioned by Mesa showed the state would lose $52 million a year if the Cubs left Mesa."

OT: Favre has now beaten everybody!


"With the Vikings’ win over the Packers, Brett Favre became the first player in N.F.L. history to beat all 32 teams in his career." This little factoid reminds me of a similar bit of trivia in baseball which I'll get to in the comments.

Indians trade Betancourt to Rockies


The wigwam cleaning continues with the Tribe dealing RHP Rafael Betancourt to the Rockies for RHP Connor Graham (Class A-Modesto). Thought there was some talk here about kicking the bullpen tires on Betancourt - guess Jimbo can cross him off the list. Next!


OT: Wrigley Field Concert Thread: Post all your Elton, Billy & Rascal reviews, requests and ruminations here

Finally - we have baseball again.  Might even be good baseball.  But while the Cubs are on this road trip, there is a 3 concert homestand at Wrigley Field.  Sir Elton John and Billy Joel kick it...

Virtual ballhawking at Wrigley Field via Twitter


* * * shameless self-promotion disclaimer * * * If you'd like to augment your virtual game day experience, feel free to "ballhawk" with me via Twitter as I provide a semi-running commentary of the game from the streets of Waveland and sometimes Sheffield. My twitter ID is "Ballhawk_Ken" and the above link should take you to my twitter page. Southeast winds tomorrow and a lot warmer so maybe there'll actually be some street homer activity to report. If not, I'll try to keep you amused with the daily trials and tribulations from "As The Waveland Turns"...

Bud Light, Cap'n Morgan, Smirnoff - maybe Cubs fans ARE a bunch of drunkards...


Kinda surprised this hasn't been posted yet - did a BCB search but didn't find anything. Anyway, Wrigley Field should be in high "spirits" this year with the latest corporate sponsorships - the Cap'n Morgan beer garden and the Smirnoff upper deck patio. I can only imagine the pride Joe Morgan will feel, thinking he has been feted by the Cubs as their latest captain instead of that other second-baseman. Not sure what the Commissioner or Yakov is thinking...

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