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Interesting Q&A with author of "As They See 'Em", behind-the-scenes look at umpiring.


Link takes you to the Tribune's Eric Zorn's blog (Change of Subject) where he has posted a very interesting Q&A exchange with NY Times reporter Bruce Weber, who has written a behind-the-scenes look at umpiring. Weber actually went through umpiring school and spent considerable time with umpires at all levels. Fascinating stuff. My favorite part was reading about the "professional method" for arguing with Earl Weaver and Billy Martin. Something to watch for next time Mt. Lou erupts...

Twins no longer pursuing Cruz


According to this article, their latest offer to Cruz was unacceptable, which means they never even got a chance to talk "sign and trade" specifics with Arizona. Which means Cruz is still available if the Cubs can come up with an acceptable offer to both Cruz and Arizona. More likely though is the Twins still needing bullpen help. Maybe Vizcaino for one of their backup infielder types? Paging DGU...

Ventura calls for Selig's indictment (Fox Sports)


The three ring circus continues... Ex-governor (and ex-pro wrestler) Jesse "The Body" Ventura wants Selig to be indicted just like Vince McMahon (CEO of WWE) was in 1993. Ignoring the absurdity factor for a moment - not to mention the irony - at first blush, his reasoning makes a lot of sense. Hang on kids, the fun is just beginning!!!

Selig considers suspension of ARod (USA Today)


Oh, this is rich. USA Today says Bud is considering suspending ARod over his recent admission of using PEDs. Later in same article he says he's also considering reinstating Henry Aaron as the home run king, due to Bonds' ongoing troubles. Finally, to complete the trifecta of idiocy... Selig says "This is breaking my heart, I don't mind telling you that." Hey Bud, here's a thought - suspend yourself!

"Hall of Fame Unemployment Line?" (NYT article)


NYTimes baseball writer Jack Curry's take on why all these potential HoFers (Pudge, Junior, Thomas, Pedro, etc.) are still unsigned.

Depression Deja Vu all over again? (NYTimes article)


Interesting article in today's NY Times about baseball in the '30s during Great Depression. Several mentions of the Cubs. Cool pictures too. Loved this part: "Despite the need for new sources of revenue, many of baseball’s hidebound owners continued to resist allowing live radio broadcasts of their games, fearing fewer fans would attend in person. This attitude persisted even though radio had helped generate interest in, as well as money for, minor league teams." Now we know where Dollar Bill Wirtz got his ownership acumen from... ;-)

Happy Holidays from Kerry Wood


Try to ignore the hat, unless you're also an Indians fan like me. Dear Santa, please bring me Kerry facing down ARam in Game 7 next year. At least half of me will be happy...

Baseball Hall of Fame Needs to Change 5 Percent Rule (NYT article)


Interesting perspective on HoF voting. The Grich vs Carew argument in particular is thought provoking...


BCB Emotional Evolution - From Omega to Alpha

Didn't take long.  Within minutes of the last out of the Cubs 2008 season, the first fanpost came.  And in the days that followed, a deluge of emotional outpouring came forth.  Whenever I came into...

Wrigley Field - "under the weather"


Wrigley Field - "under the weather"

Sirens at Wrigley

Sirens at Wrigley

Tribune makes first cuts in bidding process for Cubs, Wrigley

Just got wind of this via Tribune news alert... Tribune Co. informed would-be buyers of the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field today whether they would be invited to continue in the auction based on...

Storm Clouds Over Wrigley...


Storm Clouds Over Wrigley...


Open Thread: Red Sox vs. A's, Tuesday 3/25, 5:0freakin5 AM CT

TOKYO, Japan -  Attention all you graveyard shifters, senior citizens, up-and-at-em workout freaks, and just plain old-fashioned insomniacs...  The 2008 Major League Baseball season is about to...


Operation Home Run: Help Me Help Our Troops

As many of you know, I hang out on Waveland (and sometimes Sheffield) waiting to catch home run balls hit out of Wrigley, mostly from batting practice, but quite a few gamers too.  I've been doing...


One Last Look Back - It Was All My Fault

And maybe yours too?As we sit back and reflect on the year past, think about what could've been, what should've been, and what never was, I suppose it's human nature to want to play the blame game....


At last - tonight's the night we've all been waiting for...

Finally - FrankTV is here!  Yes, the long and eagerly awaited television debut of FrankTV takes place this evening on TBS at 11pm Eastern/10pm Central.What?  You don't know what or who FrankTV...


Wrigley Field - The Calm Before The Swarm...

Just a few thoughts as I take a walk around around Wrigley Field before the start of the 2007 NLDS playoff series against Arizona.

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