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The magic fourth seed: why playing in the AFC North is good

Here's something weird to think about: since the current seeding system was introduced (in 1999), fourth seeds are, after our glorious win last night, 7-1 (.875) in conference championship games....


Rethinking the depth chart

It's been a crazy year for the Ravens' depth chart. Studs like Webb and Lewis got injured, while studs like Suggs magically reappeared (although might be injured again now). Imagine a Week 17...


Projecting the rest of the season: over/under picks

The bye week wasn't very good to the Ravens, with Pittsburgh closing the gap in the division and New England continuing to make a statement about the conference. But it was better for giving an...


Ask a Ravens fan

Hello BRB! A few of you have come by Baltimore Beatdown to let us ask you some questions, but I see that none of us have returned the favor. Well, I've got a couple hours free, so fire away. This...


IR, PUP, and Other Roster Stuff

Seems like injuries are the big topic of conversation this week, and I figured I'd try to put everything in one place to help sort things out (we've got about 5 threads talking about different...


Cam's Report Card: Week 4

Here are my thoughts on the performance by the most hated man on the Ravens squad, Cam Cameron, during the 23-16 win over the Browns. I give a drive-by-drive analysis of what he called, then some...


S#!% that Cam says

Defending his play calling last Sunday: Cameron remains convinced it was the proper strategy, albeit not the best execution. He emphasized that the last sequence was longer than the 4th-and-1 ...


Predicting 2012's numbers: Defense and Special Teams

Here's the next installment of my stats predictions. This one focuses on the defense and special teams. The last post focused mostly on the question of what our offense will look like in terms of J...


Predicting 2012's numbers: Offense

Some back of the envelope guesses at a few of the Ravens' 2012 offensive statistics

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