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For Greg and Blake (from Blazersedge blog)


Nice fanshot to the health of our respective #1's. Cheers!


Quotes from Ralph Lawler on Carmelo Anthony

Me? I'd give up anything But Griffin and Gordon. If they were left with those 2 plus a 26 year old Carmello - the franchise would be set for years to come. They've developed enough depth over the...

VDN interview


He interviews the right way.


Poll: Trade Deandre Jordan for Jason Kapono?

As some have already mentioned, Clipper's GM Neil Olshey has an interesting prior relationship with Jason Kapono. ...Olshey moved west and started helping out with coaching duties at Artesia High...


What do you think of a SF with these stats?

What's your opinion of a hypothetical small forward who over three seasons, when he played 30 minutes or more, averaged these numbers: 15.3 pts 5.8 rebounds (1.6 offensive reb) 2 assists and 1.5...

Foye hoping to shine with Clippers


Looks like Mike Miller recommended Foye to Olshey during his visit. Randy Foye also took LESS MONEY to join the Clippers! You know, I think Foye is going to outperform expectations around here. I followed him via fantasy basketball since he came into the league and know that his numbers were always decent if he got playing time. I think his career trajectory will be similar to Jason Terry - scoring punch off the bench who can handle the ball well. If anything, he'll really help take the pressure off Bledsoe in addition to playing well next to Baron or EJ...not to mention that the starters will have some better talent to go up against in scrimmages. Iron sharpens iron...


Quick straw poll: Will AFA be able to contribute this year?

A lot of people are (still) trying to figure out who to get as our starting SF.  I'm assuming most people in that camp are not high on Ryan Gomes at all, despite the fact that he is proven and...


Likely roster as of 7/9/2010

So, with all the news last night on Ryan Gomes and Randy Foye and the likely signing of Sofo...we can pencil in a roster of 11 player - any thoughts?  Sure, there is still time and money to add...

daldridgetnt Source: Vinny Del Negro to be hired as Clippers head coach. Story up soon on...


daldridgetnt Source: Vinny Del Negro to be hired as Clippers head coach. Story up soon on

Plan A - How Lebron becomes a Clipper (part 2)

Is Wade really thinking about leaving Miami!?!? New scenario alert of how Lebron becomes a Clipper (see scenarios 1-3 here).    4) If Wade convinces Bosh to join him in Chicago Wade, Bosh and their...


Plan A - How Lebron becomes a Clipper

What's up Clipper Nation!  I'm not ready to give up on plan A just yet, and neither should you!   There are so many interesting possibilities surrounding Lebron's decision - some that can...

ESPN NBA Free Agency Summit


Anyone watch this? Thoughts? If I'm not mistaken, Bill Simmons is no longer a STH with the Clips...not sure how I feel about that.

Reactions to Donovan's game winner


Just a quick world cup tidbit - this video is awesome (check out the guy around 3:40 or so). ...we're Americans, not American'ts!

Colin Cowherd on LBJ / Clippers on 6/15


Very interesting chat about LBJ's interest in the Clippers...basically, it all stems from his firsthand knowledge of seeing EJ play against his Cavs team. I'm about to, but check out EJ's career stats against the Cavs.

Clipper Darrell wants you to come to Staples Center tomorrow for a Fox Sports piece on Lebron


want 2 see the clipper nation love for lebron coming to the la clipps can u meet me at staples center on sat. june 12, @ 11:30


Bored? Humor me with this one...

Over the last few months I've been pondering what the greatest starting 5 of all time would in, an unbeatable team of NBA greats throughout all of time, at the pinnacle of their respective...

EB + #2 we dare?


Haha, trading to get EB + Evan Turner on the Clippers roster would be pretty funny. Could Clipper Nation ever accept FElton back? What if he were contrite and admitted he made a mistake? What if he were willing to come off the bench and fill in at the 4 and 5? Anyways, I do think that Minny may make a move on this which could affect the Clippers in a few ways: 1) Minny could get better and consequently hurt the quality of our 2012 pick that they owe us. 2) Losing EB and Evan Turner could make Philly less likely as a trade partner to get Iggy.


Lebron may opt for sign and trade to help Cavs...

If he goes along with a sign and trade to help Cleveland (and for more money), it would follow that he would also accept leaving the Eastern conference as well.   The Dallas Mavericks instantly...

Let's get Melo!


Outside of Lebron and Durant, Carmelo Anthony is the SF I want. I think our young squad can really build off of him. He's got two years left on his contract - not sure what pieces we would have to give, but if Baron or Kaman are one of them, I wouldn't mind...


Roster Needs

  Most of us are already well aware of our returning roster and the slots that need to be filled this offseason.  And there's already been a lot of buzz about who we should (should not) go after...

After John Wall / Evan Turner, this is who we should draft


I think Wesley Johnson's got the build and the tools to effectively be Rudy Gay, but at an affordable rookie pay scale. He can shoot, rebound, finish at the rim and defend...his only weakness is that he's not a great one-on-one player. You could make a good case for Aminu who is likely the better defender, but I think it's Johnson's shooting that separates them. Youtube highlights


Hot Tub Time Machine ponderings...

via If you could go back to this season's draft and repick for the Clippers - would you still go with Blake Griffin?  I'm pretty sure everyone in Portland has finally come...


Who's better than Larry Brown?

Larry Brown coach for Clips or Sixers? I don't know about you all, but I would love to have Coach Brown back with Clipper Nation.  If he can coach AI, he can definitely coach Boom Dizzle and he's...


Will we regret? About Sessions and Iverson...

Sorry, I know these guys have been blogged about to death on these boards - and really, what more is there to say about them?  Sessions will likely start the season as Minny's PG over rookie Jonny...

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