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Game Thread #74: A's vs. Red Sox (3)


We're going to the bottom of the fourth inning. The Red Sox, thanks to gifts of walks and a really big error, have erased the A's lead, and we're all tied up at 3. Mills may or may not pitch into...

Game Thread #74: A's vs. Red Sox (2)


It's been action-packed so far and it's just the bottom of the second inning. Josh Donaldson hit a 3-run home run to put the A's up 3-0, but an error by Punto led to two Boston runs. BUT an amazing...


Game Thread #74: A's vs. Red Sox

Welcome to Athletics Nation and a perfect summer Friday night. I'd like to start by issuing a formal welcome to Brad Mills. You can read all about him and who went where to get him here. I would...

Game #70: A's TeAse, But Can't Overcome Pitching


The A's scored eight runs tonight on fifteen hits, thankfully at least one from each starting member of the lineup. Unfortunately, that would have been only good enough to tie the game had the...

Game Thread #70: A's vs. Rangers (4)


Well, the A's have scored a lot of runs, but they also gave up three more key runs to the Rangers (see: Cook, Ryan) and instead of a 8-7 game, the game is 11-7. But 11-7 is better than 11-3, so...

Game Thread #70: A's vs. Rangers (3)


Bad, bad things have happened. It's now 8-2. The A's should score a lot of runs to get back into this one. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!

Game Thread #70: A's vs. Rangers (2)


The A's scored 2 in the first, but Texas matched them in the second. We're going to the bottom of the third, 2-2. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!


Game Thread #70: A's vs. Rangers

Of course it must be said: Way to go, USA! Good evening and welcome to another exciting night of A's baseball. I, baseballgirl, will be your surprise Monday night host, and it should be a great...

Game #69: A's Wallop Yankees to Win Series


Backed by a multi-hit game from Crisp, Gentry, Cespedes, Norris and Blanks, the A's steamrolled the Yankees to take the series with the final score of 10-5. Jesse Chavez was brilliant in his six...

Game Thread #69: A's vs. Yankees (3)


Well, the Yankees are on the board, as they finally broke through against Jesse Chavez in the top of the sixth, and scored a single run. Somehow no one is worried; the A's scored another 4 runs and...

Game Thread #69: A's vs. Yankees (2)


We're going to the bottom of the fourth inning; Jesse Chavez is dealing, and the A's have backed him up with a pair of 3-run home runs; one by Derek "I love parental holidays" Norris, and the other...


Game Thread #69: A's vs. Yankees

Happy Father's Day! Whether you have one, are one, or help in any way with any father-like duties, thank you for all you do for the next generation. Well, it's feast or famine here at Athletics...

Game #66: A's Finally Break Out, Beat Angels 7-1


Finally, after waiting all series for just one hit, that will score just one run, that will beat the Angels, that will break the A's out of the collective hitting funk they have fallen into ever...

Game Thread #66: A's at Angels (4)


After some Houdini work, the A's escaped the eighth inning still leading 4-1. We're going to the ninth; LET'S GO OAK-LAND!

Game Thread #66: A's at Angels (3)


Well, the Angels tied it up, but the A's took the lead, thanks to more heroics by Cespedes and a home run by Vogt! Also, Cespedes threw out another runner, this time at third. You think they'd...

Game Thread #66: A's at Angels (2)


The A's have a lead! It's one run, it's in the fourth, but they are winning 1-0! It's the little things. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!


Game Thread #66: A's at Angels

Well, it's been a tough week for the green and gold, and it doesn't get easier in today's game. The A's, backed by Tommy Milone, will try avoid the sweep by beating Jered Weaver for a second time...

A Loss To the Oakland Baseball Family: Bob Welch


It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to the A's 1990 Cy Young winner and member of the A's baseball family, as Bob Welch died Monday evening.

Game #63: A's Beat O's 11-1; Machado Angry Toddler


The A's blow out the Orioles in the final game to win the series and their thirty-ninth game of the season, but no one will remember the game, the win, the starting pitcher, or anything else about...

Game Thread #63: A's at Orioles (3)


We're heading to the eighth inning; the A's hold a commanding 10-0 lead thanks to a lot of walks and John Jaso. Scott Kazmir pitched 7 scoreless, so here we are!

Game Thread #63: A's at Orioles (2)


We're in the top of the fourth, the A's unloaded on Jimenez for six runs, capped off by a grand slam by Brandon Moss. The A's added another in the fourth, and it's 7-0!

Game #59: Cespedes, Donaldson lead comeback charge


There's nothing like being the marquee match-up of the day for ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball in New York and falling behind four runs early. This might faze a lesser team, but the A's responded by...

Game Thread #59: A's at Yankees (4)


Donaldson's home run has given the A's a 5-4 lead, and thanks to Otero, the A's are holding on to the lead. We're heading to the ninth inning, 5-4 A's. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!

Game Thread #59: A's at Yankees (3)


Well, believe it or not, after being down 4-0 early, the A's have tied the game, and should have taken the lead. But the Yankees also should have more runs on Chavez, who did make it through the...

Game Thread #59: A's at Yankees (2)


A great Gentry play to open the game saved Jesse Chavez in the first inning, but the Yankees broke it way open in the third as Chavez just doesn't look all that sharp anymore. It's 4-0 Yankees, and...

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