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Game Thread #47: A's at Rays (3)


After Gray and Cobb traded zeros for the entire afternoon, the Rays have finally broken through against the A's, scoring one run in their half of the seventh inning. The A's offense has been even...

Game Thread #47: A's at Rays (2)


We're heading to the fifth inning; no score thanks to an amazing catch by Josh Reddick. LET'S GO OFF-ENSE!


Game Thread #47: A's at Rays

I can assure you from vast personal experience of 30+ years of watching baseball that this sport isn't always as fun and as magical as it is right now. Which is why all of you, but especially the...

Game #46: One hit's enough offense for red-hot A's


The A's win their 5th game in a row, and 11th out of 12 by stringing together a couple of walks, benefiting from an error, and hitting one solo home run to build a 3-0 lead that Tommy Milone,...

Game #46: A's Win on One Hit! #carelessrays


The box score is NOT a typo. The A's have won their 5th in a row with the nail-biting score of 3-2 at the same time they were one-hit. I'll be back with all of your highlights, most of them...

Game Thread #46: A's at Rays (4)


We're going to the ninth inning! The A's have pulled a rabbit out of their hat for eight innings; they somehow, against all odds, have managed to turn a one-hit offensive performance into a 3-2...

Game Thread #46: A's at Rays (3)


We're headed to the seventh inning. Believe it or not, the A's have exactly one hit, but since it was a solo home run by Moss, they have added a run to their earlier two. They had a 3-0 lead, but...

Game Thread #46: A's at Rays (2)


Well, despite not yet having a hit, the A's somehow lead the Rays by the score of 2-0. They have also forced Bedard to throw 60 pitches through 3. This is new. This is good. But maybe, a hit? LET'S...


Game Thread #46: A's at Rays

Good afternoon and welcome to Hump Day baseball, on the week of a lazy early summer long weekend where possibilities of magic seem endless. Maybe this will be the summer; the team; the year that...

Game #43: Dan Otero and Bullpen Rescue A's, Win


After unexpectedly losing their starting pitcher in the second inning of today's game, the resilient A's didn't miss a beat, using the bullpen for a magnificent 7+ innings, highlighted by Dan...

Game Thread #43: A's at Indians (3)


We're going to the seventh in this bullpen's pitcher duel! The A's are clinging to a 3-2 lead thanks to amazing work by Otero and work by Abad. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!

Game Thread #43: A's at Indians (2)


Well, believe it or not, our starting pitcher was kicked out of the game for arguing strikes that were called balls, so we're having a bullpen game now. Don't freak out; he's not hurt, just pissed....


Game Thread #43: A's at Indians

It's hard to be too much hotter than the Oakland A's of mid-May, rolling over everyone they are playing in impressive fashion. They have won 7 of their last 8 games, thanks to the offense hitting...

Game #41: More Bullpen Woes Snap 6-Game Win Streak


We're going to have to be happy with taking 2 out of 3 in the series, but it's hard to let another game slip away in the late innings. The A's held a 2-1 lead for most of the game, but the bullpen...

Game Thread #41: A's vs. White Sox (3)


We head to the bottom of the sixth inning. The A's are clinging--and I mean that in every way!--to a one-run lead thanks to two home runs and a White Sox batter thrown out at the plate. Oh, and...

Game Thread #41: A's vs. White Sox (2)


The A's are batting in the third inning; it's tied 1-1 after each team's leadoff hitter went yard. The ball is carrying! LET'S GO OAK-LAND!

Game Thread #41: A's vs. White Sox


It's a hot, hot day in California, which is perfect for the hot, hot Oakland Athletics, who went from their lowest low of the season last week to on fire this week as the green and gold behind...

Game #38: Derek Norris completes sweep for A's


Baseball's a funny game. The same team that came one close game away from being swept in a four-game series at home by the Seattle Mariners earlier in the week simply destroyed the Nationals in the...

Game Thread #38: A's vs. Nationals (3)


We're going to the bottom of the 7th inning; the A's haven't scored since the second, but they haven't needed to. Thanks to Scott Kazmir's superb performance and Derek Norris' stunning two swings...

Game Thread #38: A's vs. Nationals (2)


Well, um. It's not exactly a traditional perfect game, but it is pretty perfect. The A's have absolutely unloaded on Gio Gonzalez in the first two innings. Most of the runs came off the bat of...


Game Thread #38: A's vs Nationals

Well, it's Sunday. Mother's Day. The game is at the Coliseum. Great things have happened on this magical day, and the A's have already set up the series for greatness. After dominating the...

Game #35: Pomeranz, Otero, Johnson save day


So it took the entire day, an untested starting pitcher who managed 5 scoreless innings, a brilliant 3 innings of relief from a pitcher who had already pitched earlier in the day in another game,...

Game Thread #35: A's vs. Mariners


The A's have dropped the first three of the series, and they turn to Drew Pomeranz to salvage the game in the second game of a doubleheader that we're pretending never happened. Massive apologies...

Game #34: A's lose two players, bullpen blows lead


This is all the recap I can muster today, after the A's snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, racked up two more injuries, one probably season-ending, refused to beat Felix Hernandez on an...

Game Thread #34: A's vs Mariners (3)


So the A's finally got up off the deck and scored 3 runs to take the lead, but their bullpen is still piloting the struggle bus; it wasted no time in giving the lead up. We're tied 4-4, even though...

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