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I don't know why we would be surprised about this. He had a really hard time figuring out that he...


I don't know why we would be surprised about this. He had a really hard time figuring out that he wasn't still at AU when he moved to Lubbock.


The OFFICIAL Post-Tuberville Celebration Thread

Post your silly gifs, emoticons, youtube clips, and drink of choice, and any other celebration material here. One rule, keep it (mostly) positive... this is a celebration, not a piling on. Let's...

BREAKING NEWS: Mark Stoops Hires Co-ordinator! NOT Neal Brown!


Okay... that was a bit of a tease. It wasn't Neal Brown, because it was on the defensive side of the ball. Read the link. NB is still in the running.

Yards/Play vs. Total Offense


Interestingly, only 12 coaches have averaged 6 yards/play over the last two years. Our very own Kliff Kingsbury makes the list... Neal Brown doesn't. I thought this quote was particularly enlightening, given our "NASCAR" offense: "Total yardage is essentially becoming less relevant because certain offensive coordinators are simply trying to run 85-90 plays per game, which obviously increases the odds of more total yardage." Manipulating your total yardage by running more plays is not the same thing as having a better offense.

Review Your Pre-Season W-L Prediction Here!


Back in August, I posted a link to collect everyone's W-L predictions for the football season. Thought it might be fun to review them now that the regular season is over. And because it's unlike me to pass up an opportunity to say "I told you so"... I had us going 7-5 (4-5)


OT: Happy Thanksgiving DTN/VTM!

Happy Thanksgiving DTN/VTMers! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday full of football, family, and food. Post your turkey, pie, and thanksgiving beverage pics here. I'm thankful for this...

OT: Mike Leach, Gangnam Style


OT: Mike Leach, Gangnam Style


Last Chance: Make Your W-L Predictions Here

W-L predictions have been bandied about in the comments sections of several posts lately. I thought it would be fun to put them all in one place. Here are the rules: You must make your...

Paul McCartney in Tech jersey... anyone got the 411?


Paul McCartney in Tech jersey... anyone got the 411?

Two Tech Linemen Added by Cowboys


Looks like the 'boys have signed Daniel Loper and brought Brandon Carter onto the practice squad. Glad to see them both getting some attention.

KLBK Confirms: Glasgow OUT


More reason to believe that Feldman is the man and the spin coming out of the football office is all tripe.

Rich Rod to Arizona as HC


Someone mentioned this in the comment section, but I thought it was worth a mention because of this interesting tidbit: Arizona's AD is Greg Byrne, son of Aggie AD Bill Byrne. I wonder if that had anything to do with Leach not getting an interview.


Iowa State Will Beat O$U

I'm calling it.  ISU will defeat OSU on Friday. This is downright creepy stuff.  I dreamed last night that ISU beat OSU.  In fact, I didn't even know that they were scheduled to play each other...

Have an opinion about Paterno? Read this first.


Before you form that angry mob and light your torches... take some time to be honest with yourselves.

Daron Roberts for HC


There's been a little bit of talk about realistic options to replace Tommy Tuberville as HC. Here's a guy that really intrigues me. He's got an NFL background - good for recruiting. He's a Harvard Law grad - even better than Pepperdine! He would be our first minority HC. He currently coaches with Holgorsen. He's a Texas native. The first coach he ever served was Herm Edwards - so you know he plays to win the game. I know it's ridiculous to talk about replacing Tubs right now, but I think this guy is a rising star and someone we should keep an eye on.

Tadlock hired as baseball AHC


I know... it's early for baseball... but this sounds like a good hire.

Revisiting the 2004 Auburn Tigers


So here is the link to Wikipedia's page on the 2004 Auburn Tigers football team. I've been seeing this team (and the relative strength of the SEC that year) thrown around in the comments section quite a bit, and I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit this topic. Two things stand out to me: First, the SEC was not as bad as we might like to think. Commenters (myself included) who say otherwise are engaging in revisionist history. Second, Auburn's success wasn't on the offensive side of the ball that year. They scored an average of 31 points against conference opponents in 2004. Good, but the Red Raiders hung 70 on Nebraska that year without Cadillac and Ronnie Brown in the backfield. The real success of that Auburn team was its defense, which held conference opponents to less than 14 points per game. Gene Chizik was defensive coordinator.


Leach v. Tuberville on Defense

The conventional wisdom is that Texas Tech never had a defense when Mike Leach was head coach.  However, I think those of us who follow Tech football can tell that our defense under Tuberville is...


Don't Blame UT

Seriously... it's not their fault. UT is only doing what is in their nature.  That is, they're going out and getting the best deal possible for their school.  Let's pretend for a second that it's...


Rivals 100 Recruiting Long Lists... Who Likes Tech?

Rivals.com just put up their top 100 list for the football class of 2012.  There are a handful of athletes that list Tech in their 'long list'.  Among them are the following: Kwan Alexander 4* OLB...

You Have to Run to Win: GB Packers Edition


Packers Stats for Super Bowl XLV Passing first downs: 11 Rushing first downs: 4 Net Passing Yards: 288 Net Rushing Yards: 50 Passing Attempts: 39 Rushing Attempts: 13 Pass/Run Ratio: 75/25 @Which just goes to show that even in the biggest game in the world, you have to play balanced football in order to win.@

Remember when we got voted best uniforms?


Turns out... sometimes "cool" means something.

Alumni Letter


I saw an alumni support letter quoted in the DMN's comment section about Tech becoming a "run first" team. Did anyone receive a letter with the following quotation? Can we verify this? "Unfortunately, we will have to cut back on many of these important programs because of the loss of revenue from alumni who notified the Alumni Association they would not be renewing their memberships because of Mike Leach's firing."

Blackmon v. Crabtree


I've noticed that ESPN has Justin Blackmon in their top 5 for the Heisman. Do you think he'll be invited to the ceremony? If so... what makes him worthy of an invite and not Michael Crabtree? What gives?

About that Weber St game...


About that Weber St game...

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