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"Due to multiple degenerative injuries / disabilities that affect my neurological , muscular and other bodily syetems as well as heavy medication I have difficulty typing and using a computer in general This may affect my Fan Posts and comments,

but don't let that distract you from my love of the Colts first and there fans and all mankind & Peyton Forever no matter where he travels too."

So Peyton Win a super bowl with Bronco's and add to legacy

I am a disabled ankle surgeon since 1988 after having a short 6 year , but most gratifying career helping those with ankle trauma and childhood birth defects. The latter is especially missed.

I"m 60 Years old ,
Born in Brooklyn, NY, Lived in Southeast Mich over 1/2 my life ,but Brooklyn will always be home

+ How I became a Colt Fan

In the 50's the first pack of football cards I ever bought had a Johnny Unitas Card Rookie Card .My brother and his friends couldn't believe it, explained the significance of it and I have been a Colt fan ever since..

I know I have seen every Colt & Denver Peyton game once Satellite TV offered the football package and what a never ending delight it has been to see Peyton do his mastery all these years . To think of living through your favorite team with a Unitas to Berry combination besides all the old great Colts and then a Peyton To Harrison, Wayne , Clark, ( and now DT, JT ) Etc as well as our other greats like the DE bookends and all core players is more than the average fan can expect his team to produce. Also lets not forget the players between those 2 generations, Bert Jones who some say had the greatest single QB season ever, think in 76, but there were no stats then like the current ones, Marshal Faulk, The Edge ( miss hiim , had to note him ), Gutsy Jim Harbaugh and all the rest to name a few who delighted all able to see and appreciate them. What a team throughout history

Then to DT , Decker & Stokely again, / & now Wes Welker & JT , soon Sanders and Latimer

Thanks for reading my story, Barry

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NBA Detroit Pistons
  • NFL Indianapolis Colts
  • NCAAF Michigan Wolverines
  • NCAAB Michigan Wolverines
  • NHL Detroit Red Wings
  • Golf Tiger
  • Tennis Jimmy Conners & Rod Laver ( SP ) Yeah, I'm Old
User Blog

KNOPPEN carted off the field Sunday with lower leg injury-

Peyton Manning now in search of a center to snap him the ball Manny Ramirez is last man standing after C.J. Davis was carted off with a lower leg injury Saturday There is lawys Philip Blake but...


Peyton Manning Has Become the Greatest Quarterback in NFL History


Best WR combos ranked, Colts # 11 with Wayne & Gonzalez


New rule could affect ( HURT ) hurry-up offenses


Sam Bradford's deal will hike Colts' pay to Peyton Manning

EXCERPT Condon will quickly tell you teams must pay for potential. Only after Condon squeezes the Rams with the pay-for-potential ploy, will he play the comparative value card with the Colts.C...


Bleacher Reports The top player in History per team, Heres Colts & Link to all , make sure u read explanation  

Former Colt CB &Pro Bowler Walt Harris signs with Ravens


he was out last season with torn ACL, and in league since 96, WE need to find a veteran CB , we all onkw it, sure Colts Staff does as well


7 GREAT LINKS / Historical Photos with Captions

7 GREAT LINKS / Historical Photos with Captions sorry I couldnt get clearer, my lack of understanding, so just copy & paste ++++++++++++++++++++ 1. -- The Early Years ---- 11 ...


Eloquent & Unique analysis of Manning 2004 Vs Brady 2007


Peyton Manning A Refreshing Example of A Player Actually Earning His Pay


Freeney Says He's Fine

Marlin Jackson Attemting To Work His Way Back With Eagles But Still Recovering


Still recovering from surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament, Marlin Jackson was ordered to rest & spent much of practice Thursday resting on one knee as the Eagles' defense went through team drills. Jackson dismissed reports that he was moving with a limp Wednesday in what was his first practice since getting hurt.



  Pro Bowl defensive end Dwight Freeney is attending camp  but is not participating in team drills. Instead, he's rehabilitating the right ankle that slowed him during Indy's Super Bowl loss to...

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