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Eyewitness Report - June 29, 2014 - Reds vs. Giants

If I only get to go to one Reds game this year, I'm gonna get me some good seats. We got tickets in the lower box section at AT&T, Section 105, to see Homer Bailey vs. Tim Hudson. Not cheap,...


Eyewitness Report: Bakersfield Blaze at San Jose Giants, April 12, 2014

The family went down to the Blaze-Giants game last night. You can read the boxscore in the next Farmers Only no doubt, and as I was there with the fam I didn't take a ton of pictures. Nevertheless,...


Baseball rules question

What's the right call here? Man on third, 2 outs. Batter hits a clean single past second base. Batter/runner misses first, though, and due to less-than-all-star fielding, takes second. He has...


Eyewitness Report: NLDS Game 2. Reds Blow 'em Out

The last time I went to two baseball games on consecutive days must have been about 1987. I lived in southern California, and my friend was a Dodger fan. When the Reds came to town, we two...


Eyewitness Report - NLDS Game 1

Well, this is going to be pretty short, as I gotta get a bunch of stuff done around church this morning so that I'm ready when the pastor and my friends show up so we can go to GAME 2!...


Being BubbaFan: Blaze vs. Giants

Well, then, you know it's gonna be a good day. Bakersfield Blaze ("The Guillotine" Justice French, 0-0) at San Jose Giants (Hector Correa, 1-0). Slidin' Billy and the Blaze were headed to San...


SIS - New Music Edition

We've had quite a tradition of music posts around here, which I could find if I weren't too lazy to look them up. The last one was particularly good -- folks were listing their 3 favorite songs...

Reds are Colbert Heroes


So, I was watching Colbert tonight when he decided to put all the donors to his Super PAC on at once. I hit pause on the ol' DVR, just to see if you could actually read all those names. To my bewilderment, I saw Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips, Drew Stubbs, and Scott Rolen. There were probably more, but I couldn't hit "pause" twice in a row fast enough. My first thought: which one of those RR jokers did this?

Congrats to the Brewers


First division title since 1982. As fellow long-sufferers, I think we all feel a bit of joy for the Brewers and their fans. It has been a long drought. Even though you beat us. Don't make it a habit, or we'll turn on you like a pack of wild dogs.


In praise of a second wildcard

Talk of expanding the playoffs in the immediate future seems to have died down.  That seems strange, given the exceedingly boring nature of the races this year.   In the AL, the Yanks and Sox are...

We're just jealous, see...


The Dispatch has it all figured out. My cousin the Cards fan (who now lives in Cincinnati) sent me this. I have no words.



So, I took the big leap this year, abandoned Extra Innings, and got  Before I did it, I had some trepidation.  As it stands, I have mixed feelings.  There's some good, and some bad.  Also,...

George Will on Trains


Good thing no one is going to read this, because if they do they're gonna be pissed. Anyway, I figured since George Will famously likes baseball, and RR famously likes trains, this shoulda been a fanshot.

20 advice

So, I'm trying to get ready to watch the Reds win the 2011 World Series from California.   I've had MLB Extra Innings for several years now, and I've been pretty happy with it.  However, I'm...

Bruce wants 6 years


MLBTradeRumors links to a radio show. Says Bruce's agent says they are open to a 5 or 6 year deal. Yes have some.


SIS - Kids Music that Doesn't Suck

So, a bunch of you are musicians, and a bunch of you have kids.  Probably some of you musicians have kids.  If so, you know that the great majority of kids music out there was originally developed...


Where should I sit at GABP?

I'll be in Cincinnati this summer for the first time since GABP opened.  In return for attending Miami Reunions, my wife has agreed that we can all go to a game.  We'll be there for the June 17th...

Respect for the Reds


Can't remember when we got so much respect. Maybe it's not deserved, but it feels nice anyway. Sure beats seeing, "Here come the Reds, it will be disappointing if we don't sweep these guys."



Here's a site that simulates the season 50,000 times. Spoiler alert: Reds come in 3rd, and the Cardinals are good! Good news: Nat's average wins are lower than the Reds worst. Ouchy for Dunner. :(

Alonso story at


Interesting comments, some bad, some decent. Lots of trade ideas. Like Alonso for Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford. Do you believe any of those could actually fly?

Bug Quiz


Think you are as smart as Crolfer? ID these bugs I took pictures of at the SF Zoo today. I hope someone figures them out, because I can't remember all of their names from the little signs in front of the aquariums. Post your answers here, or on the picasa picture. Prize is going third wheel out to dinner with Crolfer (you pay, and I didn't ask him, so I hope it's okay.) If (when) Crolfer wins, he can talk to himself and LB, which will really freak her out.

Baseball Today's Pascarelli mocks Larkin's HOF bid


HOF commentary on Larkin in the 1/7/09 episode. Just when you thought that Karabell was bringing a bit of saber-sense to Baseball Today, Pascarelli spouts off. Did you know that Larkin only had about 5 or 6 good seasons, and only played 100 games in each of his last 5 years? They start off with HOF stuff, and then come back around to Larkin and the Reds towards the end.

Toby was robbed


This has nothing to do with the Reds, but that doesn't seem to be a showstopper. How can the best running back in the nation (see "Walker, Doak") get beaten for the Heisman by another running back? Stupid East Coast bias. If the voting representation were closer to fair, Toby would have won. Down with the SEC. I doubt many of you are Stanford football fans, but there's no better bunch I'd like to whine to than this one. This FanShot ought to be a... oh wait. Thanks for indulging.

Getting Bronson


For all the ups and downs of Good/Badroyo, this trade is looking pretty sweet right now. I forgot that we *received* cash in the deal, too.


Better Know an Autograph

Well, I didn't get Fantasy Camp for Christmas, but I did get a ball covered with replica autographs of Your 2008 Cincinnati Reds.  Of course, they didn't tell me who exactly is on there. Hey, I...

Aaron Fultz


He's no Jake Peavy, but this happened almost a week ago -- did I miss the insightful commentary? My assessment: A strong candidate to improve on the slot previously filled by Gary Majewski. For what that's worth.


Junior's spot in the lineup

Well, it looks like Ozzie doesn't have as much respect for Junior as Dusty does -- he batted 7th last night, and 2nd today.  The Veteran Presence who fills the 3-spot: near-rookie Carlos Quentin. ...


Social Question for Verka (little Reds content)

Sorry for sending this to everyone; I couldn't figure out how to send it directly to Verka.  That being said, I'd love to hear anyone else's input on this. Verka, I don't understand exactly what...


Eyewitness Report 4-27-07


Frustrating LOBs

Hi all, Well, after last night, and remembering how last year it seemed like the Reds kept leaving ducks on the pond in inning after inning, I decided to do a little analysis to see how the Reds...

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