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Priorities Rebuilding Around a New Quarterback

I don't want this thread to be a discussion about specific players necessarily but rather more about philosophy of building a team from the quarterback up. Assuming Manning is gone and Luck is...


Hope's Plan for Quarterback

Rightfully so there have been alot of jokes and maybe some frustration running around about the number of quarterbacks committed for next year coinciding with how the two quarterback system was...

Four Round Mock

This is my second go at a mock draft and I made it just one round longer than the last and added some predicted comp picks. If you want to see the one from back in November go here. For the first...


Pagano and the Rebuilding of the Defense

There has been alot of buzz lately about what the hiring of a defensive coordinator from a '3-4' team as our head coach means for our base 4-3 defense. I don't think we will know for sure for a...


An Excel Look at the Colts Cap Situation

I've seen some numbers thrown around about our cap situation and who we can and can't keep. I have my own ideas about who we should try hardest to keep around, namely Freeney and Mathis. I did some...

First Mock Draft - Three Rounds

This is the first first mock draft I have put together but I have been following the draft pretty closely for the last several years.  I found it was both fun and changing to come up with three...

Your Team's Draft

I know there have been a few of these running around here so I thought we could put our ideas for our team's draft into one thread.  Seeing a bunch of lists all together should also help give...


The New Lowe the Real Lowe?

I first want to say I like Derek Lowe and have liked him since I really started to take notice in his late Dodger days and even when he wasn't going so well in his early Braves days.  What can I...

Colts first round pick: lock to be OL?

Most mocks this year have the Colts picking an offensive tackle like Sherrod, Costanzo or one of a few others.  On the surface this may seem like a slam dunk safe pick and it may be, but I think...


Offensive Line Discussion

  I know its pretty doom and gloom around here lately but I think we could solve most of this team's problems by upgrading one unit on the team.  By the title and general tenor around here I bet...


Braves Relievers: Swing and Miss Percentages Pt.2

This post is an addition to the swing and miss post for the starters.  The idea is the same as is the layout.  I selected the relievers that were either significant to last year's team, should have...


Braves Starters: Swing and Miss Percentages

I was visiting another SB blog Royals Review today (yes I know but I have to have an AL team right?) and they had an interesting article that broke down the swing and miss percentages for their...


Playoff Roster

I've been thinking about this for a few days but I can finally start a post about it without jinxing anything.  I have listed those who I think will be locks to make the 25 man playoff roster and...


Play Heyward in CF?

As I, like many of you, think about what kind of players the Braves could acquire to improve our offense I have made a fairly obvious observation that I'm sure many are aware of.  One of the points...


Best rotation/setup/closer prospect groups

I thought it would be interesting to see what people who know more than I do think is the best collection of a five man rotation, setup, and closer prospects in a single organization is.  By this I...

Newest member of Braves Nation This is a picture of my five day old son Noah Thomas Kreke...


Newest member of Braves Nation This is a picture of my five day old son Noah Thomas Kreke celebrating the Braves win in style (literally taken a minute or two after the game finished). It was the first game we listened to together on the radio so hopefully he will be our good luck charm for the rest of the season.

Boras is an idiot.


Really? What a jackass.... ""I still feel there is a quality market for Johnny Damon," Boras says, "and I'm negotiating with a number of teams. There are three teams out there that if they don't have Johnny Damon, they're not winning the division. He's the difference in these teams making the playoffs or not contending." Boras is referring to the Detroit Tigers, the Atlanta Braves and an unknown third team."

Source: The Braves don't want Damon; may start the season with Heyward on the big club


Money quotes: "A team source tells me that the Braves discussed Damon recently, and the clear sense of the room was that (a) his arm just won't play in the Turner Field outfield; (b) he's just not versatile enough to move around, and the Braves want to be able to move around their outfielders this year; and (c) he's going to want too much money." "They'd reconsider if he went cheaper, but they just don't care enough for him to think about making a bid." "...they would love to break camp with him, and are taking a "it's his job to lose" approach this spring." "...it may be best to view whatever the team does this year as an act being taken by people who think that the Braves will be in the playoffs."


Braves Payroll '11-'15

I have seen a few posters request some sort of long term payroll projection so I thought I might throw one together.  A few notes about the table posted after the jump: - '10 salaries are listed...


Bill James / Chone Offensive Projections

Every year for my fantasy baseball draft I do a bit of spreadsheeting with Bill James projections and CHONE projections to get general idea of how the fantasy stars will do next year.  After ryan c...


The Power of Pitching: 1995 WS Champs

Today at work I was waiting for samples to complete their preparation so I took a stroll down memory lane (via baseball-reference.com) to pass the time.  I went through and looked at the individual...


25 Man Roster: A Quick Reference

Many times reading through the blogosphere I see fans ask about how the Braves payroll stands or how much such and such player makes.  Because of this I decided I would post a current projected 25...


Keeping the Gang Together

As we are all aware our Braves have been on a little tear lately and are now an amazing 44-26 in the post Frenchy era.  Wren has rebuilt this team into one that can win every single night with...


Forecast: Looks Good

In this thread I'd like to discuss what makes us the most excited about the Pirates future.  For me I am really excited to see Morton get a full time shot at reaching his potential as a MLB...

Chipper close to contract extension


Oh sweet baseball gods let this be true. Chipper needs to stay a Brave until he hangs it up.

Sources: Braves, Glavine set to meet


Looks like we may get some resolution on this matter pretty soon. I for one am in the 'bring him on back' camp.

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