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Levi Jones to the Redbirds?

So I thought that I had heard all the offseason rumors, and anything new was going to come from the known corners--a Dansby extension, Boldin making waves, or Fitz being awesome at his camp.  I...


Dockett's Major Announcement

Editor's Note:  A big shout-out to bc for posting this; my family holds you in the highest regard, especially my5-month old daughter who can bang on the keyboard to her heart's content after I...

Warner to visit San Francisco


According to Mike Florio of, Kurt Warner has a visit scheduled to San Francisco on Monday. It doesn't seem to me that the 49ers would be a good match for Warner's skillset at all, and I'm pretty sure this is just a move to up the Cardinals' offer. Florio has an interesting opinion as to why the 49ers might be doing it anyway. "It could be that G.M. Scot McCloughan has agreed to participate in the charade as a favor to Warner’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, who desperately needs to recapture the leverage Warner squandered with his constant "I’ll play for the Cardinals or no one" routine. Even if the Niners don’t land Warner, Bartelstein will be indebted to McCloughan — and McCloughan would be able to seek a return favor at some point in the future."

Cards make offer to Warner


ESPN reports that the Cardinals are offering between $10-12M a year for Warner. That's a lot of cash, but seems like its in line with what we were expecting the offer to be. In my personal opinion, Warner is more than worth that amount--as long as he can stay healthy all season.

Garland deal official?


Nick Piecoro reports that Garland signs with the D-Backs for $6-8 million. One year deal with a second year option that can be exercised by either the player or the team. Lets hope this works out. Will another year removed form injury be the answer for Garland? [Jim: Front Page'd for obvious reasons. :-) Full report to follow tonight!]

Augie no longer has the rights to be called "The Littlest Ballplayer" I introduce to you, the ne...


Augie no longer has the rights to be called "The Littlest Ballplayer" I introduce to you, the new left fielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks! (He'd hit as well as any other LF option anyway)

Mientkiewicz calls Big Unit "Mentally Weak"


Mientkiewicz responds to his confrontation with the Big Unit earlier in the week. I thought that Randy's "stretcher" comment was pretty ridiculous in the first place, but I can't help but think that Mientkiewicz is a tool. Maybe if he was "mentally stronger" he wouldn't be a utility man playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

#1 D-backs in ESPN Power Rankings


And the D-backs start getting some national love for their major league leading ERA, Run Totals and Run Differential. Not a bad way to start the season I would guess. Even though it's pretty cool, let's wait a while before we "puff our chests".


O-Dawg's New Deal

Maybe I'm way behind on this one, but I got a text from my family saying that O-Dawg signed a new deal.  I couldn't find this on the web anywhere though, and figured this was the best place to ask....

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