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HATE 4 days! Big Ten Hockey style!

The Big Ten hockey tournament is 4 days away. PSU is not going to play in the NCAA tournament unless they win 3 in a row (over teams that will likely all play in the tournament) to win the auto...


Lots on McGloin recently, but heres a little more

Its Senior Day this Saturday and I don't want to distract from them, but I caught this video is going 'round on the twiteleedoo. Thought I'd share. What I want to know is when was the video made?...

OT: Skydiving Cats?!?


It,s kinda interesting how dumb people can be, but watch up to the 2:15 mark and listen to the broadcaster deadpan the delivery.


Emmert at it again with the media...

"I think it's important to differentiate what the Penn State case was about and what it wasn't about," Emmert said. "What we were interested in, and what we focused on was the behavior of those...

Is the tide turning towards possible solutions instead of pure outrage?


Article from Jennifer Bleyer from Slate. "All of the attention is on known sex offenders and just heaping on the punishment," Letourneau told me. "This is said to be due to an interest in prevention, but it’s really about retribution. If people are really serious about preventing children from being molested or raped, it may very well necessitate the uncomfortable acknowledgement that some people are born as pedophiles. All we do is drive it underground."


Long term permenance vs short term circumstance

This began as a comment in another thread, but I think it deserves its own fanpost. Yesterday WarBuck46410 posted this: this is meant to be helpful.welcome to the real world of CFB. For the...

BHGP's Naked Mole Rat may wind up saving us all!!


I had no idea the naked mole rat lived so damn long for a rodent, 30 years. Oh, right, plus the potential to be the fountain of youth and all that.

This just needs to be shared


Tresselball. IN MS PAINT. via shaggybevo Awesomeness in all it's glory.


Basketball?? Were talking hockey now!

  I'd like to introduce you to the first two commits for the inaugural Penn State NCAA hockey team. via Chris Heisenberg's 2011 List   3-1-11 Tim Carr-G 2/28/11 NH Jr.Monarchs (EJHL) 5'10 170...


I don't know about you guy(s/girls)

but this still feels so good.   After the Illinois loss, this game was what I pointed to to save season; Texas Bowl be damned. They came through in flying Blue and White! Schadenfreude has never...


What would you rather???

In light of our favorite football teams “issues” with a particular forsaken-cornfed and unfortunately talented football team as well as my baseball team of choice’s problems with the damn !@nk33$,...

Google Hates PSU!!! LOUD NOISES...ETC carry on.


Google Hates PSU!!! LOUD NOISES...ETC carry on.


Everyone wants PSU hockey?

Here is an outsiders perspective of the PSU hockey situation and perhaps the wider effects of a DI PSU hockey program.  Nice to know we would likely have a place to call home should they finally...

The internets are listening!!!! or Irony is fun!


The internets are listening!!!! or Irony is fun!

Kind words from TSK about academics and the B10


A little recognition given that the B10 is not just blowing smoke about academics in this expansion thing.


Home Field Advantage???

  Over the recent history USC has won an ample supply of Big Games, namely Rose Bowls. As we all experienced last year and have observed in the past, USC playing in The Rose Bowl Game is really...


Fat Beaver

Stadium?   From smashtheguitar via The Collegian.   Fathead will be releasing college stadium fat heads. Only Beaver Stadium, Ohio Stadium and Notre Dame Stadium are being produced currently. Outch...

A little peek inside the Grotto


Stumbled upon this a few clicks across the internet. I dont remember seeing this linked anywhere before but maybe it was since there's no date on the BTN interview itself, just on the SBN blog entry.


Can we get a siren?

May 3, 2009 Redd goes Blue and White Sean Fitz On the heels of an announcement by four-star wide receiver Adrian Coxson on Thursday, Penn State added to its early...


Really les, really?

Its been reported that Les Miles plans on twittering DURING games this fall. He will twitter before and after games and at haltime he will dictate to a graduate assistant turned twitterjockey.

Remember this?


To those who doubt our ability to compete against other 'high profile' schools.


Whose Jealous?

Why isn't there more of an outcry for Joe Paterno's departure? As a huge PSU fan it’s obvious that Penn State football is no longer among the elite. We even got out recruited by 5...


Competition for Nittany Lion of the week!!

Browsing the Fox sports webpage NHL section I stumbled across something looking like a Lady Icer Jersey and was stunned. Looks like Derrick Williams has some competition this week. On...

Yep...Still rough being usc


More whining about having a loss. I hope this guy has an extra TV.

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