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Life long Oakland fan living in the Pacific Northwest. I despise the Mariners!! I'm 26 years old, engaged and getting married on June 28th. My brother and I are both die hard baseball fans, minors, majors doesn't matter. Too bad he is a Yankee fan though (such a fan he has the NY symbol tattoed on his back).

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  • MLB Oakland Athletics
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This fans draft perspective

I want to preface this post with a couple of things.  I'm not an expert, I won't pretend to be an expert.  I love football, and I love the Rams.  I have my whole life.  I'm 29, I fell in love with...


A new blog

  I hope no one minds me doing this, I'm not a bot or a spammer.  I've created fan posts before and make comments on other posts fairly often.  If this breaks the rules or is "frowned upon" please...


Who to draft #? That is the question....

Among the Ram faithful following there is naturally much discussion regarding our 2010 first pick.  It's not surprising, the draft is always an exciting time for fans, but when the team you have...


The not so distant past

Remember after the 2009 draft when a lot of people were hoping the Rams would have drafted a WR in the 2nd Round.  There was some debate about who the Rams should have drafted in the first, but I...


My new favorite Ram: Mike Karney

  Like so many of you here, I'm a life long, die hard Ram's fan, so that makes this story that much better.  It's a great story even if you are not a Rams fan.


Braylon Edwards anyone??

Does anyone else think that the Rams Brass should at least entertain the thought of making a play to acquire Mr. Edwards??  Maybe the asking price is too high, but I don't really know.  I would...

Pacific Northwest A's Fans...are there any??


Die hard A's fan residing in Vancouver, WA here. I really enjoy attending Portland Beaver (Padres Affiliate)games. If there any Oakland fans that might be interested in attending River Cats games in Portland this summer please let me know. I would love to attend with some fellow Oakland fans.


Possible Trade Scenario??

I'd like to preface this post by saying that I'm not a great writer, I have a lot of thoughts that sound great in my head, and when I go to put my thoughts in print it comes out sounding stupid.  I...


What Was BB Thinking When He Traded For Matt??

Well I think I know.  It's a thought completely out of left field (pun intended).  From the time the trade was made official I felt that 5 years down the road BB would be greatly criticized for...

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