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DWare on Sport Science


Check out this vid of Dware. just awesome

Bennett on PFT


The mothership has an post up from Bennett's interview on PFT No surprise he's looking to go somewhere else...and no one here would fight to keep him I'm sure. but anyway... ========== "I want to be the No. 1 guy," Bennett said. "I feel like I'm a 60-catch-plus guy on a team, so I want to be in a system where I could do (that). I think a lot of people say the hybrid tight ends or the new type of tight ends are the ones to catch the ball, but I think the perfect tight ends are the ones who could actually block and do things with the ball after they catch it." "I want a team that believes in me and the things I'm capable of doing," Bennett said. "I still believe I haven't yet scratched the surface of my potential, and I'm only getting better and better daily, even now. So, I think the sky is the limit for me and really I just want to be in a good organization that believes in what I do and what I bring and what I have to offer."

Spencer talks bout Tag, debate about him etc


Here's a short article from the mother ship in which Spencer talks bout the tag, the debate about him, and his comments about his effort in 2010. ========== What are your thoughts on the intensity of the debate in Cowboys circles about whether or not to bring you back? Spencer: I don't know. I haven't really seen too much of what people are saying. I don't know because I don't watch, like, ESPN, especially during the offseason. I'm just relaxing and working out and stuff, so I don't see too much of it. I don't really know what people are saying. What are people saying? Is it more of a negative thing? That seems to happen when my name comes up. You do have some rather outspoken detractors. Spencer: That doesn't bother me at all. People are always going to say what they want to say. I can't control that at all. I learned a long time ago that it really doesn't matter what they say about me as long as I'm believing in what I'm doing. It's definitely something that doesn't matter to me. At the end of the day, things that are said in the media, it really doesn't matter. It matters to the people that are writing it, but it really has no weight in my world. The fans, as long as we're winning and I'm doing the things that I need to do to get "Ws", and my teammates and coaches see that, I don't really have to deal with anybody else. I deal with my family, and they all are pretty much in my corner, and my coaches and teammates are the ones that depend on me the most during crunch time. So they're the only ones I try to please, to say the least.

Peyton doesn't want to play in NFC East


According to BSPN who got their info from Tony Dungy....so take it for what is worth. But according to them, he doesn't want to battle his brother. ============= Tony Dungy, Manning's former coach with the Colts who is now an NBC analyst, said Wednesday in an interview with ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike in the Morning" that Manning will consider signing anywhere except with an NFC East team, where he would have to challenge his brother Eli for a division title and playoff spot. "I don't think he'd want to be in direct competition for a playoff spot against the Giants," Dungy said, adding that he believes Manning can run any style of offense but that "managing the expectations will be the biggest issue" for the quarterback.

Cowboys to make the switch to Chris Jones at Punter?


Obviously the Boys gave indication of this by signing Chris Jones to a 3 year deal at the end of the season but I wasn't impressed with Chris Jones at all in the very limited action he saw. If they are not going to resign McBriar I can understand...health concerns and salary hike...but this Jones kid better be something special. Our defense has been horrible enough when McBriar flips the field and gives the opposing offense a long field to work with....I can't imagine what would happen if we give them short fields. ============= According to a source, the Cowboys think Jones has the potential to be special beyond the fact that he is a safer and cheaper option than McBriar right now.

The Anthony Spencer Debate


Interesting (and very long) article from Bob Sturm about the Anthony Spencer debate. I lean more toward letting him go, but he makes a good point about having to fill a hole you just created. And his conclusion is to franchise him as others have said Some highlights: =========== The point of this exercise is to readily admit that you can do better than Anthony Spencer by acquiring a true #1 Linebacker opposite DeMarcus Ware. Of course, the costs will be substantial and we must remember that this is not fantasy football. In fantasy football, you acquire "pass rush specialists" at every spot an think you will get 100 sacks. But, in real football, if you don't have a player setting the edge and shutting down strong side rushing plays, then you get beat. Spencer, of all outside linebackers in the 3-4 in the last two seasons has more tackles than anyone. 53 in 2010 (ranked 2nd behind James Harrison) and 53 in 2011 (ranked 2nd behind Calvin Pace). Is Pace available? No. Is Harrison available? No. Is Kerrigan? No. Is Orakpo? No. And yet, I have people telling me that Victor Butler, Alex Albright, or "anyone" can do what Spencer has done? --- Spencer's sacks, pressures, QB hits, and tackles combine to show you a much more balanced view of his performance and while it is easy for a reader or fan to simply marginalize everything he does for this team, it is imperative for the brains in the Cowboys war-room to either upgrade him or remember what he brings to the table and keep him in the stable. Now, I do not say all of this to say that he has been a great pick, or a suitable stud, or even someone who is not replaceable. But as I look at the draft and free agency, I do not see someone who is clearly better than him at the all-around game at his position. The only 3-4 outside linebackers that are on the market are Ahmad Brooks (a player that San Francisco is happy to replace), Eric Walden (discarded by Green Bay), and Clark Haggans (35 years old). Further, if I use pick #14 on another outside linebacker, then I cannot use that pick on a defensive lineman, defensive back, or offensive lineman - where I clearly still have holes. So, do I take Courtney Upshaw or Melvin Ingram at #14 to fill a hole I just made? I don't think you make any progress letting a solid linebacker go if there is another alternative. ----- I slap the franchise tag on him. The tag this year is $8.8 million and keeps him in a Cowboys uniform for another season so the franchise can fill their other holes and find his replacement. Therefore, I am not married to him, and yet I do not open up another major hole. If he performs well in 2012, we talk extension. If I think he is holding me back, we move along. But, I cannot fix this defense by subtracting a reasonable piece while adding another. That is called running in place while the clock continues to tick on the primes of Ware, Jay Ratliff, Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and Miles Austin.

Mat McBriar's surgery goes well


Here's an article on Matt Mcbriar. It also has some video of him doing some very light punting so they can get some electronic measurements. I wish they would have let him to put his shirt down....

More Thursday Night Games


I'm not sure how I feel about this. I love football but I don't want this to get too out of control. I like having football on Sundays...with one monday night game. =================== The NFL is increasing the number of Thursday night games so more of its teams can play in prime time. Commissioner Roger Goodell said that there will be Thursday night games on the NFL Network from the second to the 15th week of the season, giving all of the league's teams a chance to appear in prime time on some outlet. Those games will be in addition to the usual Sunday night and Monday night games, which tend to feature teams coming off good seasons.

Raiders Denied Interview with Coach Joe D

The Oakland Raiders were denied permission to interview Dallas Cowboys special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis for an assistant head coaching position, according to a source. Recently hired Raiders coach Dennis Allen worked with DeCamillis in Atlanta from 2002-to-2005 where a good relationship formed. Dan Reeves, DeCamillis' father-in-law, was the head coach with the Falcons at that time.

Ratliff getting advice about leadership from Ray Lewis


Here's an interview with Ray Lewis at the pro bowl talking about how Ratliff and Ware asked him about leadership and motivating men.

Roger on the Herd


here's the podcast of Roger on BSPN's the Herd talking about the redskin rivalry, Landry, , JG/Jerry, Romo etc.

McCray does what hasn't been done since Billy Bates


I like McCray. And he's definitely living up to the #40 ========= But stumbling along the fact that Danny McCray led the team in special teams tackles once again, it made me wonder when the last time it had occurred. I assumed someone like Keith Davis or Sam Hurd had done that, or maybe even a guy like Jim Schwantz or Kenny Gant back in the 1990’s. But of course, I had to go all the way back to Bill Bates to find the last time a Cowboys player led the team in special teams tackles two straight years.

JJ on the cap space


Not breaking news...but an interesting quote from Jerry anyway. ============= "We've done an outstanding job. I give Stephen a lot of credit," Jerry Jones said. "This is a year we thought it would be Armageddon for us - this year. But we were able to do some things with the cap that gives us a chance to have some room to improve this team this year. And we will use it."

BSPN Any Era Team: Ware #12


BSPN has this thing called the any era team. Its players they think can play in any era of the NFL. Take if for what its worth I guess....Tebow made the team (19), ahead of Peyton Manning (20) Ware got #12. The title link is to an article about when he played against the Saints after suffering a neck injury against the Chargers (I was at that game... sucked seeing him going out on a cart). This link shows what some of the panel said about him. Here's the list so far: No. 20: Colts QB Peyton Manning No. 19: Broncos QB Tim Tebow No. 18: Lions DT Ndamukong Suh No. 17: Colts DE Dwight Freeney No. 16: Vikings DE Jared Allen No. 15: Jets DB Darrelle Revis No. 14: Ravens RB Ray Rice No. 13: Ravens S Ed Reed No. 12: Cowboys LB DeMarcus Ware No. 11: Patriots QB Tom Brady No. 10: Steelers LB James Harrison No. 9: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Cowboys to visit with Janoris Jenkins


Cowboys doing due diligence I'm sure. Want to see if they can judge the risk ============ The Cowboys have a scheduled meeting with troubled yet talented cornerback Janoris Jenkins of North Alabama for Tuesday night here at the Senior Bowl. "I just go in as who I am," said Jenkins, who has spoken to five NFL teams. "I tell them what happened and be honest because I did it. I made a mistake and I take full responsibility for it. I'm sure I have to deal with it. I'm looking forward to it. I have nothing to hide. I just go in and they ask me the question and I give it to them and be honest. I just look them in the eye and let them know I can be honest." The Cowboys' scouts most likely will speak with Jenkins and provide a report to Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett.

Jenkins facing 4-6 months of rehab

Jenkins is looking at a 4-6 month recovery time, according to a source. If he needs the full rehab time, then he could miss all of the offseason work and be ready for training camp, which will begin in late July.

Callahan article


Here's an article on our new OC. nothing profound in here but some good parts. ============== Callahan won't take over play-calling duties from Garrett, but he will likely have a lot more influence in the game-planning process than Houck. Callahan has been a head coach with the Oakland Raiders and Nebraska Cornhuskers, so he knows a thing or two about game management. He didn't call plays with the Jets, but sources have told me that he had a tremendous amount of influence on the game plan. And former offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer wasn't afraid to bounce ideas off him during games. "He will do well with Garrett," said one Jets assistant coach. "He is not a grab bag play caller. There is a reason for everything he does. He's just a very calculated and cerebral guy." Having called plays in the past, Callahan has a great feel for how to change up protection schemes to go with whatever Garrett wants to do. Several coaches called me following the Cowboys' 44-6 loss to the Eagles at the end of the '08 season and said that quarterback Tony Romo never had a chance in that game because the protection schemes were never adjusted. Callahan oversaw some of the league's top rushing attacks with the Raiders and Jets, so he should be able to do some new things with DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones. I talked to two longtime offensive line coaches in the league who couldn't stop praising Callahan's ability to influence the running game.

Staubach and Reeves on Cowboys


Staubach and Reeves talking about the Cowboys ========== Expounding on his thoughts, Staubach called Tony Romo "a franchise quarterback." And he gave a vote of confidence to Jason Garrett, who, Staubach said, "is on his way to being a great head coach." "I think he has the team prepared very well," Staubach added. "It's just a matter of everybody clicking." "They're close," said Reeves, who served as the head coach for Denver, the New York Giants and Atlanta. "There is so little difference between winning and losing in this league. I really felt whoever won in the Dallas-New York game had a chance to go far in the playoffs. Unfortunately, they lost it...There is so little difference. There's a play here or a play there.

Staubach: Romo is a solution


Not breaking news....Staubach (and aikman) have supported Romo from the start. but man, I hope we can get get a better team built before its too late for Romo. ======= Staubach said he doesn't believe the window is closing on Romo to win a title. He has two years remaining on his contract and at some point the Cowboys have to make a decision on his future. "He's still a young guy," Staubach said of Romo, who turns 32 in April. "Every quarterback has a bad game or two but Tony Romo is right up there with the best. He's more of a solution. He's not a problem, he's a solution."

Danny White: If everyone played like Romo, Cowboys would be in the Super Bowl


Danny White on the play of Tony Romo ....White said, via the Dallas Morning News. "Especially at this point. He’s been in the game long enough and he’s learned that the hard way. This season was kind of a perfect example. He has a rating of around 100, for crying out loud, he leads the league in fourth-quarter quarterback rating, he doesn’t throw an interception in the red zone the whole year, and yet they don’t get there. "I’ll guarantee you there are quarterbacks in this league in the past that have won Super Bowls without performing nearly at the level that Tony Romo has performed at. So it’s a matter of everybody else playing their position the way Tony plays his, and that team will be in the Super Bowl every year. And I think he knows that."

SB winner preference?


I'm a Cowboy fan...and only a Cowboy fan. I don't have more than one team I root for in the NFL. Some people can do that...more power to ya, I just don't have enough room in my heart for more than one team. So with that, I can't "root" for any other team to win the Super Bowl but the Cowboys. So this is how I rank the teams on how much it would bother me if they won the SB. Ranked 1-12. 1 being the team I'd hate most to win the SB, 12 being who would bother me the least. 1. Giants: No surprise there right? I'd expect them #1 on every Cowboy fans list...but someone could surprise me. 2. Pats: I just hate the pats. In fact I'd love to see them one and done in the playoffs. 3. Steelers: I hate the Steelers...and we still need to catch up in SB wins. don't need them to get another one. 4. 9ers: I live in the CA bay area. I wouldn't hear the end of it from niner fans. And the thought of Alex Smith winning a SB before Romo kills me. 5. Lions: I'm still pissed by our melt down this year...certainly don't want them to win. 6. Falcons: I don't really have beef with the falcons but I'd rather see Romo win a SB trophy before Matt Ryan. 7. Bengals: again, don't have beef with them but don't want a rookie QB SB winner....make the guy work for it. 8. Ravens: similar to the falcons....would rather see Romo win one before Flacco. 9. Packers: I like Rodgers...and they look like a great team, but don't want to see a dynasty or back to back for them. 10. Broncos: It would be so freaking funny if Tebow lead them to a SB while going 3-10 in passing or something. I'm sure I'd get sick of the Tebow mania fast but it would still be funny after all the flack he gets. 11. Texans: It would be good to get at least one Texas team (I'm originally from Texas) to the SB...I wouldn't want them to win it though. Especially for all the Boys fans living in Texas, I'm sure they'd get plenty of crap from the Texan fans. 12. Saints: I think Brees has had a great year...i have no beef with the saints as a team. So the Saints would bother me the least to see them win the SB. What's your list?

Tony Romo article


great article from Sturm about how well Romo is playing right now....but still doesn't get credit. its kind of long but a good read. some highlights: --- "Don't ever let the facts spoil a good story" - Mark Twain All Tony Romo does is go out and play top level football from the QB position. Some weeks it is enough to win, other weeks the Cowboys waste a fabulous performance from their QB because something else on the team broke down. But, despite his performance, the narratives are already written. The dye has been cast. Romo is their target. Facts be damned. --- And yet, the December record gets attached to Romo. His team has a poor record in December, and therefore it is obviously his fault, right? Well, in his last 7 December games, he has 15 TDs and 1 INT. Surely other QBs could do better, right? ---- Romo knows as anyone who follows this team knows as well; if the Cowboys don't win it all with Romo at QB, it will be his fault. Even when it isn't.

AOA to the Jags


IRVING, Texas -- The Akwasi Owusu-Ansah era with the Cowboys is officially over. Owusu-Ansah has joined Jacksonville’s practice squad and will return to playing safety after the Cowboys converted him to wide receiver at the beginning of the regular season.

Abe Elam's father passes away


IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys safety Abram Elam left Valley Ranch following Thursday's practice because of the death of his father, Rev. Donald Elam Sr. Elam is taking Jerry Jones' private plane to Florida to be with family and close friends. It's uncertain if Elam will return for Friday's practice but it appears he will play in Sunday's game at Arizona. Elam said he was notified about his father's passing around noon. The Cowboys safety has endured the loss of several family members. In May 2008, when Elam played for the New York Jets, he left minicamp because older brother Donald Elam Jr. had been killed. In 1999, Abram Elam lost his 12-year old sister and in 1987, an 18-year old brother.

Bradie James on JG: "He brings the thunder!"


If you get a chance take a listen to the Bradie James and the Gang radio show. The title link is part one from DCFanatic's site. The whole show is a good listen...with Laurent Robinson and Drew Pearson as guests. Some highlights: He's so underrated when it comes to motivation. He gets you ready no matter what. If you think you can fly, you can soar after getting out of those meetings He keeps me motivated....regardless of whatever is going on with you. (I think he's hinting at his reduced role).

Going Back to Cali, Cali Cali.....


IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys training camps are headed back to California for a few years. The team announced that it is close to finalizing a three-year deal with Oxnard, Calif., where the team has held several training camps since 2001. The Cowboys just finished a five-year deal with San Antonio, which included splitting camps between the Alamodome and Oxnard in 2010. Owner Jerry Jones has said several times that he would consider splitting future camps in a similar fashion. "San Antonio and Oxnard have provided absolutely outstanding settings for every single aspect of our training camps for the past ten years," Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones said in a press release. "We look forward to going back to California next year. We are also exploring avenues to have a continued Dallas Cowboys presence in San Antonio, because it has always been a special home for the Dallas Cowboys."

Tony Romo has returned to 4th quarter norm


By Tim MacMahon IRVING, Texas – Tony Romo's terrible fourth quarter in the season-opening loss to the Jets didn’t exactly start a trend. All he’s done since then is lead a couple of fourth-quarter comebacks, giving him 11 game-winning drives down the stretch in his career. Romo has completed 18 of 27 passes for 308 yards and a touchdown during the fourth quarters and overtime of the wins over the 49ers and Redskins. In other words, Romo has pretty much returned to the norm. Despite all the drama about Romo’s reputation as a choker, he has the best fourth-quarter passer rating of any active quarterback (100.3). His passer rating in fourth quarters this season, even with the poor performance at MetLife Stadium, is 115.1.

Jerry Jones: David Buehler not going anywhere


take it for what its worth....its from Jerry after all. you never know. but for those thinking he would be cut will have to wait a bit. my guess...if they do cut him, it will be week 6 to make room for Carter. =========== "We want David Buehler to get well," Jones said. "He will need the bye to really get well, I think. We need that kickoff deep in that end zone. That touchback is an important part of the game. "Buehler is too big of an asset for us not to count on him the rest of the year," Jones said.

Bradie James says Sean Lee is 'playing out of control' -- in a good way


from Star Telegram: ==== For the third time, linebacker Sean Lee led the Cowboys in tackles. He had eight Monday night against the Redskins. He also led the team in tackles against the Jets with 15 and the 49ers with 13. Plus, he added his second interception of the season and his second fumble recovery of the season. "Our young guy, Sean Lee, is playing out of control," linebacker Bradie James said, unable to hold back his enthusiasm. "We’ve got to keep him. We’ve got to keep the fire lit under him." Lee also broke up two passes against the Redskins, and he’s shown sure hands when he gets a chance to catch the ball. "If they keep throwing me the ball, I'll take it, and I enjoy it," Lee said. "It’s all of us. The whole team worked. You look at our defensive line tonight, I thought they did a great job against the run. I was playing off them all night because they were holding up offensive linemen, and the secondary did a lot of great things." James said the defense is working as a unit right now, with each position doing its part. "Man, we got the right type of guys on the team, and we got to keep them," James said. "Everybody has to play unselfish for us to be successful. And that’s really what it’s about, man."

Romo on Inside the NFL


DCFanatic has a vid up of Romo's interview on Inside the NFL. At the end of the vid they show Romo laboring to get up out of the chair. That doesn't surprise me considering its still only been a few days since the injury and I expect him to play......that said, still not an encouraging picture to see how hard it is for him to get out of a chair.

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