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Kim Jong Il officially dead at 69


Finally, perhaps the North Koreans can finally have a sense of freedom


The official "that dude clearly needs to squat more" fanpost

As we all know, the NBA CBA has expired and thus we are officially in a new lockout.  To help pass the time, one member suggested that we have a different fanpost about any topic each week.  I...


When will Greg Monroe become a Starter?

Feldman over at PistonsPowered just made a poll about when people think Greg Monroe will become a starter.  So far mid way through this season is in the lead, which I happen to agree with.   I...

PISTONS: ‘Chip on My Shoulder’


wait. Hold it, hold it, hoooold it. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but last I checked the chip was on his knee and was fixed via surgery. Now we hear he has a chip on his shoulder... bah, some signing this turned out to be /interpretation of words :p



KAAHHHNNNN!!!!! That idiot somehow managed to trade Sessions, Ryan Hollins and a future second round pick for just Delonte West and Sebastian Telfair. I have to believe we could have given them a better deal than that. Joe, unless if you had some better plan in place, this offseason is really starting to pile the dirt on your shoulder

Mike Langlopinioned/


Mike (Tampa): Recently, it’s been rumored that Ramon Sessions is available. Earlier this year, reports suggested Joe Dumars was looking for an upgrade in the frontcourt and at the point. Sessions should absolutely be on the Pistons’ radar – do you think he might be? Langlois: I don’t have any specific knowledge of their interest in Sessions, or in an "upgrade" at point guard, Mike. I know that was widely reported when the season ended and, as such, came to be accepted as fact. I don’t get the sense that adding a point guard (other than re-signing Will Bynum) is the priority of the off-season, though Joe D did say in our Q&A this week that signing a pure point guard to be the No. 3 is under consideration. Sessions, of course, is better than a No. 3 – and is paid like it. Adding a player of Sessions’ caliber, logically, would be part of a move (or after a move) that thins out their own backcourt. Between Hamilton, Gordon, Stuckey, Bynum (presumably) and White, the Pistons already will have a lot of roster spots and resources tied up in their backcourt. I do know that the Pistons thought well of Sessions heading into the 2007 draft, when he went 57th – one spot ahead of where the Pistons took Sammy Mejia. Of course, that was the draft where the Pistons took both Rodney Stuckey and Arron Afflalo, so they might not have gone for another guard at that spot, but they went into that draft with Sessions high on their list of second-round possibilities. He did have one magical night against the Pistons in the 2008-09 season while playing for Milwaukee. It was strange that Minnesota signed him to a fairly significant contract last summer and then didn’t seem to have much use for him last season. It’ll be interesting to see where he lands. A trade seems inevitable with Minnesota now having signed Luke Ridnour.

My man DeMarcus continues to put up big numbers


Dude put up 19, 12 and 3 in just 30 minutes. He's going to be a fantasy monster if he can keep up those numbers. However he could work on his fg% - living off the line helped him out a lot in college, so I'm not surprised he shot only 40% in that game. His shot occasionally became really flat when he tired out and flat out he just isn't very athletic, so he'll need to start killing it in the gym if he wants to become the next Shaq. I should note that he does look visibly skinnier than he did in Kentucky. His face is much more streamlined and he's lost the second chin, which is great for him, even though he's not a piston in uniform, he plays like one in heart. Also on a side note, he plays Minnesota tonight. I vote that we all flip back and forth between the games just to see Kahn's dumbfounded expression as Cousins torches them and Johnson barely puts up 10 and 6.

(OT) Prepare to have your mind blown!


Don't have a better way to describe this phenomenon other than to see the video for yourself, it's about a new type of wireless transfer. Completely off topic, but this was interesting enough that I thought some of my fellow computer geeks would enjoy it

can we possibly win at free agency?


I agree with Justin Rogers that it seems highly unlikely, however a Cleveland beat writer has talked about possibly trading with Detroit for BG and CV. If we could get eve just 1 talented player and expirings to fill the rest, we could reload (again) and go after Marc Gasol with no real competition.

Summer League roster finalized


Mac Koshwal seems to be the only new center added to the list (I believe Boourns already mentioned the other 2 bigs). The guy has size and was a solid rebounder, so perhaps he has a shot at actually making the team. I'm just still stumped as to why Joe passed on Parakhouski twice. The guy had better measurables than Favors with the exception of vertical, which he was 1 inch behind and statistically speaking, was actually just as dominant as Cousins except that he maintained his efficiency throughout his 35 minutes of play.

Summers to finally go to the post

I’m going to concentrate on rebounding in Summer League, using my body more. People talk about my body and my size, it’s one of my attributes. It has been over the years, but I don’t think I’ve done a great job of utilizing it as much as I should. So that’s my main focus – living around the basket. If I have to go out and shoot and do other things, that’s still my passion – I love to shoot. But I think I can change the game more effectively by banging down around the basket. Good to finally hear, the guy has a LeBroneqsue body but I don't think he took more than 5 shots within 10 feet last year. Also hopefully that means he'll become a decent offensive rebounder. Hell with our needs he might as well play center (seriously, what happens if Big Ben, Monroe or both get injured?). On a side note, why the hell can't we quote in a fanshots without using the quote option? I don't see any benefit to not being able to quote while using the link function.

Terrico White highlights. A few things came to mind: 1. He's got great shooting form, which leads...


Terrico White highlights. A few things came to mind: 1. He's got great shooting form, which leads me to think that decision making had more to do with the low field goal percentage than ability. 2. They guy looks like a bigger Rajon Rondo physically. Very long arms and at least from the video, the commentators mentioned him being a good defender. 3. The guy seems to have a growing post game, always like to see that out of athletic/strong point guards. I must say, I'm warming up to the pick. Still not happy that we didn't take a big, but since it had to be a guard, I'm glad we took this one. He looks like he's got the potential to actually replace Stuckey as our starting point guard in a few years if he learns how to pass. Here's his chicago combine: very impressive stroke, much cleaner than Stuckey's for that matter. And he seems to just float to the rim (to bad they didn't ask him to do any rediculous dunks)

Our man Parakhouski has gone undrafted


I say we correct that and offer him a summer team slot! update: "One of the things that’s going to make this Summer League team a little more exciting is this one is going to be made up heavily of not only our current Pistons – the three (rookies from last year) plus the two we just drafted – but also this one is going to have much more of a flavor of guys who were just in this draft who didn’t get drafted," David said. "Fans are going to know a little more about these guys than they knew about our previous Summer League teams when we were focused on free agent or international guys." directly from True Blue Pistons Kids, waive high to classic Art!

Keith-o on summer training (update)


Generally what you would like to hear, everyone's working hard, especially CV. However I posted this primarily because of a line on Stuckey: "Rodney Stuckey, back in town from Seattle and looking dramatically leaner, was last off the basketball court and petitioning Kander to oversee his stretching. " I noticed that Stuckey just did not look as explosive as his first 2 years last year, not to mention he had put on a few inches on his waistline. Hopefully this will help him on his drives, by improving on his hang time and also agility. update: Rodney added his own personal account of his summer so far, and I'm really liking what I read. Granted talk is cheap, but he mentioned spending a lot of time with the rookies to build better chemistry, has put more emphasis of being a vocal leader and has completely changed his diet. If I only I too was a millionaire, dieting would be so much easier when you can hire a personal chef.

Draftexpress interviews Jarvis Varnado


The guy has a nice frame, but flat out has a tiny build. He's extremely lanky and will have to definitely put on a lot more mass to hold his own in the post in the NBA. I liked what he said though, seems to have great work ethic and good attitude. Also I noticed that he was much more polished offensively than people give him credit for when he played Kentucky. In the video he shows off both a face up game and a few post moves. Lastly, he showed off some of his defensive prowess. The guy just knows how to play defense. I know everyone says this, but he showed a lot of Ben Wallace in him the way he was able to alter just about every possession.

Danny's hate poll


Feldman conducted a poll of which Detroit professional athletes do people hate the most. As of now Laid and CV hold the lead. Kinda surprises me about Laird, but then again that just confirms that most Tiger fans are drunk off the koolaid and really know nothing about the game. At least Lardbucket was the best defensive catcher in the game last year. For being such an average hitter, Raburn is an atrocious fielder. People tend to forget how many games he cost them with his errors, especially in the latter innings - including game 163.

Useful firefox tool for checking new posts


I recommend you all get it, I discovered it yesterday when I installed windows 7 (which btw, is a massive upgrade over vista). What it does is it places (quite literally) a thumbnail next to any link you hover over. By hovering over the thumbnail, it automatically generates a new, much smaller, pop window to allow you to preview to link. I find this is a very useful tool for some of the longer fanposts, when you only want to read a few new posts. It allows you to see what others said without dealing with all the clutter.

Draftexpress impressed wit Wes Johnson


"Projected top 10 picks Wesley Johnson and Ed Davis are running on fumes after an incredibly long and busy day at the NBA combine. It consists of athletic testing, interviews with NBA teams, a media session and an extended sit-down with the NBA Players Association that goes on for nearly three hours. " Hmm. They had nothing but praises to say for Wes, but not a simple compliment for Ed Davis (or even statement really). Coincidence? I think not. From what I saw of him, in almost all the games he just stood around. Wasn't particularly good, nor was he bad. Just invisible.

Intel develops reverse hyper threading!


This is completely off topic, but for any of you who are into computers (like me), this is HUGE news. To make it extremely simple (and fairly incorrect), essentially they developed a way to use two cores for one thread. What this means is this a big increase in single threaded performance, such that you no longer are wasting plenty of power in underutilized cores. This could likely mean the end of AMD, as this was supposed to be the biggest advantage to CMT. Intel becoming a monopoly would be the worst possible thing that could happen to the consumer (us).

Porn killed the stockmarket


""During the past five years, the SEC Office of Inspector General substantiated that 33 SEC employees and/or contractors violated commission rules and policies as well as government-wide standards of ethical conduct by viewing pornographic, sexually explicit or sexually suggestive images using government computer resources and official time," ABC television, quoted the report as saying. The porn-surfing scandal at the SEC began five years ago and picked up at the start of the US economic crisis in 2008, according to the report, which has not yet been made public. Although the porn-surfers represented less than one percent of the SEC's staff of 3,500, the report pointed out that 17 of the accused were high-ranking officials at the agency. "More than half of the workers made between 99,000 dollars and 223,000 dollars," the report said. Among the most serious violators, said ABC, was a senior attorney at SEC headquarters in Washington who spent up to eight hours a day accessing Internet porn."


I want more second rounders

Should Prince be traded, it must be a given that we get some second rounders out of the deal. Regardless to whom we trade Prince to or whom we receive in return. We’ve got something like 3 or 4...


Onto a Cheerier subject: The Wings!

Guys, I figured with all the disappointment this season has been, we could use a change of scenery.    So instead of bandwagoning some other NBA team, why not discuss our own playoff contender...

Joakim Noah is my favorite bull


"I don't know about Cleveland, man. There's nothing going on," said Noah Saturday night when asked by reporters what he planned to do while in the city. "Cleveland sucks." but wait, there's more! He also said that the city is depressing, because there's only factories. So true. And he calls KG a dirty player! Joakim Noah, you are a Piston at heart, even if you don't know it yet.

Dunk of the year BABY! [/Vitaled]


Dunk of the year BABY! [/Vitaled]

Scola gets career high 44 points


The impressive part is that he did it on 20 of 25 shooting! Granted it was the Nets, but that is a monster night nonetheless. He's averaging 26 and 15 over the past 5 games, you have to wonder when the Rockets finally decide to pull the plug on Yao and build around Scola and Brooks.


Ohh MFWB, MFWB! Wherefore art thou, MFWB?

I'm not quite sure where MFWB went, but this Will Bynum needs to change his style of play. The guy has immense talent and physical abilities, but his game is built way too much around flash, not to...


Adopt a Prospect: Hassan Whiteside

I've never seen the guy play, nor do I have time to do another scouting report, but one guy who seems to be shooting up draftexpress' mock draft is Hassan Whiteside. If you think Jarvis Varnado is...

Don't F*** with David Stern


"Since the trade deadline just passed, some of you are probably wondering why your team shipped a guy out of town. Money is one reason guys get traded. So is talent. But there's a quicker way to be kicked to the curb in the NBA: getting blackballed." -Anonymous Player X Does anyone have ESPN insider? I soooooo want to read this, but I can't stand the thought of giving them anymore money considering how shitty their writers/reporters are

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