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DC United and Arsenal fanatic. Former Rhode Islander, Ohioan, and Washingtonian, now a resident of Virginia and an attorney practicing employment law.

Beardyblue is a nickname a bartender gave me during the 2010 World Cup - I was wearing a blue shirt and have a beard.

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  • MLB New York Yankees
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Short and Sweet: Share Your Fantasy Lineup and Critique Others'

Real simple. I'll lead off. Really can't think of a lot of changes to make here. I didn't pick Alexis because I think he'll need some time to bed in before become really productive. I wanted to...


Help Support Soccer in Our Nation's Capital: A Request [Off-Topic]

I know a lot of you either don't know much about MLS or don't follow it much. I'm a huge fan of D.C. United, which is MLS' most decorated franchise. It's also my favorite domestic sports team. For...

It's Here: Unite D.C. for a Stadium at Buzzard Point


Legislation is very near to going before the DC Council, and the big push is finally here. By going to this site, you can quickly and easily contact your Councilmembers by email, Facebook, and Twitter - all of which make a big difference, as we've heard first-hand on multiple occasions from Councilmembers and their staffers. The entire process takes less than five minutes. Whether you are a glass-half-full-er like me or not, the time for action is now. YOU can be a part of making a DC United stadium at Buzzard Point a reality. Stand up and make yourself heard! VAMOS!!

Metro: Arsenal 'to create new MLS team called LA Gunners' (lolno)


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahano. Hat-tip to Aaron Stollar on Twitter who put this out there for me to find.


Beckham Does MLS II: Electric Boogaloo

NEWS: David Beckham exercises MLS expansion option on potential Miami franchise: http://t.co/3rlmZkB0F8 pic.twitter.com/jK1mIWM75l — Major League Soccer (@MLS) February 5, 2014 Looks like old...


Off-Topic: RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

As many news outlets are now confirming, Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Manhattan apartment this morning, having apparently overdosed on heroin. He was 46 years old. Hoffman was far...

Washington Post (Almost) Apologizes For Sweeping Generalizations Based on Faulty Poll


My reaction to this article is similar to that of WaPo commenter Purple Drank (I know, I know): "This is a lot of words just to say, 'we think financing the land purchase is the same thing as financing the stadium, because we don't know the difference between the two concepts and know poll respondents won't either.' You asked a bad question that doesn't reflect the proposal. The poll responses may reflect other attitudes about soccer and soccer stadiums, that doesn't mean this poll provides meaningful data."

DEADLINE DAY: Gunnerblog Has Done It Again


Another brilliant deadline day song! I've loved the last two and this one is great as well. Good for a smile when you're feeling like crap about the lack of (legitimate/non-depressing) Arsenal news!

DC Trades Ethan White and #1 Allocation Order Spot to Philly For Jeff Parke and #6 Spot in the Order


Let's hope this goes better than the last two players we acquired from Philly, Pajoy and Ruiz. I'll miss Ethan - he's a great kid and had a lot of promise. Goff seems to think they're angling for Edu, which is disappointing. Hoping we'd grab him Does this mean we're going for Birnbaum in 2 days? Discuss.

Twellman says TFC on verge of signing Michael Bradley


All I can say is that all of these people are right.

WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. NO. WHAT. NO. RT @TaylorTwellman Ready for a blockbuster? I'm hearing @torontofc on the verge of signing Michael Bradley.

— Pablo Maurer (@MLSist) January 8, 2014


— Ryan Keefer (@reefa_k) January 8, 2014

No, Michael Bradley. For the love of god. No.

— Nutmeg Radiö (@NutmegRadio) January 8, 2014

You really want to believe Bradley is smarter than that. You really do.

— Prairie Rose Clayton (@hoover_dam) January 8, 2014

FIFA confirms 2022 World Cup in Qatar will not be held in summer


Isn't this just dandy? Folks on the internets are wondering about the legal recourse of bidders who did not get the Cup because they put a bid together for the summer. I'm interested as well, although I doubt that will stop FIFA. We keep giving them money hand over fist, and they'll keep taking it. At least there won't be a World Cup break in the middle of the MLS season, right? :-/

Keep D.C. United Releases Fact Sheet


Keep D.C. United, the volunteer group of fans, District residents, business owners, and others formed in 2011 to back D.C. United’s search for a permanent home in Washington, D.C., has released a fact sheet intended to show a stadium at Buzzard Point is the right deal for the District and the one that residents want.

The document is available as a PDF that easily fits on one page and can be brought to any upcoming meetings and forums you may be attending to show support for the stadium. Local officials hearing from residents and fans is especially important to making the stadium deal a reality. Speaking of which, an excerpt from Keep D.C. United's Take Action page:

Stadium opposition is organizing two forums over the next week to discuss the stadium deal between the District and D.C. United. The leader of the opposition has said that "there’s not a lot of enthusiasm" for the stadium – let’s show him how wrong he is!


Friday October 18th, 10 AM – 12 PM
John A Wilson Building, Room 120
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Metro: Federal Triangle or Metro Center

Wednesday, October 23rd, 7 PM – 9 PM
Arena Stage
1101 6th Street, SW
Metro: Waterfront

You can follow Keep D.C. United on Twitter, Facebook, and directly on their website.


Call to Action - Kojo Nnamdi Show feat. Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie Today (7/26) at Noon

Today starting at noon, The Kojo Nnamdi Show will be talking about the stadium today with Councilmember McDuffiefrom Ward 5. Let Kojo and Councilmember McDuffie know that this new stadium for D.C....


Fanpost: Why I still have faith in the owners

In which one reader spells out exactly why he's optimistic that the owners will get a stadium deal done in the District, and why the team's on-field performance this year doesn't have him...

D.C. United, Branko Boskovic mutually agree to part ways


And thus, the Legend of Bodkin comes to an end. I'm sure this will get more coverage later, but I'm going to miss Branko a lot for his free kick service and for his commitment to the team. Coming back from the injury, taking a pay cut, and staying with the team through World Cup Qualifiers showed that Branko really wanted the best for the team. He will be missed. Favorite Bodkin memories?



@PROreferees: #RBNY vs. #DCU Red Bull Arena (8:00pm ET) R: M.GEIGER A1: C.Morgante A2: G.Barkey 4TH: J.Rivero #MLS #RBNYvDCU


Red Bulls youth coach stabbed to death


Sad news. "Youth soccer coach Mike Jones was killed in a brutal stabbing in the West Village early this morning[.]" Thoughts and prayers to Mike's family, and the NYRB staff and fan community.

D.C. United’s Branko Boskovic vents about being removed early in second half of MLS match


D.C. United midfielder Branko Boskovic expressed frustration about being taken out inside of sixty minutes during United's shaky win against the New England Revolution: 'The season is [almost] over and they say I am still not fit," Boskovic said. "What can I say? I feel good. Maybe I look like I am not ready, but that’s how I look, that’s how I play, that is my style, that is how I run. I can’t change how I am. It’s a little bit stupid to say I am not fit but the season is over. When am I going to be ready if I am not now ready? Maybe this league too strong for me, I don’t know.' Although the propensity might be to freak out and put too much stock into Branko calling Benny's decision stupid and throwing up his hands to say that he isn't strong enough for this league, personally, I think these sound more like comments of extreme frustration than anything serious. Branko went on: 'Asked if he was upset about being removed, Boskovic said: "Yes, of course, because everybody is upset when they go out or sit on the bench. I am not angry, I respect the decision, it’s good for us because the guy who comes in scores the goal, it’s beautiful, it’s good. But like I say, if I am not ready not, when am I going to be? Maybe if I have 90 minutes in two or three games, it will be better. Practice is one thing, but games are something different."' Honestly, I was standing on a platform yelling at the crowd for most of the time that Branko was on the pitch on Saturday night. Anybody care to weigh in on who was right, the Maestro or the General? Beyond who was right, I really can't see this doing anything but lighting a fire under Bosko to work even harder. He's said that he's staying here through any WC Qualifiers and wants to focus on taking this team all the way. I'm a Bosko-believer and love him for it, but obviously reasonable folks can disagree. Your thoughts?

Sixers Owners in on MLS team


This piece makes it sound like a deal is all but done between Indonesian media mogul Eric Thohir and fellow Sixers minority owner Jason Levein to become partners with current sole owner and all-around badass Will Chang in ownership of D.C. United. "Sources say Thohir, an Indonesian media magnate who ranks as the first Asian owner in NBA history, and Levien, who worked as an NBA player agent before a stint in the Sacramento Kings' front office that preceded his involvement with the Sixers, will make the construction of a new soccer-specific stadium for DC United their top priority." I'm desperately trying to remain skeptical, but this is really freaking exciting.

D.C. United investment and stadium update: Will Chang says he would retain stake in MLS club


In a piece that has Steven Goff kicking his excitement level above "zzz" for the first time in years (which is significant if you know how optimistic he usually is), the Post's Soccer Insider has a conversation with Will Chang that brings up several interesting pieces of information. Chang plans to hold on to a "significant part" of the team if the expected purchase by Erick Thohir and an unnamed additional partner goes down as everyone expects. Specifically, Chang said "I love this team, I’m not getting out and I will continue to own a significant part of this team." At the same time, Chang said that there is no agreement in place, and that "we’re talking to several parties, I am getting a lot of interest, and that’s where we are. I don’t have anything concrete right now." Not hard to believe that the first place and hottest team in the Eastern Conference with a coach who has built a team from the ground up modeled after his fighting spirit is turning heads among investors. There's some other stuff about Thohir and the mystery investor meeting with the team and Don Garber this week, but I'll let you read it. My reaction is, mostly, that I'm really quite excited and really love Will Chang. As @philneezy put it on Twitter, "Will Chang forever deserves the love and respect from MLS fans throughout the country for sticking with ‪DCU‬ through all of this." Indeed.

Tommy Wells Stands Up for DC United


By now you have likely seen DCist's report that DC Mayor Vince Gray is throwing public support behind building a practice facility for the Redskins in the District, not far from the stadium we all know and love. But have you seen the response this news has received from DC Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells? As Dan Steinberg reports from his DC Sports Bog at the Washington Post, Wells responded with resounding support for keeping DC United in the District. Thank you, Councilmember Wells. Please take a minute to thank Mr. Wells today, whether it is by emailing him, tweeting at him @tommywells, or (best) calling his office at 202-724-8072.


Charlie Davies Makes Gameday 18 for Sochaux First Team

Charlie Davies has been generating a lot of talk around the water cooler in the last 24 hours or so. Yesterday, he was featured on MLS' ExtraTime Radio podcast (synopsis by Steven Goff here, in...


United Picks Up Marcelo Saragosa

Steven Goff reported and DC United has since confirmed the signing of 30-year old MF Marcelo Saragosa. Saragosa has previously played in Brazil, 116 career matches here in MLS for LA, Dallas, and...


Do Your Part to Keep D.C. United: One Fan's Call to Action

D.C. is in danger of losing its soccer team. But we can stop it. How can YOU take action?

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