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Q&A: Kevin Love on the T-Wolves' Future, Returning From Injury, and Nikola Pekovic's Aura


On Pek.... The aura about him is that he’s big and scary, the classic Eastern bloc guy that you don’t mess with, but he’s a really nice guy to be around. But we try to use his size and the fact that people are afraid of him to our advantage. We joke about his image all the time. Whenever he scores, they show that picture where Pek has the red rose in his hand, and they play the theme from The Godfather. He’s just very well liked around here.


Consider the Pot Stirred...

TIMELINE.... Kevin Love ‏@kevinlove Thank you to everyone who reached out to me over the past couple weeks. Surgery went well. Now looking forward to getting back on the floor! Kevin Love...

I spille my guts, and it came out of Britt Robson's writing hand

a fan base consumed with past events is embittered and practically doomed to further disappointment. the higher up the ladder a team climbs, the more intense are the frustrations as well as the thrills — ask the Heat before last year’s Finals, or the Thunder or the Knicks. Controversy follows every team — the successful ones put it in perspective and move forward.

The Ricky Rubio Experience


One of the best Ricky Stories I've read yet.... But it wasn’t just his highlights that fascinated me. He reminded me of the basketball I grew up watching. This was before APBRmetrics and Hollinger’s stats parsed every minutia of detail into digestible numbers, quantifying a lot but inevitably missing the raw, visceral effect of watching a player play. It was a time, in short, when it was easier to see the game purely subjectively, and as art. And it was impossible to see Rubio as anything but an artist

Confessions of a Sleeper Cell

Smell that smell? It had been 9 straights days without a shower. Hurricane Sandy had me shivering in the cold of the Urban Jungle and I hoped that the metamorphosis was complete…the human stench...

Out of the Binder into the Gym


I may be behind the curve on this, but has anybody else noticed Joan Niesen over at FSNorth yet? Consistently good stories, game day and human interest. Not since Steve Aschburner left the beat have we had someone who tries to craft a piece that reads well. I linked to her story of yesterdays game that gives you a taste. gotta think the journalists covering this team know they are in for something special this season.

Kevin Love and a break from the Canis Heat


This site goes back and forth about how its GroupThink is actually just informed opinion, and there's no doubt that these opinions are informed. But after awhile it begins to feel more and more like a high dew point 2 week heat wave around here where the InformedOpinion Camp starts to sound more like the nothings ever good enough club. Here's a link to a story written by someone who could also be considered to have an InformedOpinion, although he certainly would be the first to say that he's better at the Opinion part. I viewed it as a healthy breath of fresh air, and an opinion that should be considered as we transition away from the Batum Storm Cloud that seems to be breaking up...

I can Shved clearly now, the rain is gone?


A name that Draft Express has linked to Kahn and could be an answer for us at the SG...the man they call Schved.....Alexey Shved. Most active pursuers for Alexey Shved's services: Minnesota, Memphis, OKC. Asking price: 3 years, 10 mil USD. CSKA doesn't expect him back. --Draft Express Some Video of a guy who is clearly very athletic...in the Euro kind of way. Dare I say Rubio-esque, rumor has it, the guy walks around with a boom box that plays the soundtrack to this video everywhere he goes. (Video here.)

Adelman's Ghost Haunting McHale


Meanwhile, things are going south quickly for new head coach Kevin McHale, who was popular with his new players at first. The players have gone to McHale on multiple occasions suggesting that they run particular Rick Adelman plays that were very successful last season, but McHale has been unwilling to do anything Adelman did, regardless of the potential success. That hasn’t stopped Adelman’s former charges from running the occasional play from last season, which irks McHale to no end.


I was there the Night Anthony Morrow scored 42 points

As I entered the stadium they have dubbed the Rock I couldn't help but marvel at the buzz of Hockey that was surrounding me, the place was a virtual monument to one of the most celebrated teams in...

Offense Wins Championships


and Defense too... Where Jon Wertheim (one of the finest sports writers and people out there) may have stumbled upon the Beasley Principle. "We suspect that if sports were structured differently, defense might be perceived differently. Imagine if every game started not at 0-0 but with a score of, say, 25-25, and teams could have points deducted from that total. It stands to reason that the principles of loss aversion might kick in and inspire better defense." This article got me thinking that I'm glad we have a guy like this Coaching our team. "Adelman's big focus in practice today was getting Twolves to work on halfcourt offense. Relying too much on pick-and-rolls." --Jon Krawczynski "This team didn't defend very well the last couple of years ... It was easy to get their attention that things had to improve." --Rick Adelman

Explaining Rubio


Closest thing yet I've seen to someone explaining the Magic which is Ricky Rubio "Great passes come just before, or just after, we expect; or they are delivered from an unconventional spot on the floor, or at an impossible angle, or travel some exotic trajectory (for example, through Dirk Nowitzki’s legs) en route to some unforeseen recipient. They can even, as with Ricky’s ridiculous lob to Anthony Randolph, do all of the above. Incredibly, for all of its exotic disruptions, a great pass, like a magic trick or a joke, usually ends with some dumbly obvious result: a dunk; an uncontested layup; a wide-open corner three. This is the real thrill: a great pass only reveals something that (we feel) should have been plainly before our eyes all along."

This Lockout is just Dirt off my Shoulder


TIMBERWOLVES 106, SPURS 76: Given the results of Sim Season to date, this surely would have been a game I sought out on League Pass. Minnesota had won three in a row and five of six with its young, exciting roster. The T-Wolves welcomed the old dogs into the Target Center, the ancient but still formidable Spurs. Derrick Williams capped a 12-2 run that left Minny up 28-14 early in the second. Cory Joseph scored on consecutive possessions for the Spurs, but the Kevin Love scored twice during an eight-point surge, and the Timberwolves found themselves up by 18 points. Folks, the rout was on. Soon thereafter, Michael Beasley scored three times in a row and the T-Wolves led 45-20. They led by as many as 32 and cruised in with the shockingly easy victory to improve to 6-2 on the season. Love led the way with 24 points and 11 rebounds, but check out this line from Ricky Rubio--nine points, 10 assists, three steals and four blocked shots. Minny outrebounded San Antonio 55-34, grabbed more than 40 percent of its own misses and outscored the Spurs 30-16 in the paint. Wow.

As far as me and Kevin, we’re best friends. We hang out every day


when we’re not in town we text each other… He’s actually one of the funniest guys I know. --Michael Beasley

Woj calls in all his Agent Sources (buddies)


For his mother of all Stern take down pieces. An enjoyable read thats filled with Woj's trademark name calling and touchy-feely analysis. Money shot: "All hell’s going to break loose on Manhattan’s East Side Tuesday, and David Stern has been asking for this agent uprising from the beginning of these labor talks. He’s been asking for the fight of his life, and maybe, the implosion of his sport when this should be a golden time. So, stop the preening, stop the end-zone dance and make those rich guys start to stare at their shoes again. For once, be the commissioner of the NBA, not just the owners. Enough’s enough, bully."


Its about that time for....Get it on the Record

Kurt Rambis post-mortem ESPN Radio Interview? check Charley Walters Glen Taylor Interview? Check David Kahn out of the newspapers publicly for at least 2 weeks?  Check Continued National Media...


On the Record Thread, With the #2 Pick the Minnesota Timberwolves...

For posterity (and revisionist history mosquito spray) i thought it might be a good idea to get everyone on the record to state what the Timberwolves should do with the #2 Pick.  I realize we had a...


Ode to Ricky Rubio

Became - Atmosphere (via JonesKyle24) Looking at the snow it was plain and clear there was a third set of wolf prints where yours disappeared. I can't process, I don't follow. It would be easier...


*BreakingNews* Petition *Breaking News*

  I am not questioning Kahn's handling of all of life's frustrations --Wile E Coyote In an effort to keep this site from falling off the face of the Earth, i quote Mr. Wile E Coyote, and ask that...


I was a Witness, my night in Newark

Usher: Excuse me, do you know who #8 is on the Timberwolves? Me:  Michael Beasley Usher: Oh, THATS Beasley, mmm-mmm, he's a Cute Thang! (my pick for Wolves 2010/11 Marketing Slogan) So was my...

Rambis's clock is ticking as Wolves running a Blind Pig set on him.


Of far greater certainty is the status of coach Kurt Rambis, who appears to be on his way out after only two seasons. Though management won't make a final decision until the season is over, sources say there is significant push from within to make a coaching change. Atop the Timberwolves' list of potential successors is Bucks assistant Kelvin Sampson, one of the people with knowledge of the organization's thinking said. With a young roster clearly lacking in veteran leadership, some members of the Minnesota brain trust believe the team needs a more vocal, energetic coach on the sideline.

World Peace within reach


Bill Simmons on Kahn, "We're in a better place, we had a nice civil conversation. ummmm, I actually kinda liked him......we have a detente

this just in, maybe Big Al is a defensive liability...


For some reason, team’s have always been willing to overlook Jefferson’s defensive shortcomings because of his offensive gifts. Given that Jefferson is an unwilling passer who isn’t actually a very efficient scorer (he settles for a lot of outside jumpers and longish hook shots, and rarely draws fouls), it’s unclear why fans and teams continue to hold Jefferson in such high regard.

NBA Scout's Take on the Wolves


One anonymous NBA scout breaks it down.... Money Quote: I don't know how you can trust Michael Beasley. In college he was amazing, and then he had an opportunity to play with one of the best NBA players in Dwyane Wade. But it sure looks like Beasley doesn't know how to play with anybody. He's in between the big- and small-forward positions, and he doesn't defend. He wants to play on the perimeter, but he's not a ball-handler. He likes to shoot jump shots and he has the talent to make them, but he doesn't make a lot of them. He's not a back-to-the-basket player. He takes the ball one-on-one and forces shots. Then he disappears for long stretches. He'll have a big rebounding game one night, and then the next night he'll be nonexistent. He gets in foul trouble and he commits bad turnovers, the kind where he goes one-on-one and kicks the ball or throws it away.

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