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From Worst to First


Best Baseball movie ever

What is you favorite baseball movie of all time? I'm pretty sure after you read the question you won't care about my opinion, but for my money I'd watch Major League over and over again (which I...


Gordon's Power?

What has happened to Gordon this year? He's still the same guy in the field, he still has a respectable OBP at .365. His slugging and OPS are way down from last year, he only has 5 home runs and...


All-Star options. Broxton. Why not Escobar?

Why is it that Broxton is an All-Star extra vote in and Escobar is not? Broxton always makes games interesting in the many save opportunities has he gone 1.2.3.? maybe one. (I'm...


Royals Records

With all the pieces seemingly coming together for the Royals, it got me thinking of the Royals HR record. Steve Balboni currently holds the record at 36, which is rather low for a franchise. With...


Why are you a Spurs fan?

i am a Spurs fan because of David Robinson, hands down. When I was in junior high I would skip going to watch our local high school basketball games so I could watch The Admiral an Hakeem the...


Mendoza for SP!

I'm a loyal Royals fan from Frontenac KS, (look us up, we're real) I won't pretend to understand the elaborate stats and charts I always see on here. You guys are way smarter than I am when it...


Holland starting in 2012?

I'd like to see Gregor Holland given a shot to start next year.  He's been sick out of the bullpen this year.  With SP a major concern with the Royals every year why not promote from within?  It'd...


Welcome Giavotella...Goodbye Getz!

Is anybody upset that Giavotella has taken Christopher  "Cross" Getz place in the lineup?  Before Gio came along we didn't know any better, we could simply accept that Getz was OK.  Above average...


Odorizzi and Arguelles: When Will They Be Promoted?

What do you think the Royals will do with these two in the near future?  They're both tearing it up at Wilmington.  Odorizzi has 55 K's in 36.2 IP, Arguelles has an insane BB/IP ratio at 3/33.1. ...


Lorenzo "Cycle" Cain

one single, one double, one triple and one hr, and 7 rbi.  He doubled his rbi output for the year in one game.  As a part of the greinke deal he will always be a name associated with the cy young...


Royals win total in 2011

How many games do you think they'll win this year?  the over/under is 70...... Our pitching staff is pretty bad this year, jeff francis, luke, sean o'sullivan, mazzaro, davies.  The upside is...


MLB Network top 50 fan plays of the year

Did anybody see the top 50 fan plays of the year for 2010 on MLB Network? The Royals made the list, it was in the 20's, i can't remember for sure, it was the incident where that lady accidently...


KC-SD game flex scheduling

What are the odds the NFL realizes the PHI-DAL game is pointless and they'll change the Chiefs Chargers game to sunday night?  Dallas is already out of the playoff race, but for some reason they...

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