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Let's hear your best JR Smith nickname.. ready. set. go!


Let's hear your best JR Smith nickname.. ready. set. go!


NBA LeaguePass: Help me pick my Fave Five

Hello friends, So I'm about to sign up for the NBA LeaguePass Broadband and I need your help. I have narrowed my choices down to my top six teams to watch. Vote in the poll to help me figure out...


The Corey Brewer Mystery [case closed]

So the sentiment amongst the commonfolk is, 'WTF. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS !??!' You guys are smarter than your average bear and don't really need to read this. But I don't have anywhere else to share...


Dang.. Sam Presti is sneaky good

UPDATE: I think i'm wrong. I don't think OKC gave Perkins a bonus-laden contract like the one they gave Collison. In conclusion, there is a 50/50 chance that i suck. I guess the below is still a...


Derrick Brown [who is you]

Quick! let's gather as much information on Derrick Brown as humanly [and inhumanly] possible. By our powers combined, we are Captain Planet an Information Gathering Force ! lets git-r-done.


Adventures in Euro Scouting [mozgov 2.0]

I'm not a big fan of Chris Sheridan. His main goal, like all reporters, is to create stories that get a bunch of page views. While I don't respect his knowledge of basketball fundamentals, he did...


Do you like David Thorpe? Youre welcome!

So, I'm a big Thorpe Fan.  I really respect the mans opinion as he doesnt really cater to the casual fan. And he's not a knee-jerk reaction espn talking head. He has actual basketball coaching and...


Hey Gallo, could you BE any more of a shooter?

I said the above in the Chandler Bing voice. no? you don't get it?  It's like all sarcastic and stuff. oh whatever. lets just pretend that never happened. Okay, so you know how people always get...


the NBA2K Player Rankings are out..

and you just might be a tad bit surprised with the Knicks.   Raymond Felton              73 Will Chandler                    74 Danillo Cocknballs          72 Ant Rand                           70 A...

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