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An Odd Statistic Uniting the Reds & Giants; or, Who's Luck Will Run Out First?

There's a strange, made up statistic uniting our Cincinnati Reds and those San Francisco Giants. It's more than likely meaningless, but these are the playoffs, where everything is exponentially...

Reds reach Minor League deal with Jeff Francis | News


Seems low risk and, if he can turn the clock back five years, high reward.

Volquez to Start Game 1; Real Fans to Witness Bronson


Dusty pulled the trigger early in naming Volquez the opening day starter, calling Bronson his #2 and Cueto #3. To me, this simply makes sense. In the long run, it probably doesn't matter, but it's February and this is baseball "news."

Jayson Stark's NL Central Off Season Grades


ESPN's Jayson Stark gives off-season grades to the NL Central clubs. Reds get a C because they didn't do much (except set themselves up for long term solvency and competitiveness). Others get higher marks for gutting their farms to win in '11. What say you? Were the Reds average this winter?


Open Letter to the Red Reporter Death Match (fantasy baseball)

This is a letter of explanation to those involved in the Red Reporter Death Match as to why I've not been able to do anything for the last several weeks.  The gist: sucks.  Full...

Wojy Compares Rose, McGwire, Sort Of


ESPN's Wojy kind of discusses MLB's embrace of McGwire while continuing to shun Rose. Nothing particularly new here. I think we'll continue to see a trend among sports writers pleading for Rose's reinstatement, especially those who were kids learning to love the game when Pete was in his prime.


Fantasy Baseball for normal people

Eight teams have signed up for the Red Reporter '09 fantasy baseball league.  I'd like to get it to 10-12 this week before we get to the live draft the following week and begin the season.  There...


Non-Stat Geek Fantasy Baseball

OK, so I did it.  I created a fantasy league at yahoo! along the same lines as last year's non-beer league/non-stat geek Red Reporter league.  It's pretty normal 5x5 roto, NL only.  The league is...


That's It! We're Done!

Evidently, we've maxed out our budget.  I just now saw it on MLBTR, who took it from CTrent.  According to the Fay, it's about the same last year's $74MM, maybe a touch higher.  So we can more or...


The Latest from the Fay

Fay posted a fairly quick report on Jocketty's action at the GM meetings.  There's a condensed (barely) version on MLBTR.  The good news is, Khalil Greene rumors are a lie.  It's nice to see...


Is any amount too much for Maddux?

Here's the report from the Padre's website for yesterday's game against the Angels: Greg Maddux certainly looked in midseason form Friday, as he needed just 24 pitches -- including 19 strikes...


Bill James Article

The Boston Globe had a short article on Bill James this morning, in which he refers to Paul Daugherty, saying, "Who does he think he is?!  I'm Bill James, bitch!"  Actually, he never said that....


Baseball Strategy

I didn't notice this at the end of last year, but I read the other day that LaRussa is having his pitchers bat 8th in the lineup this spring and possibly into the season.  I'm not a big fan of...


Face of the Franchise just put up a page in which they're polling analysts and fans to find out who people think is the "face" of each MLB franchise.  Like most of the polls ESPN seems to put on, it's little...


Pat Forde on Cincinnati posted an article by Pat Forde today that discusses the unique nature of the city of Cincinnati.  Specifically, he considers its rampant conservatism juxtaposed with its rampant affection...


Hats Off, Fellow Red Reporters

On NPR's Morning Edition this morning, a story ran about increasing nastiness on blogs and forums.  Of particular interest was a woman who ran a blog about nothing terribly controversial who...


Jayson Stark on Harang

Jayson Stark of just put up a pretty interesting article on the anonymity of Aaron Harang and Freddy Sanchez, reigning NL strikeout and batting champs.  I knew Harang had led the league in...


Should Josh Hamilton Make the Roster?

There's been a lot of talk about Josh Hamilton early in camp, and understandably so.  He's a very interesting story. (the latest is at the h...


Again with three catchers...

According to, Krivsky has signed catcher Chad Moeller to a one year deal ($ not disclosed).  Moeller had a super down year last year in which he was paid just $700,000, so I can only...


Belisle to DL, Germano called up

This from CBS Sportsline ( -- The Cincinnati Reds put right-handed reliever Matt Belisle on the 15-day disabled list Tuesday with a...


Mercker back, C ody Ross gone

This just in from AP:The Reds activated reliever Kent Mercker from the 15-day disabled list Friday and traded outfielder Cody Ross to the Florida Marlins for a player to be named later or cash.M...


Game 48 vs. Diamondbacks

We'll start this up here as the game is about to begin.SP: Brandon Webb (7-0; 2.44) vs. Eric Milton (2-1; 7.04)D-Backs: Counsell, SS Byrnes, CF Tracy, 3b Gonzalez, LF Jackson, 1b Green, S, RF ...

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