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Kings vs. Dubs Post-Game Recap (Warning: Grinch Edition!)

If it is possible to miss a player that never played one game for the team, I miss Chuck Hayes. DeMarcus treats the basketball like a red-headed step child. Chuck would have brought the unique...


The Road to Redemption

For all the negative sentiment they have recently received, let's give credit where credit is due. Yesterday's news, via twitter of Jason Jones, that the Kings are in hot pursuit of Andrei...


Kings Season Preview (Part 2 of 3)

A Yogi (Stewart) once said that when preparation meets opportunity, you experience what may commonly be referred to as ‘luck’. A variation of this saying is that good things happen when a person is...


Kings Season Preview (Part 1 of 3)

Hells to the jingle bells, yeah. I am beyond friggin’ psyched and uber-stoked the NBA is back. :) I am as blisteringly pumped as Beavis and Butthead with front row tickets to an AC/DC and...

Post Draft Interviews: Jerry Reynolds, PW and JImmer


Entertaining interviews if you missed them. Interesting tidbits: Kings ranked Alec Burks ahead of Brandon Knight. DeMarcus Cousins vows to come into camp next season at 270. J.R. dispels rumor Jimmer was a Maloof pick. PW on Draft, Trade The Jimmer-Grant interview is worth a listen just to hear Grant blow a fuse when he finds out Jimmer is a NY Giants fan! Jimmer Blows Grants Mind


Let's Give Salmons A Chance

I have a theory regarding all of this Salmons 'hate', for lack of a better word since yesterday's draft day trade announcement. His time with the Kings was associated with a lot of losing.  It is...


Top 7 Picks: The (Meh)nificent Seven

The angst last year was palpable.  Uncertainty filled the air like smoke from a Red Auerbach stogie.  Within the Kings 'war room', and amongst Kings faithful, doubt converged with hope, conflicting...


The Newest Sacramento King Is...

Deceptive Athleticism.  Steady competitor. Brilliant Shooter.  Unlimited Range.  Quiet Confidence.  And the next Sacramento King!  I have been hunkering down in my B-Lab (Blob Laboratory) lately,...

Sam Amick: "The Anaheim Presentation Was Absolutely Awful"


Our friend Sam with a few more insights, including this nugget of a quote. He also clarifies towards end of video the issue regarding Kings season ticket holder notification.


The Relocation Committee Needs to Hear From YOU!

Now is the time to increase our efforts, Kings fans!  The Relocation Committee is in full appraisal mode of Sacramento and Anaheim.  Lets continue to offer positive, constructive and persuasive...


Nice Letter, Sacramento.

I was not aware the new Sacramento objective was to settle a $77,000,000 debt obligation ahead of saving the team?  Of course the city can feel justified to interfere with carefully worded letter,...


DeMarcus: King of TOs

I have never seen a player turn the ball over like DeMarcus.  Never, ever!  In every way, shape and form imaginable, he gives it away.   He is so giving his nickname should be the Red Cross.  Is he...


A Message of Hope: Kings Not Gone Yet

Am I the only one who thinks something is just off about this potential move to Anaheim?  I don’t think it is a Blake Griffin style slam-dunk.  I don’t think it is inevitability. I don’t think all...


Marcus Thornton First Game Impressions

As diversion from the relocation drama, the uncertainty, and the apprehension Kings fans are all feeling over the future of the team, and pending developments for better or, better (think...

20-5-5 Encore?


Tyreke's stats are on the rise, so wanted to gauge fan interest regarding repeat of last season's 20-5-5. In order to finish at 20-5-5 again, Tyreke's needs to average: 22.5 points 5.3 rebounds 4.5 assists ...over last 36 games. Can he do it? Do you care? Should new T-shirts be printed?

More Interest in Casspi


Add Raptors and Wizards to teams pursuing Omri, per Marc Stein (Insider): A few more teams that have expressed interest in Sacramento's in-demand Omri Casspi have emerged since's report earlier this week that Chicago and New York are trying to persuade the Kings to part with the second-year swingman. One source close to the situation said Toronto and Washington have joined the Casspi chase, and Sam Amick of AOL FanHouse reports that Denver and the Los Angeles Clippers have inquired, as well. As stated from the start, though, Sacramento will insist that any team take on the contract of Beno Udrih or Francisco Garcia in any Casspi deal and could well ask for even more than that. The Kings' desire to find a new point guard to pair with Tyreke Evans is no secret among rival teams.


Case For Dismissal

    I don’t like to see anyone lose their job and do not look forward to the eventual firing of Paul Westphal.  But if the move is to made in the near future, and I think if the Kings record...


Blobs Post Game Recap: Kings 106 Knicks 113

Games like tonight get coaches fired.  The anti-Westphal sentiment has been building steadily over the course of this six game slide, and after tonight it should reach fever pitch.     Cutting...


Blobs Post Game Recap: Issue #2

  That was fun.      PW, how do I say this tactfully, sucks:  The Arco Arena maintenance crew may want to check the coaches office for Asbestos, because whatever the Kings coach is inhaling...


Blob's Post Game Recap: Issue #1

Due to overwhelming fan requests, and as time allows, I will be doing a post game fan post after all Kings games!  You are welcome ;) I will try to keep it positive and light hearted, unless it is...

FYI Tomorrow: Kings @ Jazz Televised!


On NBA League Pass HD channel 754! 6PM Tip. Local Jazz TV broadcasts. Draw your own conclusions re: on-line feeds :)


Kings Starting Five Announced!

Conventional wisdom, which is inconveniently inaccurate, would say that four spots in the King starting line-up, sans PG position, are up for grabs.  At least that is what Paul Westphal would have...

'Melo to the Kings? Of course, if possible


Marty McNeal writes a new blog. And says: "No one on the Kings has established themselves as a consistent producer" 20-5-5 not consistent enough for ya, Marty? Otherwise, I like his take. Marty adds DMC working out in Washington, D.C. I take that to mean he is working out with John Wall and maybe other Wizards.


A Long Shot and a Hot Shot

We all know Geoff likes to operate under the radar.  Stealthy.  The F-117 of NBA GMs.  Looking to exploit an advantage where it can be gained.  His two recent trades were as unsuspecting as they...

DMC Highlights from High School. P.S. Aykis16 is the best at everything.


DMC Highlights from High School.  P.S. Aykis16 is the best at everything.


Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

R.I.P?   The 2010 NBA draft is a fading memory, but I will not go as easily.  The rumbling beneath your feet is not an illusion.  The earth shakes, a tombstone rattles, a coffin awakens, and the...


Risky Propositions and the 5th Pick

  First off, Happy Father’s Day!  Now onto more pressing matters...     As I study this draft, it makes the most sense to me to look at it from the perspective of risk, and try to get into the...


The Top 5 Picks, Sealed and Delivered

If you are looking for suspense and intrigue in next weeks NBA draft, you will have to wait until pick #6.  The Top 5 picks are as close to etched in stone as I have seen in recent draft memory: 1....

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