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Hayhurst doing colour commentary this weekend


Looks like I'll be doing the color for this weekends Blue Jays radio play by play. Very exciting for me... scary as hell for the Jays.— Dirk Hayhurst (@TheGarfoose) July 11, 2012


[benk's Honours Paper] The Economics of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in North American Professional Baseball

Hi guys! So last semester for my Honours seminar (every student in an Honours/four-year degree has to take one) I decided to write my paper on the economics of PEDs in baseball. Have a look after...

Keith Law's Top 50 Players 25 and Under


Keith Law picked his top 50 MLBers under the age of 26 (ESPN Insider needed to see beyond the top 3). Jays on the list: Brett Lawrie at #10 Colby Rasmus at #43 Travis Snider as Honourable Mention (You can see the whole list minus commentary in a comment on this post: http://www.minorleagueball.com/2011/12/1/2603492/keith-laws-top-50-mlb-players-age-25-or-under)

Minor League Ball: Blue Jays Preliminary Prospect list


John Sickels is working on his Blue Jays top 20 prospects list. This is his preliminary list of 42 prospects.


Advanced Hockey Stats (Pythagorean record)

Hi guys, been a lurker for a while. I post often at Bluebird Banter (SBN Jays blog) but I had a random question.   The first part is, does there exist a site that explores advanced statistical...


A little help with my Honours paper?

Hi everybody,   I have a favour to ask of everybody. I'm planning to write my 4th year Honours paper on the economics of steroids in baseball (heavily game theory but also some normative conjecture...


FIP and xFIP: a primer

Alrighty everybody, time for Chapter 2 in the SABR primer series. You can catch the first post (which is pretty much required reading for this post) HERE. In this post we're going to talk about two...


BABIP: a primer

Hello everyone, So Pikachu and I have decided to write a short (maybe not) series of SABR "intro" FanPosts for the less stats-inclined out there. This will be the first of them, and hopefully it...


Vote Jose Prize Pack!!!

so I won a Rogers Sportsnet Facebook trivia contest last week (if you're wondering, the question's at the bottom) and they sent me a Vote Jose prize pack! I tweeted pictures of it so here are the...


Hot streaks vs. random variation

Before I start, let me just note that I am pretty much positive there will be negative backlash towards this post, and am ready to be flamed.   Recently there was a post/comment, don't remember by...

FanGraphs looks at Hill's contract


FanGraphs takes a look at Hill's contract following the Jays declining his 2014 option calling it a move that "carries little risk"


FanGraphs Blue Jays Organization Rankings (and poll!)

So FanGraphs finally got to the Jays in their Organizational Rankings series and we find ourselves sitting nicely at #8. They say we have:   Tied for 5th best future talent (farm system; they...


Fangraphs looks at the value of a first baseman's "scooping" ability

Link   Michael Lichtman looks at the effect a good first baseman can have on poor-throwing infielders. Basically, a good defensive first baseman can expect to prevent maybe 2 runs over the course...

MLB Fanhouse Farm System Rankings


Hint: everyone likes our farm system.

Dunn signs with ChiSox


don't have to worry about him signing with the Yanks anymore. I guess they figure Konerko isn't coming back (though Dunn is a better hitter anyway). time to sign Manny.

Pink, Round, Efficient Twitter


Jesse Litsch now has Twitter, following in Ricky Romero's (@RickRo24) and Travis Snider's (@LunchBoxHero45) footsteps this offseason.

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