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I challenge you to fisticuffs good sir! Defend your honor in the manly art!

So, I'm bored and as a joke last night, my friends and I after BJJ at a local open mat had me pose in the old timey pugilistic pose made famous by men such as John L. Sullivan. With a little...


Results from my competition

So I competed in four matches total yesterday, 3 gi and 1 no-gi. I lost my first gi match by referee decision, second by ankle lock after repeated nut shots (but man that ankle lock was tight) and...


Competing today at a tournament.

Hey everyone, I'm competing again today at the New Jersey Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federations Spring Challenge in the Heavyweight division (208 with a gi and 202 no-gi). I plan on doing both gi and...


Is there anything we can actually do about steroids and TRT in MMA?

First off, I need to apologize to discoandherpes and Unabomberman for my behavior on Saturday night. Not sure what I was doing and was out of line. Second, with the whole TRT and steroids issues...


MMA Trivia

So basically I am out of BJJ with a shoulder injury and I am extremely bored. So how bout just having some fun testing your MMA knowledge. I figure I will ask a few random questions and the first...


Hey BE people living in NYC, lets watch a UFC event in the city somewhere!

So on one the live threads there was an idea thrown out by I believe JDH (I think) for NYC people on BE to get together in a bar and watch a UFC event together. Well Sabbath is starting to end...


Who is BE's top 5 most handsome guys and deserves to be in the new boy band?!??!

So after the BE 2013 reveal of who we actually are, someone had the amazing idea of making a BE boy band. I of course took it upon myself to make this fanpost as a way to find who will be the five...


Marcelo Garcia academy belt promotion and HARLEM SHAKE!

So tonight was a big night for the Marcelo Garcia academy in NYC. It was the grand opening of the new location coupled with the belt promotion ceremony. This night was a big deal as we had stars in...


Winner of the favorite commenter on BE!

So peoples it's time to announce the illustrious winner of who everyone likes the most on this site we all spend so much of our lives perusing. I think we should get right into considering that...


Who is your favorite BE commenter, the polls are open, VOTE NOW!!!

Alright after one horrible trainwreck of a first attempt and managing to salvage it with a second attempt, we are at the final stage of finding out who is BE's favorite commenter. To remind you,...


Take 2 on who is your favorite BE commenter

After my apparently appalling an miserable failure on my first attempt, I will try one more time to redeem myself and make this try successful. Rules are even more simple. 1) Nominate whoever you...


BE Ranking System

Attention to all BE commenters, this is a call to all who are unsatisfied with the rankings systems that have been touted as "legitimate" by the UFC and other websites (not our beloved BE of...


So Dana White was actually

Greetings from Jerusalem everyone! I was not able to write about UFC 155 before this so I just wanna say one thing. We all give Dana tons of shit for the things he does and says but we should also...


Enough is enough: Steven Seagal needs to be punted out of MMA.

I really don't wanna get banned for this so I will try to control my simmering anger. I have just watched and listened to all the crap the Steven Seagal has pulled out of his ass and it really...


Pride FC Total Elimination 2003: Big Nog vs. Ricco Rodriguez

Watching the old Pride FC fights really is a lot of fun. However there are times when I am left scratching my head and after watching this fight, I am perplexed. Ricco controlled the vast majority...


Royce Gracie vs. Hidehiko Yoshida: Disgusted by what I watched

I will make this relatively short since I have a ton more Pride FC to still watch. The mathcup took place at the first Pride Shockwave event on August 28th, 2002. Royce fought Hidehiko in a special...

Kofi Kingston accidentally KO the Miz on Monday Night Raw. Skip to 2:46 to see the KO


Kofi Kingston accidentally KO the Miz on Monday Night Raw. Skip to 2:46 to see the KO


Why Bj Penn must lose his fight to Rory Macdonald

I may take heat from pissed off Penn fans but I'll deal with it. Bj has provided fight fans with some of the most amazing fights and memorable moments in the history of our sport.Whether it was...


UFC 153: The Matchups that have to be made

Last night was an extremely enjoyable night of fights for me. 4 out of the 5 main card fights had exciting finishes and the one that didn't was FOTN, and Jon Fitch WARRED!!! The matchups that need...


Hey BElitists, how many comments you got?

I'm bored at home after a test at college so how's about a little bit of elitism from the oldies? Some of you guys have been here for years and made significant impacts on the community while...


Which current and former WWE/WWF superstars could've made good fighters?

If you dislike or downright hate WWE, don't click on this so that way, you won't feel inclined to comment that is is an MMA site. Now I watched WWE back in the good old days and I still...


Just got promoted to a blue belt tonight....awesome

So the title should really say it all but tonight I was promoted to a blue belt by Marcelo Garcia himself. I had no idea this was coming although I am incredibly happy that it did. This week...


NJBJJF: First Place Peeps :)

So I competed today at the NJBJJF tournament in Clifwood NJ. It was a gi tournament and I fought at Middle-Heavyweight which was up to 194 with the gi on. I fought three times today losing my first...


Frankie Edgar vs. Benson Henderson, I am pissed but still gotta be objective.

Well I will make this short and sweet. I thought Frankie won the fight hands down. However having only watched the fight live, with emotions and points riding on Edgar winning, I fear that I may...


Lyoto Machida vs. Ryan Bader: Does Bader really have a chance?

The Co-Main event for UFC on FOX 4 is a fight between Lyoto Machida (#5) vs. Ryan Bader (#7). Pretty much everyone thinks that Bader has no shot in hell at beating Machida. They have very good...


Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz: Seriously? No thanks.

I have to wake up for work and would have no time to do this tomorrow so I will try to put this together very quickly. Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz would be one of the worst mismatches at high...


Competing at Grapplers Quest for the first time

Well today did not go as well as I would have hoped. Here is a video of my match that i had. thats a link to the fight video since it wont...


Just for fun, let's play create a fighter.

It's 1:30, I'm bored at home and I had a random thought. If us keyboard warriors could pick our skill-sets, which would we choose? Let me explain what I mean by that. I am going to provide the two...


Training at Marcelo Garcia: 6 month mark

It's been a half a year since I started my first official month of training at Marcelo Garcia's Bjj academy in NYC. In the time I've been there, my skill level has grown exponentially. Before I...

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