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Favre Suspension Looming?


Chicago reporter (and walking jack o' lantern) David Kaplan is hearing that Vikings ownership is extremely upset over the latest Favre fiasco and may suspend him. And that's if the NFL doesn't suspend him. If he's suspended for a significant amount of time he may retire again, which would mean more T-Jax


Poll: Should Bartman return

I'm going to say a few things about Steve Bartman here, but before I do, please vote in the poll below before reading further. Voted?   Okay. Here's what was on my mind. I read this post over at C...

Who was the best MLB player born on your birthday?


Feb. 6 (Babe Ruth) is the biggest From the looks of it, Nov 15 (Gus Bell) has the lowest total.

Robothal: "You would be shocked at the level of interest" in Milton Bradley


"Multiple teams are in contact the Cubs about outfielder Milton Bradley, with one source saying, "You would be shocked at the level of interest." The Cubs remain confident that they can trade Bradley without assuming the vast majority of the $21 million remaining on his contract over the next two years. New owner Tom Ricketts has set a limit for how much money the Cubs will include in a deal, one source says. The Cubs can take back a contract but pay only a fixed amount of cash." Obviously this is great news, and it's good to see that Ricketts is smart enough to know that simply releasing Bradley for nothing is the absolute worst thing that could be done.



(at bottom or article) Levine is just speculating here, but I would not be surprised if the owners push this through to help finance the sale. I'm not a huge fan of the extracurricular jumbotron stuff but the current setup is pretty lacking in the informational stuff that would go on it. The Club has to pay ~$30mm to the banks each year, and if the Jumbotron ads bring in 25-30 million I'd much rather see that than a slash in payroll. The scoreboard isn't going anywhere but I wouldn't be surprised if they set something up like they did for the winter classic, or put it on the buildings on Waveland behind the LF bleachers.

Why the rest of the names cannot be released


Aside from the ambiguities in the testing data that Al quoted earlier today, we must remember our duty to the law.

Ryan Theriot is outperforming the rest of the Cubs position players


Is there a easier way to translate spreadsheet -> html? I'm too impatient to type in all the numbers into my little table

Believe it or not - Cubs midseason position player MVP


I was pretty surprised to see this. He's having a nice season, but still - goes to show how much the offense has underperformed this year

Fangraphs on the DeRosa trade


"This trade is a perfect (and rare) example of what can happen when a general manager executes a successful trade of a veteran player who has just one year left on his existing contract."


Cubs teammates show support for Sosa

Derrek Lee (link) and Kerry Wood (link) voiced their support for Sosa in separate articles in the Trib today.


Why I'm not that worried about the offense

Let's take a step back and look at a few things that have been happening to our underperforming batters (Lee, Soto, Bradley, Fontenot). For those who don't know, here's a brief intro to the stats...

Cotts v Waddell


Since everyone seems to want Cotts' head on a pike these days, I dove into the numbers to show that his replacements aren't great shakes either. I was proved wrong, and now I'm starting to climb on the Waddell bandwagon

Via The Big Lead I'm surprised that Yankee Stadium is having these kinds of problems. I've heard...


Via The Big Lead I'm surprised that Yankee Stadium is having these kinds of problems. I've heard that most of their games haven't been to capacity crowds either

Good news for Derrek Lee


In this article about Lee not playing in the WBC, we find this note: On an even brighter note, Lee said it's almost 100 percent certain that his daughter, Jada, does not suffer from LCA, the congenital eye disease that causes blindness. Lee said Jada's vision began to stabilize last year and that perhaps she suffers from an auto-immune disorder. Needless to say, that's a big relief for Lee. (h/t LOHO)


Joe Morgan may be done on Sunday Night Baseball

I say good riddance. I stopped watching non-Cubs Morgan-Miller broadcasts after listening him commentate on an A's game in the 2002 (?). The smugness was just OOZING out of the TV screen when the...

Pictures from Saturday


Here are my pics from Saturday - we were using my wife's camera, but it died halfway through the game so we had to rely on my cheap-o pocket camera for these pictures. This White Castle pic is probably my favorite in the set.

Baseball For Dummies


I saw this in the bookstore yesterday and thought it was a joke. Check out who is on the cover! Oh sweet irony...


The NCAA is taking lessons from MLB I don't really follow college baseball at all (mainly because my university doesn't have a team), so I'm not really concerned with...


Getting greedy - Imagine if....

We just gave up a pupu platter of prospects to get Harden...but do we still have the stuff to get Burnett? If we could send Cedeno + Marquis + some minor prospects to the Jays we could have a...


Mark Cuban (again)

An interesting article by Shysterball today about the impending Cubs sale. Here's the key point of what he says:    . . . what would happen if you had the perfect storm in the form of (a) a...


ONEDEC taking CF practice - Pie to minors?

The latest article by Bruce Miles makes it sound like Pie may be on his way to AAA soon. If it gives him a chance to work on this 'new swing' of his I'm all for it (though I'd rather he was...


MLB.TV player issues

I've been using the 'old' player for all of ST to get the Cubs games (and others) on Gameday Audio. However, today when I tried loading up a game it went immediately to their fancy new Silverlight...


Doug Davis diagnosed with Thyroid cancer

Link:   It sounds like they caught it early, so he should be okay. I know he's a 'Cub killer' but I wouldn't wish this on...


Felipe Lopez?

Rotoworld is saying that the Cubs have interest in Felipe Lopez. Let's look at the Pecotas Lopez: .271/.344/.396 11 HR 59 RBI 23 SB Riot: .270/.330/.347 2 HR 40 RBI 20 SB And, in case they're...


Marquis and Fuld for Crisp rumors

The buzz about the internets this morning is that Crisp may soon be a Cub. Fuld and Marquis would be going to the Red Sox.I'm not too wild about this...I'm glad to see Marquis go because he's...

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